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"Data Collation" Cisco [OSI, IP Address, Network Segment, Subnet Mask]

"Data Collation" Cisco [OSI, IP Address, Network Segment, Subnet Mask]### concept ###----------------------from 20110712 to segment{ Router;switch;bridge;} 2.lan blocks{broadcast domain;broadcast  storm;multicast;low brandwidth;} 3.

"Data Collation" Cisco [STP]

"Data Collation" Cisco [STP]STP{STP802.1D--------------sh mac address-table sh int vlan 1sh  Spanning-treestate: blocking, listening, learning, forwarding, disabledswitch (config) #int  f0/1switch (config-if) #switchport

"Data Collation" Cisco [NAT, Pat]

"Data Collation" Cisco [NAT, Pat]Nat{a (config) #ip  nat pool GlobalNet netmask (config) #access-list 1 permit (config) #access-list  1 permit (config) #ip

"Data Collation" Cisco [CLI, Static, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF]

"Data Collation" Cisco [CLI, Static, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF]3.CLI{1) Set password, interface IP address router>router>enablerouter#router#configure terminalrouter (config) # Hostname aa (config) #enable  secret apwda (config) #interface  fastethernet 0/1a

"Data Collation" Cisco [ACL]

"Data Collation" Cisco [ACL]Access-list{1)  Standard access list: range:  (1 to 99)  check:  Ipusage: access-list access-list-number {permit|deny} source [wildcard-mask]test  conditions: Check all the address bits  (Match all) an ip 

"Data Collation" Cisco [Shell, Command]

"Data Collation" Cisco [Shell, Command]Promot mode{user mode:router> (input: enable) privilege mode:router# (input:conf t) Global config mode:router (Config) #----ctrl-z -> pm, exit ->  Gcminterface:router (config-if) #Sub-interface:router

"Data Collation" Cisco [VLAN]

"Data Collation" Cisco [VLAN]VLAN{ISL (Inter-switch link) 802.1qVTP (vlan trunking protocol): server, client,  transparent# build VlanS1 (config) #vlan  2s1 (Config-vlan) #name  saless1 (config) #vlan  3s1 (Config-vlan) # name marketing# assigning

Java NIO usage and Principle Analysis (1) from the online data collation

There are several core objects in NiO that need to be mastered: buffer, channel, selector (Selector).Buffer buffersBuffer is actually a container object, more directly, is actually an array, in the NIO library, all the data are processed in buffer.

Java NIO usage and Principle Analysis (4) from the online data collation

Some of the details about the buffer are described in the previous article, and it is now finally possible to get into the most interesting parts of NiO that are non-blocking I/O. Typically, when synchronizing I/O operations, if the data is read,

Online data collation

AM774 Engineer Formation Program series-0 Foundation 3 days Learn LinuxHttp://

About x86 and x64 (online data collation)

Collated the information on the Internet, categorized under, the big like statement is this:The IBM/PC compatible machine, also known as Intel's I80x86 instruction architecture, is referred to as x86.x86 does not refer to the 32-bit environment, but

LVS Data Collation One

==lvs Introduction = =1. IntroductionSlightly2. ArchitectureLoad balancer,server array,shared Storage.3.IP Load Balancing TechnologyDNS polling, based on client scheduling, application-level system scheduling, IP address-based scheduling, the

Nutch plug-in development [data collation]

Plugin (plug-in) provides some powerful parts for Nutch, many of which are implemented using plug-ins, and users can develop more suitable plugins for themselves.What are the benefits of Nutch using such a plugin system: 1: Extensibility       

"Data Collation" C # Fundamentals

. NET Foundation:. NET and C #. NET is a platform C # is a languagePurpose of. NetA. Desktop Application B. Web application C. Professional game development (XBOX360) D. Embedded device software development E. Smartphone app development F. Tablet

Data mining--statistical analysis (I: Data collation and representation)

Data preprocessing 1, data Audit: Check the data for errorsRaw data-Integrity: Whether the object being investigated is missing.Accuracy: Data is error, abnormal value existsOutliers: Record errors, correct them, correct values, and keep

3 minutes to get to know the PowerShell development history--powershell each version of the data collation

This article takes you to learn about the PowerShell development process, by the way to collate a bit of information, convenient for you to inquire.Windows PowerShell? is a task-based shell and scripting language designed for system administration.

postgresql-Data Collation (Turn)

PostgreSQL Chinese Information SummaryAt present PostgreSQL Chinese information is very short, there are many netizens struggling to get started with less Chinese information, here to collect the following, convenient to have friends, reduce the

MySQL Common instructions, java,php programmers, database engineers must. Programmers Xiaoice Common Data collation

MySQL常用指令,java,php程序员,数据库工程师必备。程序员小冰常用资料整理MySQL common commands (for reference)The most common display commands are:1. Display the list of databases;2. Display the data table in the library:Use MySQL;Show tables;3, display the

SQL Server Optimization data collation (ii)

stored procedure authoring experience and optimization measures One, suitable for the reader object: Database development programmer, database of a lot of data, involving the SP (stored procedure) optimization of project developers, the database has

C#, Development App Learning data collation

VS2015 Apache Cordova First Android and iOS appHttp:// Free Open source HTML5 mobile application development Platform VideosHttp://www.imooc.

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