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Talk to me. Metadata management system in Data Warehouse _ database

Original address I. Definition of metadata According to the traditional definition, metadata (Metadata) is data about data. In the Data warehouse system, metadata can help data warehouse administrators and developers of data warehouses to easily

The story of cloud storage-return of metadata

Metadata return Mo Huafeng Cloud storage service is an important part of cloud computing. Technically, cloud storage is a large-scale distributed online storage. Cloud storage is a special type of shared storage. As a service that provides storage

Summary of the mechanism provided by Model metadata and summary of model metadata

Summary of the mechanism provided by Model metadata and summary of model metadata   At the very beginning, I have to talk about this part of the situation. At the beginning, I was dizzy by various ModelMetadata and various ModelMetadataProvider. It

Use Database metadata to generate comments for EntityFramwork entities

Using Database metadata to generate comments for EntityFramwork entities as we all know, EntityFramwork automatically generates entities without comments. Img1 is correct. I am using the database first mode in various application modes of

Plug-in mechanism of Qt5 (4) -- metaData of Qt plug-in metaData

In the source code of the MetaDataQt plug-in, you can see a xxx. json file, which usually contains only one sentence: {& #160; & #160; & #160; Keys: [yyy]} we can guess that the Keys in this file should specify the key words related to the plug-in.

Understanding of metadata and self-description in C #

Understanding of metadata and self-description in C # The following information is taken from msdn, which provides a good answer to what metadata includes, how it is organized and managed in metadata, and, why does metadata belong to the

Data Warehouse theme design and metadata design

3.4 define the object of the Repository: Subject and metadata Most business data is multidimensional. Therefore, the method used to collect and represent more than three dimensions cannot be used in business database design. A new method must be

The role of OpenStack's metadata

Non-management is the private cloud and public cloud, especially the public cloud, when the virtual machine is created, the user needs to configure the virtual machines, such as: Host name (hostname), key, service, etc., in OpenStack, these

Understanding metadata and IL (medium) <Article 4>

[24th back: Understanding metadata and IL (I)], we have made necessary preparations for the relationship between these concepts and metadata and IL in PE files, assembly, and hosting modules, at the same time, I am familiar with the basic method

"Bi thing" meta data (metadata)

Data about Data Warehouse, refers to the data source definition, target definition, transformation rules and other related key data generated in the process of data warehouse construction. The metadata also contains business information about the

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