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500 common Japanese sessions

1. Please wait until then. First meeting. 2. There are too many other users. Please take care of it. 3. zookeeper has been completed before (zookeeper) has been released. Please take care of it. 4. When there are too many threads, there are too many

Japan SEO Juyong: For you to uncover the mystery of the Japanese Yahoo rankings

July 25, 2011 10:00 Japanese SEO well-known seo/sem expert Juyong came to Beijing SEO team Live, the theme is "Beijing Interactive" Today guests: Japan SEO Juyong and you meet, to uncover the mystery of the Japanese Yahoo rankings, this Juyong

Japanese Learning (the difference between "Japanese" and "Japanese)

Http://   The difference between the delimiter and the Delimiter is as follows:   1. In principle, "action" indicates the place where things exist, and "action" indicates the place where actions and

Chapter 2 of Sony's story

War chapter 12th Chapter 2 As early as 1960, I opened a showroom in the Ginza area of Tokyo, where potential customers could try our products without a salesman selling them, the showroom has become a favorite of all people, and its advertising

Even Game 3: Let's talk about the Japanese strip 2 I 've seen.

Time flies. Now I am writing this blog on, Ten years have passed, 3650 days. Ten years ago, I was so young that the otaurs who went with me were also husband and father; How low the domestic price was ten years ago, I remember that the home of the

[Management experience: Forty] Chinese "others", English "other", and Japanese "の ".................. ........................

Scenario Reproduction ================================== {A seminar} This semester is the investigation and research, sorting and summarization phase. The main tasks of this phase are: 1. Learn theories, collect and compile learning materials, and

Yin and yang of China's cold weapons

The cavalry uses a large gun and the infantry uses a small flower gun. A big gun has a long length, and is a whole white wax tree. It is like a duck egg, and its head is like a duck yolk. The gun is long and heavy, and the two hands are difficult to

More than 10 years of science and Technology Web site Moonlight Blog How much money can be earned each month? Figure

More than 10 years of science and Technology Web site Moonlight Blog How much money can be earned each month?Believe you also want to know this question, I was full of curiosity anyway. Moonlight Blog is more than 10 years ago has been the rise of

A little progress every day, one month later, one year later, ten years later, a hundred years later...

If you realize that it is not easy to make progress every day, it means you really want to make progress every day. However, in many cases, every day, many people have been overwhelmed. In the words of Xiaoshenyang, my eyes closed and one day passed.

The setting of time expression in spring timer time expression Quartz

Setting-----Corn expression for time expressions in quartz Time format: , respectively: sec > Min > Hour > Day > Month > Week > year, Example: 1. When to execute every day: 0 * * : The following is done daily 23:59:00 0 11,12 * *? : Daily 11:01,11:0

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