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DB2_Tips_Tricks_04 copy data between remote databases

database TEST106 user db2inst4 using db2inst4 for select id, name, salary from db2inst2. tableAThe DB20000I SQL command is successfully completed.[Db2inst1 @ db2 ~] $ Db2 load from mycur of cursor insert into db2inst1. mytableSQL3501W because the Forward Recovery of the database is disabled, the tablespace where the table resides willIt is not put in the backup

DB2 Universal Database Process full contact _DB2

output partition, partition partition, and pre partitioned partition has a purge child agent. Applies only to multiple partitioned database environments DB2LMITK mount the Micro-task child agent process. This child agent frees all LOB locators that are used in a mount or CLI mount that is invoked from a cursor at a time. Each cursor/CLI that runs on the coordinator partition has a micro-task child agent.

How to get the best performance for DB2 enterprise applications

using Delphi, C++builder, or Kylix, some tips and guidelines will help you make sure you get good performance when accessing DB2 data. For example, in some cases, using Dbexpress TM instead of ODBC/JDBC or ADO can improve query performance. Dbexpress is a cross-platform interface for processing dynamic SQL from Delphi (or Borland Kylix ").Be sure to issue a COMMIT statement frequently in your application. The COMMIT statement controls the unit of wor

DB2 Memory Summary

to accommodate a total of 200 applications. This should ensure that the system has enough RAM to support this configuration. Otherwise, a sql10003n error will occur.  Proxy Private MemoryEach DB2 agent process needs to acquire memory to perform its tasks. The agent process uses memory on behalf of the application to optimize, build, and execute access plans, perform sorting, log cursor information (such as

Comparison of concurrency control (LOCK) between DB2 and Oracle

(snapshot_lock ('dbname',-1) as locktable monitoring lock Information Db2 select * from table (snapshot_lockwait ('dbname',-1) as lock_wait_table monitoring application lock wait Information 4.2 event monitoring methods: When using the event monitor for Lock monitoring, you can only monitor deadlocks (deadlocks are generated because the transaction cannot be terminated due to lock request conflicts, and the request conflicts cannot be resolved within

DB2 and Oracle concurrency control (lock) comparison _oracle application

held at = 0 Object Type = Row Tablespace Name = psapbtabd Table Schema = SAPR3 Table Name = Tplognames Mode = X Status = Granted Lock escalation = NO You can also perform the following table functions (note: Only commands are available before DB2 V8, DB2 V8 can be monitored using table functions after the table function is recommended) DB2 SELECT * FROM table

Simple operation of DB2

statements:Current DATE can also be written as Current_dateCurrent time can also be written as Current_timeCurrent TIMESTAMP can also be written as Current_timestampCurrent USER can also be written as Current_UserCurrent PATH can also be written as Current_pathFour, DB2 the line number of the wordingRow_number () over () as numberFive, how to commit the stored procedure under the command characterCMD-->db2cmdAdd the @ symbol at the end of the stored

LOB space cannot be reused after the LOB data is deleted.

the delete lob space was reused here.Window 2 (Session 2):READLSN (read operation hold the current LSN of the LOB01 table)DB2 +C "Declare c1 cursor FOR SELECT * FROM LOB01"DB2 +c "Open C1"DB2 +c "Fetch from C1"Window 1 (Session 1):Observe the condition of the lock.Db2pd-d S

How can we correctly understand the DB2 isolation level and performance?

The following articles mainly describe the DB2 isolation level and performance. If you are interested in understanding the isolation level and performance of the DB2 database, this article will unveil its secrets. I hope you will gain some benefits after browsing. In actual operations, we determine how to properly lock data or prevent data from being affected by other processes when accessing data at the is

Use IBM DB2 integration features in Lotus Domino 7 Applications

query Click Save and customize. When the view is opened in Domino designer, all columns except date and topic are deleted, and a column for classification is added to the leftmost side, as shown in figure 9. Figure 9. Category column After saving the view, you can differentiate the view by the gray and blue icons displayed on the left of the view name in Domino designer (see figure 10 ). If you place the cursor over the icon, the system will pr

Improve insert performance in DB2 database

on multiprocessor machines. With two new features in V8 load, they are particularly useful for the replacement of load as an insert, with two features: loading from the cursor and loading from the calling layer interface (CLI) application.Loading from a cursorThis method can be used in the application's program code (via the Db2load API) or for DB2 scripts. Here is an example of the latter case:DECLARE sta

IBM DB2 routine maintenance Summary

1. What are the levels of DB2 products?Enterprise Edition nterpriseeditionWorkgroupeditionExtended Enterprise version: iseextendeditionPersonal EditionSatellite version of satelliteeditionMicro version everyplace2. What products can be connected to the DB2 database?DB2 ClientDb2connectDb2datapropagatorDb2net. DataDb2datajoinerDb2relationalconnectWebSphere Applica

The Load tool enables DB2 to organize various suspend problem solutions

data files from disk when data is loaded), Thus greatly improving the efficiency of data processing.Examples are as follows:Create the SQL file Test.sql, which reads as follows:Listing 1. SQL Statement--test.sqlDECLARE CURSOR mycur for SELECT * from Tab1name;Load from Mycur of cursor inserts into Tab2name;Note: The SQL statement in the cursor declaration determi

DB2 programming tips

The db2 Tutorial we are reading is a little bit of DB2 programming skills. Some programming experience to share with you! 1 DB2 Programming1.1 do not use the TAB key 3 after creating a stored procedure1.2 use temporary table 31.3 fetch the specified first few records from the data table 31.4 Use of cursor 4Note: commi

"Go" DB2 command-line processor and scripting

client application failure) or that the problem is with the communication (the request fails on the client and there is no problem on the server). Or the problem is on the WEB server (the problem is only in the farthest place). Back to top of pageHelpThe CLP is also an interface to DB2 help. If you receive a message without knowing what appropriate steps to take, enter it in the CLP:C:\\sqllib>db2? s

DB2 programming tips

The db2 Tutorial we are reading is a little bit of DB2 programming skills.Some programming experience to share with you!1 DB2 Programming1.1 do not use the TAB key 3 after creating a stored procedure1.2 use temporary table 31.3 fetch the specified first few records from the data table 31.4 Use of cursor 4Note: commit a

Common commands and their usage in DB2

point so that it can be used for future roll-forward recovery:DB2=GT;QUIESCE tablespace for table45. Define the cursor:Db2=> declare cursor1 cursor with hold(If there is no option to add with, the cursor will be closed at commit and rollback)For select Market_code from Tb_market_code for update(Cursor1 is defined as a modifiable

B2 isolation level and performance

The following articles mainly describe the B2 isolation level and performance. The isolation level mainly determines how to lock data when accessing data or prevent data from being affected by other processes. This isolation level takes effect during unit operation. During the execution of the open cursor unit of work. Applications that use the CURSOR declared by the declare

DB2 Programming Little Tricks _DB2

The DB2 tutorial you are looking at is: DB2 Programming small tricks. Some programming experience, share with everybody! 1 DB2 Programming 1.1 When you create a stored procedure, you must not use the TAB key 3 1.2 Use temporary table 3 1.3 Take the first few records from the datasheet 3 1.4 Use of Cursors 4 Note Commit and rollback 4 Two ways to define a

Strategizing DB2-transforming from Oracle O & M

Environments8.5.2 load in Multi-partition environments 4008.6 comparison between Oracle Data movement and DB2 data movement 4018.7 O M strategy notes-three indicators tested 4028.8 summary of this Chapter 403Chapter 2 database Fault Diagnosis 9th9.1 fire-fighting 4059.1.1 is the database faulty? Urgent! 4059.1.2 FAQs and fault categories 4079.1.3 troubleshooting 6 tips 4089.1.4 daily O M protection before occurrence 4099.2 fault diagnosis tools you

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