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Data mining, data warehousing, and OLAP relationships [favorites]

from data warehouse is the biggest purpose of establishing data warehouse and using data mining. The essence and process of both are two things. In other words, data warehousing should be established first, and data mining can be

"Reading notes-data mining concepts and technologies" data warehousing and online analytical processing (OLAP)

Before we saw the data and the preprocessing of the data, where was the data after processing? Put it in a place called "Data Warehouse".Basic concepts of data warehousing: Definition of

Introduction to the DB2 data warehouse OLAP Service

improve performance and ease of use, so as to help users achieve on-demand information utilization. You can use DWE to build a complete data warehouse solution, including highly scalable relational databases, data access functions, business intelligence analysis, and front-end analysis tools. DWE integrates Core Components for warehouse management, data mining,

Oracle handles CLOB type data warehousing (string warehousing)

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A review of data warehouse and OLAP Technology

1. Introduction Broadly speaking, a data warehouse is a type of database, which is maintained separately with the operational database of the Organization. The data warehouse system allows various application systems to be integrated to provide a solid platform for unified historical data analysis and support information processing.

Flexible and efficient Data warehousing solutions: Part 1th: Customer Interaction and project planning

business intelligence? Business Intelligence (Business INTELLIGENCE,BI) is the collection and analysis of large amounts of data to gain insight into how to drive strategic and strategic business decisions. BI is a collection of processes and technologies that are used to transform data into information. It includes a wide variety of technologies, including data

The difference between data mining and data warehousing

Data mining technology is the automatic or semi-automated method of mining and analysis of a large number of data to create effective models and rules, and enterprises through data mining can better understand their customers, and thus improve their marketing, business and customer service operations. Data mining is an

OLTP data conversion to OLAP data Warehouse

Converting OLTP data to provide acceptable performance in an OLAP system requires the following procedures to be performed: Merging data You must be able to incorporate all relevant information about a specific project (product, customer, employee) from multiple OLTP systems into an OLAP system. The merge process mus

Data Warehousing Solutions Guide

Solution | Data Author: Xiahong, vice director of marketing, Sybase Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Content: Data Warehouse concept, Sybase Data Warehouse Solution -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The concept of a data warehouse Any company or enterprise, in order,

Old money says big Data (1)----Big data OLAP and OLTP analysis

1. First of all, let's not take big data to say things, first analysis of OLAP and OLTP.OLAP: Online analytical Processing (OLAP) systems are the most important applications of data warehouse systems and are specifically designed to support complex analytical operations, with a focus on decision support for decision ma

Relationship between data warehouse, OLAP and Data Mining

different perspectives, the query and analysis results can be presented to decision makers in an intuitive and easy-to-understand manner.The Logical Data Model Used by OLAP is a multidimensional data model.Common OLAP multidimensional analysis operations include roll-up, drill-down, slicing, chunking, and rotation. Mu

What ' s the difference between data mining and data warehousing?

Data mining is the process of finding patterns in a given data set. These patterns can often provide meaningful and insightful data to whoever are interested in that data. Data mining is used today in a wide variety of contexts–in fraud detection, as an aid in marketing camp

Data cube----dimension and OLAP

One of the previous articles-the Data warehouse multidimensional data model already provides a brief description of the definition and structure of an overly-dimensional model, as well as the concept of the fact table and the dimension table (Dimension table). Multidimensional data model, as a new logical model, gives the new organization and storage form of

Data Warehouse Application (III): Data Warehouse application for SQL Server 2005-Online analytic OLAP

Tags: OLAP online analytics for Data warehouse applicationsRelated articles:Data Warehouse Application (i): Data Warehouse model designData Warehouse Application (ii): Data extraction, transformation, loading (ETL)前言:有关数据仓库的研究,并不仅仅停留在理论上。目前,几种主要的RDBMS产品,如Oracle、SQL Server、Informix和 Sybase等,都可以为用户提供数据仓库项目的开发工具;而一些通用的应用程

Wikipedia-differences between data warehouse, data mining, and OLAP

A data warehouse can be used as a data source for data mining, OLAP, and other analysis tools. Because the data stored in a data warehouse must be filtered and converted, the wrong data

Oracle Data Warehousing Solutions for the financial industry

data processing for the management decision-making needs of different departments of the bank, and present the real valuable information in many ways. Meet the needs of bank management decisions and customer analysis. The so-called Data Warehouse, is a subject-oriented, integrated, stable, different periods of data collection to support the bank management of th

Migrate data from OLTP to OLAP

Converts OLTP data to provide acceptable performance in the OLAP system, which requires a series of operations. Merge data First, we must be able to process all relevant information of a specific project (products, customers, employees) from multiple OLTP (on-line transaction processing, online transactions) the system is merged into an

Data Warehousing Special Topic (16)-Distributed Data Warehouse Practice Guide-Catalogue

Object Color Management2.5 Object style settings2.6 Dimensional Modeling PracticesChapter III Distributed Data Warehouse system3.1 Hadoop3.2 Hive3.3 SparkThe Forth part raises the articleChapter One Data warehouse and business system transformation1.1 Business Refactoring1.2 Data refactoringChapter II Data

Understanding multidimensional data structures for OLAP

The distribution of data in multidimensional space is always sparse and uneven. At the location where the event occurs, the data is aggregated and the density is large. Therefore, developers of OLAP systems should try to solve the problem of data sparsity and data aggregatio

Data Warehousing Special (12)-Data classification model

performance of these entities. " Enterprise Structured data: The data entities required in the enterprise business , which may be a collection of multiple master data. Structured data from different industries can vary greatly. Trading activity data:

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