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Introduction to DB2 UDB script compilation on Windows (1)

In addition to the support for the Structured Query Language Structure Query Language, SQL), IBM®DB2®Universal Database™It also provides a set of rich and extensive APIs for managing application programming interfaces ). Because all the daily tasks

DB2 V9.7 Linux installation records

DB2 V9.7 Linux installation record DB2 installation in Linux (RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.4) _ graphical user interfaces can be used or manually installed. First, we will introduce the simplest installation method. 1. Download DB2 9.7 express C from

How to deploy IBM DB2 products on UNIX and Linux platforms

Deploy IBM _ DB2 products on dozens, hundreds, or thousands of clients and servers based on UNIX and Linux platforms, including IBM DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB) and DB2 Connect, this seems like a daunting task. This article describes how to

DB2 and Oracle distinction ____oracle

Today, the customer visited (Japanese) and asked me the difference between DB2 and Oracle. Because it's not a DBA, I haven't really summed it up. But my first feeling: One is instance, one is database. Building Ora libraries and DB2 libraries is not

Install DB2 V10 and Data Studio V3 in a Linux (Ubuntu) Environment

Install DB2 V10 and Data Studio V3 in a Linux (Ubuntu) Environment This document describes how to install a DB2 database in Linux. The Linux version used is Ubuntu 12.04. The DB2 version is DB2 Express-C V10.1 Linux 32-bit, that is, the Community

DB2 Basic Concepts

DB2 supports the following two types of tablespaces:1. System Management Memory table space (Sms-system MANAGED STORAGE)2. Database Management Memory table space (Dms-database MANAGED STORAGE)Comparison of characteristics of SMS and DMS user table

DB2 UDB V8.1 Management Learning Notes (ii) _DB2

The DB2 tutorial being looked at is: DB2 UDB V8.1 Management Learning Notes (ii). Table space types are divided into SMS and DMS, respectively, system management spaces, database management. SMS is easy and easy to use and eliminates the need to

Install the DB2 data server on Linux and UNIX

The graph-driven DB29 installer can also run on Linux and UNIX platforms. At the same time, Linux and UNIX systems support distributed installation using response files. The values and parameters stored in the response file generated during the

It's easy to migrate applications from Oracle to DB2 V9.7!

This article describes how to migrate an application from an Oracle database to a DB2 V9.7 database. This article mainly provides a simple and powerful practical application tool, migrate applications from Oracle to IBM®DB2®Version 9.7 for Linux®,

DB2 UDB V8.1 management learning notes (2)

The db2 tutorial is: DB2 UDB V8.1 management learning notes (2 ). Table space types include SMS and DMS, which are system management space and database management space. SMS, which are easy to use and simple without manual creation and maintenance

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