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Are there any books on database table design solutions?

Books explaining database table design solutions have found that the biggest bottleneck for websites is the rationality of database table design. Please recommend books on this topic. Preferably related to mysql ., High-Performanc

Product Design Experience (7024) 6 books on Interactive Design

understanding of technology, do not tangle with the product implementation methods. ØEncourage storytelling:Stories are the best way to help designers understand users. ØAvoid induced problems:Typical induction problem: Will you use this function? In general, the user will give a meaningless positive answer. I borrowed this book from Zhe tu, but I found that《About face 2.0"And, of courseChinese TranslationAlso, I borrowed a copy of it. I have never read this book similar to the industry bible,

Some of the more classic books on Dearbook on. NET and Design Patterns

Recently, I want to buy a few books on. NET and design patterns, just csdn on the Dearbook on the next, finishing a few of these more classic books. Some of the English versions of the books cannot be found inside. The price refers to the non-VIP members of the prices, that is, ordinary members of the price.Microsoft.

Recommended books for. NET software design/Development Engineer

around. J. In the past, I only had to nod my head and think about what mentor said. After reading it, I can basically stand on the opposite side of the level and start to PK. Most of our daily development storage still depends on the database, so if we choose to learn a storage technology, we still need to access the database. Google's bigtable, hadoop, hbase,Hypertable is also a pleasure if you can meet t

Database Learning Classic Books __ Database

the algorithm. From the 5th chapter to the end, according to each subsystem to explain, including connectivity and network systems, server threading and resource management, query resolution and optimizer, security management system, storage engine interface details and practice, classic storage engine, log function and practical analysis and other subsystems. The relevant MySQL source code is provided in the book CD. This book is suitable for the technicians and developers who are interested

5 books on the best Java object-oriented theory and design patterns

For Java programmers, mastering object-oriented design theory and some design patterns is an essential skill. To start programming without learning a theory is similar to learning a language without studying the alphabet. There's a lot of object-oriented theory, design patterns and best practices on the market, but only a few

I started writing technical books on MySQL performance optimization and architecture design.

At the invitation of the blog point of view, I recently started to write a technical book on MySQL performance optimization and Architecture Design (the title is not yet determined ), taking into account the features of the simple entry of MySQL database and the fact that the English version of the basic user operation manual already exists, the content of this book will be positioned in the advanced MySQL

Turing Interactive Design Series (10 books)

Http:// Splendid blueprint: how to plan a memorable website (version 2nd) online reading of e-books This book is a new version of the best-selling book on information architecture. The author tells you how to plan easy-to-use websites and the information architecture principles behind them easily. This book first introduces the eight basic principles for establishing an information architecture, then emphasizes the role o

The design algorithm calculates the lowest price for the reader to buy a batch of books

) {//TODO auto-generated Method Stub intN=0; intN=0; intM=0; Scanner S=NewScanner (; System.out.print ("Please enter the number of the book you want to buy:"); N=S.nextint (); if(n%5==3) {n=n/5; M=n%5; if(n==0) {System.out.println ("The lowest price the reader buys for a batch of books is:" + (3*8*0.9)); } Else{System.out.println ("The lowest price for readers to buy a batch of

Design Patterns related books recommended

Many friends asked to learn design patterns of books, eldest brother Canglang in the FAQ there is a short narrative, here I extend, said that they have seen or turned over the design patterns of books, due to the level of limitations, there must be a wrong place, I hope you correct, if you see a good pattern related

Mobile Internet Engineering--design and implementation of audio books and product planning

, software experience easy to learn, more suitable for children of low age  2). Sticky good, let students learn quickly, and impressiveThese are basic things, but it is very difficult to actually achieve them.Current work done:  1). Introduce the left and right sliding effect, the interaction of finger swipe is more suitable for mobile phone application  2). Identify each speech block area and display a small horn to indicate that this is the appropriate voice areaNot enough, feel the user exper

Recommend 10 excellent free e-books to front-end design and developers

Today, we have collected 10 excellent free ebook sharing designers. E-books represent the digital publications that people have read and distinguish them from traditional publications that use paper as the carrier. e-books use computer technology to extract certain text, images, sounds, images, and other information. Electronic Books are easier to carry and read

Read and write design books for everyone to read

readers to a page, and in contrast, you can create an organized hierarchy between different elements. Keep in mind an important rule: to achieve effective comparisons, contrast must be strong. Don't be afraid to shrink. ? How is it implemented? You can increase the contrast by font selection, line width, color, shape, size, space, and so on. !! The problem to avoiddon't hesitate. If you want to make comparisons, increase your strength. Do not compare a thick line with a thicker line. Do not com

The design algorithm calculates the lowest price for the reader to buy a batch of books

First, the topic requirementsBookstore for the "Harry Potter" series of books for promotional activities, a total of 5 volumes, with numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, a single volume of 8 yuan, the specific discount is as follows:discount on this number2 5%3 10%4 20%5 25%depending on the number of volumes purchased and this number, different discount rules will be applicable. The singular book only corresponds to one discount rule, for example, two volume 1, one

Basic Books for getting started with Design Patterns

1. gof's design pattern is the source of all design patterns. However, all the examples in this book are based on C ++. 2. o'reilly's head first design patterns, an entry-level book 3. This book is also good. 4. Introduction to agile development and extreme programming in UML and Model Application Most books requir

9. Database Engineer to read books-it software staff book series articles

Database design is the bottom of software project, it is related to the basic content design of software project. The job of a database engineer is to design a database, maintain a database

Design related Books

, then the system should be designed to help the user remember, or not to be remembered by the user at all.The impact of recognition and memory on design1. It is easier to see and choose than to recall and enter.2, as far as possible to use images to express functions, such as today's user interface often use images to express the function3, as little text, less people to readUse of the Pop-up dialog box:The Pop-up dialog box lets the user stop the original path and turn their attention here. Th

Database Books recommended

Tags: query optimization Art Database index SQL statement Learning basic Getting Started understandingSQL Learning Guide (second Edition)The second half of the book is helpful for a deep understanding of SQL. The first half of the paragraph will not see, anyway, are some SQL statements, this will not, the basic farewell coding.Computer Science Series: Database system Concept (original book 6th edition)Compu

Good Oracle Database books

||Performance administrators 'GuidePlanning || _________________________________ ||Performance Tunning Guide Let's talk about books.The best-selling domestic Machine Industry Publishing House is the black one, among which there are many excellent products. The Oracle 9i beginner's guide is easy to understand and is a good helper for getting started.DevelopmentIn terms of Oracle 9i PL/SQL program design, DBA in terms of Oracle 9i DBA manual, and tunin

JDBC database programming and jdbc programming books

JDBC database programming and jdbc programming books **************************************** ****************************************************** Original works, from the "Xiaofeng residual month xj" blog, welcome to reprint, reprint please be sure to indicate the source ( ). For various reasons, there may be many shortcomings. Thank you! *****************************

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