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DB2 the natural days of the specified interval

Tags: Natural day DB2Oracle(Select to_char (A+1-id, ' YYYYMMDD ') Show_time from (SELECT rownum id,to_date (#{enddate,jdbctype=varchar}, ' YYYYMMDD ') A from DUALCONNECT by Level DB2:--Take the natural days of the specified intervalWith Date_list (Show_time) as(Select To_date (#{startdate,jdbctype=varchar}, ' YYYYMMDD ')From Test.tablea a Where A.user_id=#{userid,jdbctype=varchar}UNION ALLSelect Date_list.

Oracle function Implementation gets the number of days after this date, based on the date entered and the number of days

Prerequisites: Maintenance of statutory festivals (T_FDJR) in the official holiday calendar including Saturday Sunday/** * Function Description: Gets the days of the day after this date based on the date entered and the number of days * Input parameters: * i_date yyyy-mm-dd* I_day days*/Create or Replace functionFun_ge

DB2 Date Time function

: Days (current date) – Days (date (' 1999-10-22 ')) The following example describes how to get the current time stamp for a microsecond partial zeroing: Current Timestamp-microsecond (current TIMESTAMP) microseconds If you want to link a date or time value to other text, you need to convert the value to a string first. To do this, just use the C

The left () function and the right () function in DB2 correspond to the substr () function in Oracle

Tags: hello BST binary return result SQL function return nbsp HTTP charDB2 left , right functionSyntax: Left (arg,length), right (Arg,length)The left and right functions return the leftmost, rightmost length string of arg, which can be a char or binary string.egSELECT Left (name,2), right (name,2) from T1ORACLE substr () functionSUBSTR (string, intercept start position, intercept length)//return intercepted wordsubstr (' Hello World ', 0, 1)//return r

SQL prerequisite-ORACLE-SQSLSERVER-DB2 Time function and summary of common functions

Tags: SQL Oracle server DB2 time functionSQL Server Time article: *************************************************************One, Time function--getdate Get current timeSelect GETDATE ()--dateadd Original time Add: 2013-02-17 13:20:16 this time plus 12 monthsSelect DATEADD (month,12, ' 2013-02-17 13:20:16 ')--return: 2014-02-17 13:20:16.000 (parameter MONTH can be changed to day,year etc. date plus corres

DB2 function Daquan

) HOUR (current timestamp) MINUTE (current TimEstamp) SECOND (current timestamp) microsecond (current timestamp) because there are no better terms, you can also use English to perform date and time calculations: current date + 1 year Current date + 3 years + 2 MONTHS + Day Current time + 5 HOURS-3 MINUTES + SECONDS Extract the date and time separately from the timestamp is also very Simple: DATE timestamp time (current timestamp), and the following example describes how to get the present timest

DB2 a description of the application of the date and time function _db2

:00:00 ') DATE (' 2002-10-20 ') DATE (' 10/20/2002 ') Time (' 12:00:00 ') Time (' 12.00.00 ') The TIMESTAMP (), DATE (), and time () functions accept more than one format. The above formats are just examples, and I'll take it as an exercise for readers to discover other formats themselves. Sometimes, you need to know the difference between two time stamps. To do this, DB2 provides a built-in function name

DB2 Date and Time function summary

Month( Current timestamp);--1--Get current dayValues Day( Current timestamp);--6--Get current TimeValuesHour Current timestamp);-- ---Get minutesValuesMinute Current timestamp);-- +--Get secondsValuesSecond Current timestamp);-- +--get millisecondsValuesMicrosecond ( Current timestamp);--4152692, DB2 time can be directly plus minus the time length of the unit.VALUES TIMESTAMP('2016-1-06 12:18:12')+1 Year;--2017/1/6 12:18:12VALUES TIMESTAMP('2016-1-

The string scalar function STRIP added to DB2 V9

The STRIP environment product of the string scalar function added by DB2 V9: DB2 UDB platform: Linux Unix Windows Version: V9 V9.5 the problem starts from DB2 V9 and a new string scalar function STRIP is added, it is convenient for developers to process strings. Note: To dis

DB2 function call Method

DB2 function calling is one of our most common operations. The following describes the implementation methods of DB2 function calling for your reference. We hope this will help you. If a user defines a function in DB2 that involve

DB2 Time function

current date+1 year;Values current date+3 years+2 months +15 days;Values current time +5 hours-3 minutes +10 seconds;--Calculates the number of days between two datesValues days (current date) – Days (date (' 2010-02-20 '));--Change time and date to stringValues char (current date);Values char (current time);--to conv

On on-Line Analytical processing function of DB2

Recently encountered a test demand, the use of online analytical processing (OLAP), is summarized in the record, but also hope to help people with related problems.1. The test environment is DB2, through ETL (data extraction, data transformation, data loading) technology to load the data source data into the target data warehouse.2. Requirements approximate meaning: Verify that the order containing the product encoding is loaded from the data source i

DB2 database function to find SQL error code

What we will tell you today is how to use the DB2 database function in Domino7.x to find the correct explanation of the SQL error code. Its product is Lotus Domino Designer, and the platform is unrelated to the version: 7.x. the following articles will provide you with relevant knowledge. Problem description: When using Lotus Domino Designer to develop DB2 da

DB2 Date function to read __ function in detail

(ARG)The hour function returns the hour portion of a date, time stamp, date string, and timestamp string. SQL code eg: SELECT HOURfrom TEST Eg: SELECT HOUR (current time) from TEST minute functionSyntax: MINUTE (ARG)The minute function returns the minute portion of a date, time stamp, date string, and timestamp string. SQL code eg: SELECT MINUTEfrom TEST Eg: SELECT MINUTE (current time) from TES

DB2 time function statement

DB2 time function statement [SQL] Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware) http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/-- > -- Get the current date: select current date from sysibm. sysdummy1; values current date; -- Obtain the current date select current time from sysibm. sysdummy1; values current time; -- Obtain the current timestamp select current timestamp from sysibm. sysdummy1; values curre

Common DB2 functions-type Conversion Function Inventory

The following articles mainly describe the type conversion functions of common DB2 functions. If you are interested in the type conversion functions described in common DB2 functions, you can click the following articles to view them, the following is a detailed description of the article. Keywords: DB2, type conversion, Func

Implementation of the REVERSE function in DB2

Implementation of the REVERSE function in DB2 Some guys asked DB2 if there were any built-in reverse functions in the group. I tested that DB2 does have built-in functions, but Oracle and SQL server both have built-in functions. Let's take a look. ORACLE: SQL> select reverse ('20140901') from dual; REVERSE (--------432

How to better understand the DB2 snapshot function

The following content is the correct analysis of the DB2 snapshot function. I believe that if you have a good understanding of the DB2 snapshot function, it will be of great help in your future study or work, the following is a detailed description of the main content of the article. I hope you will have a better under

DB2 Time Function Daquan

units About ValuesTimestampdiff (1,Char( Current timestamp - timestamp('2010-01-01-00.00.00'))); the --units of seconds the ValuesTimestampdiff (2,Char( Current timestamp - timestamp('2010-01-01-00.00.00'))); the --divided into units + ValuesTimestampdiff (4,Char( Current timestamp - timestamp('2010-01-01-00.00.00'))); - --hours for units the ValuesTimestampdiff (8,Char( Current timestamp - timestamp('2010-01-01-00.00.00'))); Bayi --Days for units

PHP Date Difference days processing function

When we develop, we often encounter to add a time to another time minus is it, I would like to recommend two PHP date difference days processing function. First type:function count_days ($a, $b) {$a _dt=getdate ($a);$b _dt=getdate ($b);$a _new=mktime (12,0,0, $a _dt[' mon '), $a _dt[' mday '], $a _dt[' year ']);$b _new=mktime (12,0,0, $b _dt[' mon '), $b _dt[' Mday '], $b _dt[' year ']);Return round (ABS (

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