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Canvas---Canvas drawing, dashed line, guides, line color, line width, integrated enhanced version

 Use canvas to implement the paint program.This update mainly realizes the function:Selection of dashed solid lines, guides, line color selection, line width selectionFurther collation of the code, found a lot of useful writing, specifically see

An entry-level tutorial on Photoshop slash/Line/dashed lines

PS How to draw slash Select the Pencil tool, or the brush tool, point at the "starting point" of the slash you want to draw (release the mouse), and then press the SHIFT key to click anywhere to see a slash (there are many ways to do it, but this

How to draw a dashed line with Photoshop

In the previous tutorial, we define the pattern to simulate the dotted line, the netizen reflects that method very troublesome, is not very flexible, today this handsome boy consulted n a foreign course, finally invented a method, with brush. By

PS Line tool How to draw a dashed line

PS Line tool How to draw a dashed line, Method/Step 1, open the PS software, new layer. 2. Select the Pencil tool in the brush tool on the left side of the toolbar. 3. Click the Brush tool in the window options on the top

How to draw a dashed line in Photoshop

Creates a new document, 10x1 pixels. Enlarge the image, use a rectangle to make a selection, fill the black. CTRL + A Select all, edit > Define pattern. New document, size, build new layer, select Single Line

Fireworks MX Tutorial-teach you how to make dashed lines

Tutorial Operation Steps:1. Launch Fireworks MX, create a new file, file width and height are set to 200 pixels, can be any size, the background is white.2. Click the line tool in the vector section of the Tools panel, and hold down the Shift key on

PS How to draw a dashed curve

PS How to draw a dashed curve The first step: use PS to open or create a new image we need: Step two: Find tools such as brush pencils in the tool panel to adjust to the size we need Step three: Find the Window command in the menu

Photoshop Another easy way to use text tools to quickly draw a dashed line tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed interpretation of the use of a simple text tool to quickly draw a dashed line tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Introduce the method of using PS to draw dotted line, general you may

Draw a smooth dotted line with a PS double brush

1, open the Brush palette, select the brush Tip shape items, select 19 pixel hard Edge brush, default as shown in the following figure. If there are other selections on the Brush palette that are checked, such as dynamic shapes, all will be canceled.

How to fix the color of a brush multiple times in GDI paint

First create a Brush object:CPen Gpen;Gpen.createpen (Ps_solid, 1, RGB (120,120,130));//brush with a certain grayscalecpen* Poldpen = Pdc->selectobject (&gpen);The brush cannot be modified once it has been created. So to modify the color of the

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