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"Turn" uses DBX, KDB to analyze Coredump under AIX

Source: https://www.cnblogs.com/fifteen/archive/2012/03/20/2407449.htmlRecent work involves analyzing the core dump file, finding this good post, and then turning to my blog O (∩_∩) o~Ps:Where can you get dbx?It is part of Bos.adt.debug# lslpp-w/usr/

How to Use the Unix debugging tool dbx

ArticleDirectory Unix (Solaris) systems generally come with DBX debugging tools. The following describes some common commands.   Unix (Solaris) systems generally come with DBX debugging tools. The following describes some common

Use C # For secondary development of AutoCAD)

Using C # For secondary development of AutoCAD (1) As we all know, the main tools used for secondary development of AutoCAD are ObjectARX, VBA, and vlisp. But their advantages and disadvantages are obvious: ObjectARX has powerful functions and

Solaris2.4 multi-thread programming guide 6-compilation and debugging

BBS shuimu Tsinghua station: essence District Sender: McCartney (coolcat), email zone: Unix Mailing site: BBS shuimu Tsinghua station (Sun May 17 16:33:41 1998)   6. Compilation and debugging   This chapter describes how to compile and debug multi-

Using objectdbx technology in C # never open a graphic to get information about a tile

Object| Graphics never open a graphic to get information about a tile? The answer is yes. Here is a description of the implementation of the specific method. Requirements: n is programmed with C # N Read what I wrote "Two development of AutoCAD

Neon Introduction "Turn"

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/fengbingchun/article/details/38020265Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced."ARM Advanced SIMD", nick-named "NEON", It provides: (1), A set of

Bus Error and segment Error

I bought this "C expert programming" in the previous section, which is really good, especially for memory thinking ~ Currently, I only see this chapter), which describes bus errors and segment errors:Bus Error (core dumped) Bus Error (information

Determine file types based on file header data

An existing file with an unknown extension or a marked error. If it is a normal, non-empty file, and the extension is corrected for normal use, how do you determine what type of file it is?In the suffix unknown, or the suffix of the modified file,

ATITIT.IOC Dynamic configuration file Guice design principle

ATITIT.IOC Dynamic configuration file guice Design principle1 .  Bat Injection configuration file at startup 12 .  IOC call 13 .  Ioc Dispatcher with Apche methodutils.invokestaticmethod 21.Bat Injection configuration file at startup SET

Compile and install PHP under CentOS

Compile and install PHP under CentOS 1. Go to the php official website to download the source code http://www.php.net/downloads.php, I download the use of is (php-5.4.8.tar.gz) 2. installation environment Yum install xml2 2. Unzip to the/usr/src

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