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Common DB2 commands

Common DB2 commands Common DB2 commandsI. Basics1. db2 connect to -- connect to the local database nameDb2 connect to user using -- connect to the remote database2. db2 force application all -- force all applications to disconnect the database3.

Learn to use DB2 commands and Fault Diagnosis

I feel that the answers to many basic questions can be obtained through the help of DB2, because DB2 itself has very detailed help information after installation, so I think it is necessary to summarize how to get help from the DB2 command syntax!

DB2 Common Commands

DB2 Common CommandsFirst, the basic article1. DB2 Connect to --Connect to local database nameDB2 Connect to user Using --connect to the remote database2. DB2 force application All--forcing all applications to disconnect from the database3. DB2

DB2 Basic Concepts

DB2 supports the following two types of tablespaces:1. System Management Memory table space (Sms-system MANAGED STORAGE)2. Database Management Memory table space (Dms-database MANAGED STORAGE)Comparison of characteristics of SMS and DMS user table

Simple operation of DB2

TurnRecently in see DB2, read while writing some, write down, although write a mess. For later use.These are all very simple to write. I think it is some simple operation, and some are excerpted from other people's blog specific is to cite which is

DB2 decimal part of a floating point number

For various DB2 versions, use the floor function or cast function to take the integer part, and then subtract the integer part from the original number: For various DB2 versions, use the floor function or cast function to take the integer part, and

Analysis of potential problems in DB2 database application migration

In general, it is impossible to avoid any problems during the migration of DB2 database applications. This article will introduce some problems that may occur during the migration of DB2 database applications. BKJIA has previously introduced how to

DB2 9 (Viper) Quick Start _db2

The DB2 tutorial you are looking at is: DB2 9 (Viper) QuickStart. To help you quickly master the XML features of DB2 itself, do a few common tasks, such as: Create database objects for managing XML data, including a test database, some sample

Solution for displaying 0 when the SQL Division calculation result in DB2 is decimal

In DB2, when the SQL division operation result is decimal, 0 is displayed. In the SQL division operation, the SELECT value is 0 in the DB2 environment. What should I do? This article describes two solutions to the problem 0 when the SQL division

Using an XQuery query to DB2 XML data _db2

The DB2 tutorial you're looking at is using an XQuery query to DB2 XML data. about XQueryXQuery differs in many key ways from SQL, largely because the two languages are designed for two data models with different characteristics. XML documents

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