data dictionary tables in oracle

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Common Oracle Data Dictionary tables

Common Oracle Data Dictionary tables view the default tablespace of the current user SQL> select username, default_tablespace from user_users; View the role of the current userSQL> select * From user_role_privs; View the system and table-level permissions of the current userSQL> select * From user_sys_privs;SQL>

Major ORACLE system tables and data dictionary views

Document directory Tables and columns Integrity constraints View Sequence Synonym Index User Role Tablespace quota Configuration table Tablespace Data Files Segment Rollback segment 1. System Table System Parameters of the ORACLE database are stored in the database. You can use SQLPLUS to query the system parameters in SYSYTEM. Several important

Features of common Oracle system data dictionary tables and system packages

job task, next execution time, time interval Broken (), run (): Pausing a job, running a job Dbms_lob use and maintain LOB fields Write: Writing data to LOB READ: reading data from LOB InStr: Check character position from LOB SUBSTR: Taking characters from LOB GetLength: Return LOB length DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL: Generating DDL information for database objects Dbms_random: Fast generation of random

Data dictionary tables for Oracle users, roles, permissions (System permissions, object permissions)

? user_sys_privs; Note:? all_sys_privs, huh? Why didn't you understand ? .??User-owned object permissions:Select? *? From? dba_tab_privs; Select? *? From? all_tab_privs; Select? *? From? user_tab_privs; Select? *? From? dba_col_privs; Select? *? From? all_col_privs; Select? *? From? user_col_privs; 2.3? Roles and PermissionsQuery granted object permissions (usually owned by the owner)Select? *? From? role_sys_privs; Select? *? From? role_tab_privs; 3? otherQuery granted object

Oracle local management comparison data dictionary management tablespace, oracle dictionary

------------------------------------------------- SYSTEM DICTIONARY USER SYS_UNDOTS LOCAL SYSTEM TEMP LOCAL UNIFORM DictionaryManaged Tablespaces (DMT ): Oracle use thedata dictionary (tables in the SYS schema) to track allocated and free extentsfor tablespaces that is in "dictio

Oracle Management Data Dictionary (i) Oracle Common data Dictionary

1, the function of the data dictionary The data dictionary records the system Information of the data, which is a collection of read-only tables and views. The owner of the data

Oracle Management Data Dictionary (ii) application of Oracle data dictionary

1. Object definition When the Create command is executed to create an object, Oracle stores the object definition in the data dictionary. 03:31:40 sql> Select Dbms_metadata.get_ddl (' TABLE ', ' DEPT ') DDL from DUAL; Ddl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREATE TABLE "SCOTT". " DEPT " ("DEPTNO" number (2,0),

Data dictionary table for Oracle users, roles, and permissions (System and object permissions), and oracle dictionary

Data dictionary table for Oracle users, roles, and permissions (System and object permissions), and oracle dictionary 1. Three dictionary tables 1.1 users Select * from dba_users; Selec

Data dictionary and system tables

specific object information for system views, such as All_tables, user_tables and other reaction systems. Many views have fields and information that are basically consistent with the Oracle corresponding view.Sysobjects is one of the most important system tables, each of which represents a database object, such as creating a table, a view, and the system inserts a record in sysobjects.Most objects also re

Tips for optimizing Oracle Database dictionary tables

Dictionary tables are commonly used. You can set these tables to use the keep pool. First, analyze the dictionary table in the solution to calculate the space. For simplicity, analyze all the tables and call Dictionary

Common dynamic views and dictionary tables in Oracle

The following lists common data dictionaries and dynamic performance views:I. DBA's most common data dictionary Dba_data_files: Used to query information about database files.Dba_db_links: includes all database links in the database, that is, databaselinks. Dba_extents: information about all partitions in the databaseDba_free_space: Free partitions in all tablesp

Oracle Dictionary---tables and fields


InnoDB Loading data dictionary && flush tables

Tested two case, which belongs to the legacy of the previous blog: InnoDB How to load a data dictionary What did flush tables do? Let's take a look at the InnoDB load data dictionary:First Use: SELECT * from TT;1. Create a Handler objectfunction Call Stack:Open_binary_frmGet_new_handlerInnobase_create

Oracle System Overview-Data Dictionary

* Data dictionary is an important logical structure in Oracle databases. It is composed of read-only basic tables and views. In these basic tables, all emails from the Oracle server are saved. *

Oracle data dictionary and dynamic performance table

Importance of oracle data dictionary and dynamic performance table: because the data dictionary contains user information, we need to query the data dictionary when logging on and have

Introduction and use of Oracle Data Dictionary

.3. Data Stream: a data stream consists of one or more fixed data items. When defining a data stream, it not only describes the name and composition of the data stream, but also specifies its source, destination, and data traffic.

Introduction and use of Oracle Data Dictionary

group of tables and view structures. They are stored in the SYSTEM tablespace. When users encounter difficulties in operating the data in the database, they can access the data dictionary to view detailed information. You can use SQL statements to access the database data

Functions of reference tables and reference fields in the ABAP Data Dictionary

The role of reference tables and reference fields in the ABAP data dictionary when you first create a table and Structure in SE11, you will encounter a problem. If you set a field to the quan or curr type, that is, when the quantity or amount is used, a reference table is always required...When you first create a table and Structure in SE11, you will encounter a

Power Project 17--Data dictionary home JS add and delete tables

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Oracle 11g R2 Data dictionary

Tags: directory-o discussion alt no user base field in generalA data dictionary is a collection of tables and views where Oracle stores critical information. The Oracle process maintains these tables and views in the SYS mode, tha

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