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PEAR DB Transaction Related

1.autoCommit (), commit (), rollback ()function autocommit ($onoff =false)Specifies whether the transaction is committed automatically. Some back-end databases are not supported.function commit ()Commit the current transactionfunction rollback

Application of Transaction Management in DB Query Analyzer in DB2

Application of Transaction Management in dB query analyzer in DB2 Magenfeng (Guangdong Union Electronic Toll Co., Ltd., Guangzhou 510300, China)   Summary     Transaction control is one of the key technologies in the database application system. It

Principles of database Transaction management

A database is a shared resource that can be used by multiple users. These user programs can be executed serially, with only one user program running at a time, and access to the database is performed, and other user programs must wait until the end

SQL Server transaction Processing

server| Transaction Processing Transaction definition: A transaction is a single unit of work. If a transaction succeeds, all data changes made in that transaction are commit to become a permanent part of the database. If the transaction encounters

SQL Server transaction Processing

Transaction definition:A transaction is a single unit of work. If a transaction succeeds, all data changes made in the transaction areCommits and becomes a permanent part of the database. If the transaction encounters an error and must be canceled

The principle and application of Java transaction in-depth Java transaction

The principle and application of Java transaction in-depth Java transactionFirst, what is a Java transactionThe general idea is that transactions are only relevant to the database.Transactions must be subject to the ACID principles established by

Access classes for Postgresql db

The code is not intended to be used directly, just to provide a clue. Various features of PG, including not limited to tree subquery, prepared statements, batch insert support: The code has been revised and finalized for quite a long time, and will

The principle and practice of C # database transaction

Data | database What is a database transaction A database transaction is a series of actions performed as a single logical unit of work. The payment process includes at least the following database operations, assuming a single transaction for

OLE DB Provider "SQLNCLI" cannot start a distributed transaction without an active transaction linked server

The following occurs when performing a distributed transaction under WINDOWS2003.First, the problem phenomenonWhen you execute a distributed transaction, you receive the following error under SQL Server 2005:The OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" of the

Transaction and JDBC Transaction isolation levels

Theory related to transactionsMySQL thing isolation level: http://mj4d.iteye.com/blog/1744276Transactions (Transaction):is a unit of concurrency control and is a user-defined sequence of operations. These operations are either done or not, and are

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