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SQL SERVER 2005 Database Mirroring (3)

Because server A cannot see the witness server W or the original mirror partner server B, you must enter the disconnected state and make the database unavailable. Server B and Server w can compose quorum. Server B cannot see server A, so Server B

Role conversion of logical standby Database Based on Oracle11gDataGuard

The logical standby database does not copy the database service. When switchover or failover is performed, the middle layer connecting to the master database service cannot be connected (because the creation of the service is not replicated ), or

Quick Configuration Guide for Oracle11gDataGuard physical standby database (I)

Quick Configuration Guide for Oracle11gDataGuard physical standby database (I)Origin I recently conducted a physical standby Database Configuration experiment of 10g and 11g, and found that Data Guard is actually very easy, but there is a lack of

SQL Server database backup and replication (3): Several Methods from backup to transfer

I. Back up the database  1. Open the SQL enterprise controller and click Microsoft SQL Server in the root directory of the console. 2. SQL Server group --> double-click to open your Server --> double-click to open the database directory 3. Select

[Transfer to]oracle Learning series five memory structure, database structure, process

Original address: Oracle Database structureOn this topic, the online search is absolutely a lot, not to mention the book appeared, there are many masters of the speeches. But we do not care about

Mssqlserver database backup restoration method

Mssqlserver backup restoration method full backup: backs up all selected folders and does not rely on the file archive attribute to determine which files to back up. (During the backup process, any existing tags are cleared, and each file is marked

Oracle9i Database Data guard implementation and maintenance manual 1

Oracle9i Database Data guard implementation and maintenance manual By kamus I.Data guardIntroduction Standby database is a high availability (High Available) number launched by Oracle. The data warehouse solution ensures Data Synchronization Through

Database design experience talk about database other

A successful management system is made up of: [50% of the Business + 50% software], and 50% of the success of the software has [25% database + 25% of the program], the database design is a good or bad is a key. The database design is the most

How to transfer a native SQL Sever database to a virtual host SQL database

Many webmaster's website is Asp+access's website because the operation Access database website is very simple, even if you do not understand the database to be possible but if is the MSSQL database website, some novice friend does not know how to

Ways to back up Sybase databases __ Database

Document one: Sybase is pretty good at today's corporate database applications, and it can be easily applied to Windows systems and other operating systems, such as Linux,unix. Compared to the limitations of SQL Server only for Windows operating

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