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Install the Apple mac OS X Lion System in VMware Workstation 8.0.1

Preface     As IT professionals, especially Help Desk, we often need to support Apple systems, such as how the Apple system configures the company's Exchange mailbox and how to use OC/Lync; sometimes I want to know something about this system out of

Linux compiled install Darwin streaming Server 6.0.3 ...

The current mainstream streaming servers are Microsoft's Windows Media Server, RealNetworks Helixserver and Apple's Darwin streaming server. Microsoft Windows Media Server can only be used under Windows2000 Server and Windows 2003 server, not in the

[Snow Leopard] how to install Mac OS X snow leopard 10.6 in VMware

Note: This is a post reposted from the vision Forum ycjcn. You can click here to view the original article without burning a dmg cd. you can install Mac OS X snow leopard 10.6 on Vmware. Supplement: 1. The content of this article has been

Windows under Virtual machine installation Mac OS x-–vm12 install Mac OS X 10.11

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________Note: This article is from:csdn:n

VMware 11 fully installed Mac OS X 10.10

The following text is quoted: VMware 11 Installation Mac OS X 10.10_ Baidu ExperienceHttp://jingyan.baidu.com/article/ff411625b9011212e48237b4.html VM11 installing Mac OS X 10.10 Tools/Materials 1.VMware Workstation 11 2.unlocker 203

OS X OceanLotus (Hailian flower Trojan)

OS X OceanLotus (Hailian flower Trojan) On April 9, May 2015, researchers from Qihoo 360 published a research report on OceanLotus Trojans. In the report, they analyzed in detail the trojan that attacked Chinese organizations. The report also

[OSX] Installing the MacPorts guide in OS X

Original address: http://www.cnblogs.com/ifantastic/p/3677066.htmlWhat is MacPorts?MacPorts is a third-party package management tool used in Mac OS.MacPorts allows you to easily compile, install, and manage open source software. MacPorts can be

Rely on me! Mac OS X can be installed on PC machines !!

The BT seed for Mac OS X for x86 installation package [click here to download] has been leaked on a major torrent website, and someone has successfully installed it on Vmware, now let's see how to install it!Note that you cannot install OS x on a

Build libcurl and oslibcurl in Mac OS X

Build libcurl and oslibcurl in Mac OS X Reprinted please indicate the source In the source code compilation of libcurl, the compilation always fails according to the official documentation and google search. Simply find out the cause step by step

Blender source on Mac OS x compilation (English)

Install Xcode Development ToolsIt's recommended to download the newest Xcode package from the Mac App Store for your system (it's free).For Xcode 4, you need to install the command line tools additionally. This is do by starting Xcode, going to

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