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SQL Server 2012 sets a user's record for some tables to restrict its delete operation

Tags: style blog c http width comFirst step: Use SA user to enter ssms;The second step: in the security---the user right click---"Properties";The third step: Select "Safe Object" in the Selection page, click "Search", pop up the Add Object page, where the default is the specific object is not selected;Fourth step: Click on the Object Type dialog, open the Select object type, select "Table";Fifth step: Select the table to which you want to restrict the

SQL notes: Restrict bar code and delete records marked as 0 unique

Set Ansi_nulls On Set Quoted_identifier On Go -- Restrict bar code and delete records marked as 0 -- Commit Date: 11: 00 2006-9-22 Alter Trigger [ Tr_iu_outbymachinedetail ] On [ DBO ] . [ T_outbymachinedetail ] After Insert , Update As Begin Declare @ Rowcount Int Select @ Rowcount = Coun

Add and delete partitions in db2

# Directly Delete the table if [quot; $ DEL_VALUEquot; quot;-quot;] thendelete_tab_data 'db2-txq # Directly Delete the table if [quot; $ DEL_VALUEquot; = quot;-quot;] then delete_tab_data = 'db2-tx q Because the data in many large tables is deleted in the project, the log-free method is adopted at first. After int

Db2 delete large tables do not write logs

Recently, due to project requirements, shell programs are used to batch Delete business table data, but business history data needs to be retained according to business needs. Because db2 is used in the project, db2 will generate a large number of logs when deleting data. It will fill up the log file and report the error 57011. by searching for some information o

Use the command to delete the DB2 database, and then create

When you use commands to delete a DB2 database and create a new database, there are often database alias errors. There are two possible causes of this error: 1. this database exists in the system database directory. You can see in the control center and list db directory in the DB2CLP window. 2. The database is "removed" rather than "deleted ". Another possibility is that we used the "Remove" Database Funct

DB2 Delete table

DB2 table deletion is a common operation. The following describes how to delete a table in DB2 for your reference. DB2 Delete tableYou can use the drop table statement to delete a TABLE. When a table is deleted, the row containin

Four ways to delete DB2 data

There are many ways to delete DB2 data. The following describes the four most commonly used methods to delete DB2 data. If you have encountered any problems in deleting DB2 data, take a look. 1. Use the DELETE statement, namely:

How to restore and delete a table in DB2

The following articles describe how to restore and Delete tables in DB2. In actual operations, the DB2 database stores backups and restores data in historical files, and operations such as loading data and deleting tables. if the database name is sample, you can use the following command to list the records of the table to be deleted:

DB2 database Duplicate record Delete SQL statement

,descitem_id,max (content)From DETAILTEMP1GROUP BY catentry_id,descitem_id@SELECT * from TableA where catentry_id to (select distinct catentry_id from TableA GROUP by CATENTRY_ID,DESCITEM_ID has COUNT (*) >1) @ --5. Delete temporary table The code is as follows Copy Code drop table detailtemp1@--end There are several other ways to share 2, DB2

Delete data in DB2

---- Start Everyone is familiar with how to delete data. We use this to write: Delete from In fact, this write performance is not good, especially when you delete a large amount of data, to achieve better performance, you can use the following method: Delete from What should I do if I want to

Quickly delete db2 data without writing logs

Quick deletion of db2 data without writing logs IBM official documentation: Use the not logged initially parameter to reduce logging if an application creates and fills a worksheet Based on the master table, in addition, you do NOT worry about the recoverability of these worksheets (because you can easily re-CREATE them based on the master TABLE), you can specify the not logged initially parameter on the create table statement when creating a workshee

DB2 to build tables, add fields, delete fields, modify fields, and more

Tags: arch const. COM recommends UBI data disconnect ASE LTEReproduced: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_67aaf4440100v01p.html, slightly modified. --Create a databaseCreate Database ETP; --Connect to databaseConnect to ETP; --DisconnectDisconnect ETP; --See what tables are in the current databaseList tables; --Delete Tabledrop table studentinfo; --Adding a constraint when creating a table 1CREATE TABLE Studentinfo (Stuno int NOT NULL,Stuname varchar (8)

DB2 partition Table Delete and add partitions

Sysproc.admin_cmd (); --Collect statistical informationCall Sysproc. Admin_cmd ('RUNSTATS on TABLE db2user. S_clm_rate_pol_aaa_test'); --Add new Partition EXECUTEIMMEDIATE'ALTER TABLE Db2user. S_clm_rate_pol_aaa_test ADD PARTITION'||V_partition_name||'starting'||SUBSTR (Etl_date,1,6)||'INCLUSIVE Ending'||V_partition_end||'Exclusive'; SETV_location= 'After you add a new partition'; COMMIT; EXECUTEIMMEDIATE'ALTER TABLE Db2user. S_clm_rate_pol_aaa_test ACTIVATE not logged initially'; for

Db2-alter Append/delete/Reset column operations

Label:DB2-alter Append/delete/reset column operation 1. Add field ALTER TABLE name add field name type DEMO:1 ALTER TABLE table_name NBSP;ADD N Bsp;column_test VARCHAR (50); 2. Change the field type ALTER TABLE name ALTER COLUMN field name set data type type DEMO: 1 ALTER TABLE table_name ALTER COLU MN column_test Set Data type VARCHAR (3); NOTE: There are operational restrictions for changing the field type. To change the field to a size large

DB2 Database Basic Add Delete table field summary

1. Add a fieldALTER TABLE [table_name] add [column_name] [Column_type]2. Change the field typeALTER TABLE [TABLE_NAME] ALTER COLUMN [COLUMN_NAME] Set data type [Column_type]Note: Changes to the field type are limited, such as changing the field to be larger than the previous type, if you want to change the size or change the decimal length, you must first drop the original column and then add it again.For example, I want to change the column of a varchar (10) to varchar (6) or change the column

DB2 Delete Database __ Database

A DB instance exists in two places in the data:1: Physical Location: On disk, which is the file system.2: Logical Location: The database system table, which is the configuration information for the disk file.Procedure for deleting a database:1: Delete the physical file, 2: Delete the logical information, that is, the configuration information of the physical file.The above two places are deleted at the same

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