db2 exception handling example

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DB2 Universal Database Process full contact _DB2

Brief introduction UNIX and Linux users typically check the processes running on their servers to perform problem analysis and to check the resources consumed in the server. This information is useful not only for administrators who perform issues

DB2 stored procedure development best practices)

Http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/data/library/techarticles/dm-0604changhp/ The powerful functions provided by DB2 allow developers to create highly efficient and stable stored procedures. But for beginnersProgramIt is not easy. This article

Explain some new features worthy of DBA attention in DB2 9.7

BKJIA exclusive Article: First of all, this article is not a detailed list of new features of DB2 9.7. I only list a list that is very important to DBAs or developers. Online solution Modification Please refer to Burt's article on online solution

Summary of common SQL statements of DB2

1. Combined statement execution Begin atomic Expression 1, semicolon, space, and carriage return Expression 2; semicolon (,), space, and carriage return End 2. Tables with limited access permissions (the Public select access permission for

DB2 UDB static image extender (1)

Introduction Many applications need to store and manage digital images in databases. DB2 UDB provides the DB2 UDB Audio, Image, and Video Extenders packages. DB2 Image Extender is part of this package [2]. Although this extender provides a certain

What types of abnormal processors are involved in DB2 stored procedures?

The following article describes how to handle exceptions in the DB2 stored procedure. In the DB2 database, if you want to use sqlcode, you must declare before the DDL statement. This is what we all need to know. The following describes the main

Quick Start to DB2 Stored Procedure"

The following articles mainly describe the simple solution for getting started with DB2 stored procedures. The basic concept of DB2 stored procedures is stored procedure, which is generally referred to as procedure. If you want to learn this, you

exception handling of MySQL stored procedure

MySQL stored procedures also provide functionality for exception handling: the implementation of exception declarations is accomplished by defining handlerThe syntax is as follows:DECLARE Handler_type handler for condition_value[,...] Sp_statement

PHP learning notes-exception capture and handling of pdophp learning notes

1. What is PDO? PDO (PHP Data Object) is a lightweight PHP Data connection expansion with compatible interfaces. It is an official php pecl Library released with PHP 5.1, PHP 5's object-oriented support is required, so it cannot be used in earlier

Using JTA to process distributed transactions in DB2 UDB and Informix Dynamic servers

Brief introduction In a modern enterprise environment, it is no surprise that multiple databases and multiple brands of databases are used to store corporate data. Eventually, the data will be compared and merged out of different databases. If you

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