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Xmodem protocol.

Abstract: This article describes the use of Xmomdem File Transfer Protocol programming, the design for the flash memory embedded system with the PC on the Super terminal software between the file transfer function, in the PC without the installation

"Go" TCP/IP protocol stack and OSI reference Model detailed

OSI Reference ModelOSI RM: Open Systems Interconnect Reference Model (open Systeminterconnection Reference Model)The OSI Reference model has the following advantages: Simplifies the related network operation; Provide

Talking about database connection __ Database

Must be clarified that although the article is my summary collation, but a lot of knowledge is really not I can study analysis, through listening to training, reading, practice summed up, on the one hand, in order to give their own standby, so that

Analysis of the difference between long connection and short connection in database

What is a long connection? In fact, long connection is relative to the usual short connection, that is, long time to maintain the client and server connection state. The usual short connection procedure is: Connection-"data transfer-" close

Database "persistent connection" and "short connection"

What is persistent connection?In fact, persistent connections are relative to common short connections, that is, to maintain the connection between the client and the server for a long time.The common short connection procedure is as

Information security technology and application Internet Security protocol

I. Internet Security Protocol Overview 1.1 Internet Protocol SystemArchitecture of the TCP/IP protocol IP datagram format and TCP/UDP message segment format Web Technology composition: HTTP protocol, HTML markup Language. The relative

The difference between Http, TCP/IP protocol and socket

HTTP protocol: Simple Object Access Protocol, corresponding to the application layer, HTTP protocol is based on TCP connection TCP Protocol: Corresponds to the transport layer IP Protocol: Corresponds to the network layer TCP/IP is a Transport

Summary of ASP. NET database connection and data retrieval methods, Database

Summary of ASP. NET database connection and data retrieval methods, Database This article describes how ASP. NET connects to the database and obtains data. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: *

Using socket mechanism to realize flash and database connection

Data | database | Database connections Creating a database connection in Flash is no easy task for Java developers or. NET developers. Because it takes a lot of trouble to solve this problem, in this article we build a Xmlsocket class to help

What is the TCP/IP protocol?

What is the TCP/IP protocol. first, the TCP/IP model The TCP/IP protocol model (transmission Control protocol/internet Protocol) contains a series of network protocols that form the basis of the Internet and is the core protocol of the

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