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Suffix on Computer

// Supplement. AIFF audio file Windows Media Player .!!! NetAnts temporary file NetAnts . Ani animated mouse . ARJ compressed File ARJ . AVI Movie File Windows Media Player . AWD fax document . Bak backup file . Bas BASIC language basic . Bat DOS

Various file extensions and open methods

Various file extensions and open methods ------ it's a little long, it's okay to spend more time ,:)Open extension file type. AIFF audio file Windows Media Player.!!! NetAnts temporary file NetAnts. Ani animated mouse. ARJ compressed File ARJ. AVI

Computer terminology IT staff must know

Absence absentAccessAccessing access path into achieve implementation complete acquire Get adjacency list method adjacency table notation adjacency matrix method adjacency matrix notation algorithm algorithm allocate leave assignment analog

ArcGIS Learning record-dbf shp shx SBN SBX mdb ADF Other types of file interpretation

Original address: ArcGIS Issue: Explanation of Files of type DBF shp shx SBN SBX mdb ADF-Silent Dawn log-NetEase Bloghttp://gisman.blog.163.com/blog/static/34493388201022254341339/ These documents are explained in English as follows (can see the

Section 1 Introduction to distributed multi-layer database development

Section 1 Introduction to distributed multi-layer database developmentThe Multi-Tier distributed Application Services Suite (Multi-Tier distributed Application server group) proposed by Delphi places the original Two-Tier data connection to the COM

Rumor Terminator--sql Server is a product of Sybase rather than Microsoft's

Http://www.cnblogs.com/xxxtech/archive/2011/12/30/2307859.htmlby Euan GardenI have heard of many versions of this rumor over the years, the most interesting being that "Microsoft is too late to confuse the purchase of Sybase code, so SQL Server is

. NET Connection Database mode

. NET Connection Database mode1. Connect OracleA oracleclient approach that Microsoft has developed specifically for Oracle databases (typically used)Reference Class Library: System.Data.OracleClient.dllNamespaces: System.Data.OracleClientCommon

Dynamically set ODBC data sources in the Delphi Program

  Dynamically set ODBC data sources in the Delphi Program In the Delphi Database Application, we usually have two methods to access the database. one is through the BDE database search engine, that is, using the database driver that comes with

Detailed description of Visual C ++ programming Database

Currently, Visual C ++ is not widely available in Web development. In enterprise applications ,. NETC # is one of the most important members. C ++ still has a place to share with you. I hope this article will teach you more. An odbc-based

Basic DOS concepts

Early computer systems were generally composed of CPU, memory, external devices, and other components. Users often exclusive to all computer resources. For example, when a computer prints data through a printer, other devices are waiting. In this

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