db2 date functions

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SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 database SQL statement comparison

Reposted from: longtang Bay 1.1.1 obtain the first N records SQL Server: Select Top N * From xtable ORACLE: Select * From xtable where rownum DB2: Select * From xtable fetch first n rows only 1.1.2 obtain the current date SQL Server: Select getdate

How to get the best performance for DB2 enterprise applications

Brief introductionWhen it comes to ensuring that enterprise applications built with IBM DB2 (DB2 certified DB2 Training) ®universal Database "(DB2 UDB) and borland® tools (such as Delphi, C++builder, or Kylix) have the best performance, programmers

DB2 Date Time function

DB2 Date Time function(DATE (TRIM (CHAR (dt#11y)) | | -' | | TRIM (CHAR (dt#11m)) | | ' -' | | TRIM (CHAR (dt#11d))) between date (' & StrDate1 & ') and date (' & StrDate2 & '))(Y > Y) or ((y = y) and (M > m)) or ((y = y) and (M = m) and (d >=

DB2 Vs MySQL series | comparison of data types between MySQL and DB2, db2mysql

DB2 Vs MySQL series | comparison of data types between MySQL and DB2, db2mysql As MySQL Databases become more and more widely used, there are more and more demands for migration from DB2 to MySQL databases. During database migration, the first

Using. NET to develop DB2 application comparisons

Comparison | program Brief introduction In the view of. NET application developers, using DB2 is no different from using any other relational database. You can see countless examples of using SQL Server and Oracle products to perform database tasks,

[Posting] DB2 partition features

[Posting] DB2 partition features Data Warehouse scenario overviewLevel: Intermediate Paul McInerney (paulmci@ca.ibm.com), user-centric design expert, DB2 development, IBM September 18, 2006 This article introduces the following table design features

Common date operation functions of IBM DB2 Databases

The previous article introduced the installation of the DB2 database. This article will introduce youCommon date operation functions of DB2 Databases. Provides knowledge for you to learn about the DB2 database. Db2 date operation functions Current

DB2 time and date functions

DB2 time and date function 1. To use SQL to obtain the current date, time, and time stamp, see the appropriate DB2 register: www.2cto.com SELECT current date FROM sysibm. sysdummy1SELECT current time FROM sysibm. sysdummy1SELECT current timestamp

The difference between DB2 and Oracle 2____oracle

The difference between DB2 and Oracle 1, DB2 access to the first 10 lines of data and Oracle Difference DB2: SELECT * FROM Test fetch a Oracle: SELECT * FROM Test where rownumQuery statement DB2: Do not provide stealth conversion SELECT * from

DB2 Basic Concepts

DB2 supports the following two types of tablespaces:1. System Management Memory table space (Sms-system MANAGED STORAGE)2. Database Management Memory table space (Dms-database MANAGED STORAGE)Comparison of characteristics of SMS and DMS user table

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