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Use Python to write a leap year calculator and a monthly days calculator

Leap Year CalculatorTitle: Enter the year to determine if the year is a leap years.Method: 1. Year that can be divisible by 4002. Can be divisible by 4, but not divisible by 1001 Print('---Leap year judgment kql, press Q to exit---')2 whileTrue:3y =

Win7 Multifunction Calculator

Calculator is the finance personnel indispensable auxiliary tool, we now every day to the computer work, must know, the computer "scientific name" is called "the computer", therefore, calculates this most basic function is each computer will not be

Windows 7 Calculator Four kinds of applications

When I arrive at the office in the morning, he is told to be responsible for the interview and writing of a biography by December 31, before the end of the year, and the number of pages in the biography must reach 400 pages. Suddenly to the task,

Android and Its easy calculator...

Body I wrote a lot of lab reports, but blog posts were written for the first time. There may be a lot of nonsense. I hope you will forgive me...   I was surprised and ashamed to know that I had not set up a proper environment at that time .. Android

Class to implement a simple date calculator

As a programmer, the concept of time has degenerated to a level of three-year-olds, often obsessed with writing a program that forgets time, an afternoon, a day, or even one weeks passed. For a just into the programmer's door to me, the time really

Write a few of their own small code (JSP calendar and JFrame Calculator) __js

Calendar: Boolean requested = false;Calendar CLD = Calendar.getinstance ();if (Request.getparameter ("year")!=null) {Cld.set (CLD). Year,integer.parseint (Request.getparameter ("Year"));requested= true;Out.println ("Year:" +cld.get) (CLD.

Web series: web super calculator, Baidu search box, Baidu video Tab

Recently, I am busy with some web-related things, namely, HTML + CSS + JavaScript applications. I think these little things are very interesting. I can exercise my hands-on skills and consolidate my knowledge. It is a pity to leave it on the

Typical questions in C Language -- how many seconds a year -- macro definition # define SECONDS_PER_YEAR

Let you define a macro to explain how many seconds a year has: The answer is as follows: #define SECONDS_PER_YEAR 60*60*24*365(UL) "The advantage is that you can write a formula without having to perform computation by the compiler, saving your

Example of how php implements the daily support calculator _ php instance

Tiangan land support, or "Ganzhi" for short, is a calendar in ancient China. the following uses php to implement a Tiangan land Support Calculator. if you need it, you can refer to the following Tiangan land support, or "Ganzhi" for short ". In the

The use of DAT, calculator, built-in variables in shell scripts

What is a shell script. First, it is a script and cannot be used as a formal programming language. Because it's running in the shell of Linux, it's called a shell script. To be blunt, a shell script is a collection of commands. For example, I want

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