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Memory strip DDR and DDR2 differential Interpretation _ Hardware Maintenance

Dual-channel memory dual-channel memory technology is actually a memory control and management technology, which relies on the memory controller of the chipset to take effect, theoretically able to make two of the same size of memory to provide the bandwidth of one-fold increase. It is not a new technology that has long been applied to servers and workstation systems, but only to the Desktop board technology front desk to address the increasingly embarrassing memory bandwidth bottlenecks in desk

If you want to add memory, you must check the memory frequency and the generation of DDR.

How can I check the DDR memory speed? The CPU-Z software is very good. Although it detects the CPU, it can also detect the motherboard and memory, and its functions are unambiguous! It can detect whether the CPU is too frequently, whether it is 32-bit, the model of the motherboard, the number of memory slots of the motherboard, the model and speed of the memory, etc. Run CPU-Z and click the "Memory" tab to clearly display the memory frequency.The

What does a DDR mean?

Ddr=double Data Rate Double rate synchronous dynamic random memory. Strictly speaking, DDR should be called DDR SDRAM, which is known as the DDR, where SDRAM is the abbreviation of synchronous dynamic Random access memory, i.e. synchronous dynamically random access memory. The DDR

Common Hardware error records and software diagnostic algorithms of the DDR memory subsystem

In uboot, denx implements a strict DDR detection program for common memory faults. The process and method of detecting data lines, address lines, and DDR physical memory are described in three phases. The science is rigorous, and it is not surprising that the DDR subsystem is prone to faults but difficult to debug. This set of algorithms designed by denx is calle

Freescale mx27 DDR initialization code analysis

Before ddr sdram can be accessed, it must be initialized. The initialization process is pre-defined and incorrect operations will lead to unexpected results. During initialization, general mode registers and extended mode registers of ddrsdram will be set to define how ddr sdram works. These settings include burst length, burst type, CAS latency and working mode, as well as settings for

DDR technology and HSTL level (zz)

Abstract: The DDR technology and HSTL level standard are high-speed data transmission technologies that have emerged in recent years. The specific use of these two technologies in ddr sram devices is discussed based on actual issues. Keywords:Ddr sram hstl level Samsung ddr sram is one of the fastest in the world. Because of its special level characteristic

Zedboard How to control DDR read/write from PL end (v)

Label:With the front of a pile of bedding. Now it's time to formally prepare to read and write DDR, development environment: VIVADO2014.2 + SDK.   First, in the PL end to control the DDR through AXI, we must have a Axi master, because it is a test, do not write their own, directly with the package IP generated, the method is as follows: 1. Select the Package IP tool    2. Create a new Axi peripheral    3.

I. MX6 DDR parameter settings, I. mx6ddr parameter settings

I. MX6 DDR parameter settings, I. mx6ddr parameter settingsThe DDR Stress Test Tool provides two purposes. First, it can be used to calibrate DDR3 to facilitate mmdc phy delay settings and PCB pairing to achieve the best DRAM performance. The entire process is fully automated, so customers can work with DDR3 in a short period of time. In addition, this tool can run a memory stress test to verify the functio

DDR cabling requirements and topological structure analysis

in the design of the PCB of the DDR, it is generally necessary to consider the equal length and topological structure. Equal length is better to deal with, given a certain length of the accuracy of the PCB designer is usually able to complete. But for different rates of DDR, it is critical to choose the right topology, the T-topology and the daisy-chain topology that are often used in

DDR parameter Memory delay timing "Cl-trcd-trp-tras"

Speed Grade (DATARATE/CL-TRCD-TRP)-1066 Mbps/7-7-7-Mbps/5-5-5 datarate Data rate 800,1066,1333,1600, even 2000MHz CL-TRCD-TRP Timing1.CL(CAS Latency): "Latent time of memory read-write operations Forefront Address Controller" (Possible options: 1.5/2/2.5/3)Other possible descriptions in the BIOS are: TCL, CAS Latency time, CAS Timing Delay. This parameter is important and is usually marked on the memory bar. The CAS parameter options for

DDR's Past and Present Life (ii)

SDRAM and DDR SDRAMSDRAM is a long time, but we said it certainly will not be confused with DDR, we usually understand the SDRAM is the SDR SDRAM, for the first generation of SDRAM, and DDR1 for the second generation, and even to the DDR4 we use now, in fact, for the fifth generation SDRAM, There is a need for clarification here. To show the difference, the subsequent article with SDR to refer specifically

Common DDR and nandflash Models

SDRAM H57V2562GTR-75C 256 m (16*16) K4S561632N-LC60 256 m (16*16) DDR K4H561638N-LCCC 256 MB H5DU2562GTR-E3C 256 MB K4H511638J-LCCC 512 MB HY5DU121622DTP-D43 512 MB H5DU5162ETR-E3C 512 MB DDR2 K4T51163QI-HCE7 512 M/32*16 K4T51163QJ-BCE7 512 M/32*16 H5PS5162GFR-Y5C 512 M/32*16 H5PS5162GFR-S5C 512 M/32*16 H5PS1G63EFR-S5C 1g/64*16 H5PS1G63EFR-Y5C 1g/64*16 H5PS1G63EFR-S6C 1g/64*16 K4T1G164QF-BCE7 1g/64*16 H5PS1G83EFR-S6C 1g/128*8 Ddr3 K4B1G1646G-HCH9

OK6410 DDR initialization

When the bare board program is written on the OK6410, the DDR cannot be initialized successfully using Jink or using Loadbin ddr.bin 0xc000000 in Jlink-commander, and stays in the step of waiting for the DDR to initialize ready;Note: The first two days can also successfully initialize the DDR and be able to perform the operation of the UART initialization, and th

POJ 1066 Treasure Hunt [idea title]

Title Link: http://poj.org/problem?id=1066--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This problem may be after the first look at how to build the shortest circuit after the mapBut it's not just the code that's going to be complicated, but there's the possibility of some bad judgment.But think about it. We can find the following propertiesIf the start and end points are on either side of an o

Nine degrees OJ 1066 string sort

Topic 1066: Sorting strings time limit:1 seconds Memory limit:32 MB Special question: No submitted:4919 Resolution:1983 Title Description: Enter a string of not more than 20 length, the input string, according to the size of the ASCII code from small to large to sort, please output sorted results Input: A string whose length is n

How to identify SDRAM and DDR memory

(1) In terms of appearance, the common SDRAM memory strips and DDR SDRAM memory strips are almost indistinguishable, but careful observation will find many differences. The SDRAM is often said to be DIMM memory, it has a common (84x2 face) point of contact, so this memory is called 168-line memory, and the new standard DDR SDRAM memory bar has 184 points of contact. (2) SDRAM's gold finger has two notches,

Zedboard How to control DDR read and write from PL end (vi)

The previous section addressed the issue of DDR addressing, such as:From the official documentation we saw that the DDR address was started from 0008_0000, then we began to modify the IP core code that Xilinx provided us. Actually very simple, the previous section has analyzed the address to stay in the 0000_1000 reason, now we only need to put Write_burst_counter's bit width to become big.From the table ab

POJ 1066 Treasure Hunt (computational geometry)

strict intersection), and the final figure plus 1 is the result (because there is a boundary wall), and there is the case when the n=0 needs to be handled specifically.Personal feeling, the calculation of the simple problem of geometry is the template, just remember that these common templates (cross product, line intersection, Point,line) General computational geometry is no problem.AC Code:#include Return Max (l1.s.x,l1.e.x) >= min (l2.s.x,l2.e.x) max (l2.s.x,l2.e.x) >= min (l1.s.x,l1.e.

"Bzoj 1066" [SCOI2007] Lizard

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