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"Embedded Linux+arm" storage controller (Operation SDRAM)

1. Storage Controller IntroductionThe Storage Manager in s3c2440 provides the signals needed to access external devices, with the following features:1. Support small byte order, large byte order (through software selection)2. Each bank is 128M, a total of 8 bank, a total of 1G3.BANK0~BANK5 can support external ROM, SRAM, etc.,bank6~bank7 in addition to support ROM, SRAM and support SDRAMThe starting address of the 4.BANK0~BANK7 is fixed.5. Support Self-refresh and Power save mode when external S

Based on s3c2440a + SDRAM (k4m000063)

The system uses two pieces of K4M51163-BG75 of SDRAM, the size is 2*64 m. 1. How SDRAM works 1.1 SDRAM Overview SDRAM: synchronous dynamic random access memory, synchronous dynamic random memory. Synchronization means that the clock frequency (CLK) is the same as the CPU's AHB Bus clock frequency (hclk), and internal c

SDRAM Detailed Introduction

Concept Introduction: sdram:synchronous dynamic random Access memory, which is synchronized with the RAM. Synchronization refers to its clock frequency and the CPU front-end bus system clock is the same, and the internal command of the transmission and data transfer are based on it, dynamic refers to the storage array needs to constantly refresh to ensure that the data is not lost, random refers to the data is not linear storage, but the freedom to specify the address to read and write data. I

SDRAM circuit Design Detailed

 UDQM, LDQM: Data input and output shielding pin.Used to control output buffering in read mode and to mask input data in write mode.LDQM,UDQM these signal lines are for byte access and half-word access, LDQM control low eight-bit, UDQM control high eight-bit, so when to write in bytes, the high eight-bit screen off.This paper introduces the addressing principle of SDRAM before the design of SDRAM circuit

Use Modelsim to simulate the SDRAM operation

I wrote two blogs about Modelsim simulation. The naming of the module PINs may be a bit strange. In fact, the previous two articles are designed to simulate the SDRAM operation. Because the simulation process of SDRAM is relatively complicated and cumbersome. Therefore, more than one blog may be required. Before starting the simulation, if you are not familiar with the principle and timing of

Application of SDRAM in Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Application of SDRAM in Arbitrary Waveform Generator [Date:] Source: Electronic Technology Application Author: Chu Fei Huang Yang Jing Huang [Font:Large Medium Small]   Arbitrary Waveform generators play an important role in the radar and communication fields. However, most arbitrary waveform generators currently use static memory. This makes it difficult to increase the operating frequency of any waveform generator, and thus cann

How to Implement SDRAM read/write through ADSP-BF533 ebiu Interface

ADSP-BF533 to realize the SDRAM read and write, BF533 to connect to the SDRAM, so I found the BF533 on the related pin, the following is the BF533 on the SDRAM interface signal and the corresponding function description: 1. Data []: external data bus; 2. ADDR [], ADDR [16]: External address bus, connected to the address pin of

[Serialization] [FPGA black gold Development Board] What about niosii-SDRAM Experiment (12)

Disclaimer: This article is an original work and copyright belongs to the author of this blog. All. If you need to repost, please indicate the source Http://www.cnblogs.com/kingst/ I. Introduction In this section, let's talk about SDRAM. As the most important external device in the system, the system plays an important role and everyone should be familiar with it. Each time you power on, FPGAProgramThe reason for this is that it is fast, b

The principle of SDRAM operation

SDRAM (Synchronous dynamic Random Access Memory, synchronous dynamically random memory) is what is commonly called memory. In the PC we use now, the memory referred to is, in fact, SDRAM, but it is his upgraded version, such as DDR memory, DDR2 memory, DDR3 memory, and so on, most graphics card on the video memory is also SDRAM. Memory is the execution space of t

The difference between SRAM and SDRAM

Http://www.cnblogs.com/spartan/archive/2011/05/06/2038747.htmlSdramSDRAM (Synchronous dynamic random access memory), synchronous, refers to the memory work requires a step clock , The transmission of internal commands and the transfer of data are based on it, dynamic refers to the storage array needs to be constantly refreshed to ensure that the data is not lost, random refers to the data is not linear storage , but by the specified address to read and write data. The current 168-wire 64bit band

Link Analysis Between S3C2440 and SDRAM and NAND and nor

Reprinted from: http://tanatseng.blog.163.com/blog/static/17499162920101022323130/ S3C2440 has 27 address lines ADDR [26:0], 8 chip selection signal nGCS0-nGCS7, corresponding to the bank0-bank7, when accessing bankx address space, ngcsx pin for low level, select peripherals. 2 ^ 27 = 2 ^ 7*2 ^ 10*2 ^ 10 = 128 Mbyte 8*128 Mbyte = 1 Gbyte Therefore, the total addressing space of S3C2440 is 1 Gbyte. There are few 32-Bit Single-Chip SDRAM on the market.

The SDRAM analysis of mini2440

, easy to integrate, often as a computer memory to make the original. For example: The memory of the PC, SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, etc., disadvantage: Due to periodically refresh the storage media, access speed is slow.SRAM: It is a memory with a static access function, it can save the data stored in it without needing to refresh the circuit. Therefore, its access speed is fast, but large size, power consumption, high cost, commonly used for storage cap

Arm9_s3c2440 Learning (5) norflash start, nandflash start, and SDRAM conclusion

Start norflash and start nandflash. Summary of SDRAM The first command read during the startup of S3C2440 is 0x00, which can be started on NAND Flash and nor flash. Nand flash: suitable for large-capacity data storage, similar to hard disks; Nor FLASH: suitable for small-capacity programs or data storage, similar to small hard disks; SDRAM: Mainly used for program storage, execution, or computing during pr

Differences between SRAM and SDRAM

DRAM, Dynamic Random Access Memory, must be constantly refreshed to save data. In addition, the row and column addresses are reused, and many of them have the page mode.SRAM, static random access memory. When powered on, data does not need to be refreshed, and data will not be lost. In addition, it is generally not reused by row and column addresses. SDRAM, synchronous DRAM, that is, data read/write requires clock synchronization.DRAM and

FPGA-driven SDRAM control compatibility transplant experiment

CB early in 2012 on the introduction of the VIP Video Development Board V1.4 This set of development Board is EP2, the camera is ov7670, although not as powerful as the current VIP20, but also the embryonic form.In the late VIP20, the CB was encapsulated with SDRAM and other modules, making it more reliable and more stable.Obviously, SDRAM to be more stable, more reliable, verification, need to carry out a

Brief Introduction to ssram, SDRAM, and Flash

Abstract The problem of capacity calculation is encountered when debugging the SDRAM using the nio ii. The following is an introduction: Introduction Question 1: What are dram, SRAM, and SDRAM? A: The terms are explained as follows: DRAM -------- the dynamic access device immediately. data can be stored only after constant refreshing, and the row and column addresses are reused. Many of them have p

[Reprinted] Brief Introduction to ssram, SDRAM, and Flash

This article is reproduced in: Workshop. Abstract The problem of capacity calculation is encountered when debugging the SDRAM using the nio ii. The following is an introduction: Introduction Question 1: What are dram, SRAM, and SDRAM?A: The terms are explained as follows:DRAM -------- the dynamic access device immediately. data can be stored only after constant refreshing, and the row and column addres

Arm9_s3c2440 (7) Learning Summary of SDRAM

Summary 1. The burst mode of SDRAMSDRAM is a command-type action device. If only one read/write data is available, you must first run the command to use it. To increase work efficiency, a command is generated to send, the mode of writing multiple data. This is the burst mode. Burst mode is a high-speed read/write mode that uses the internal column address generator. As long as you set the initial column address, the subsequent address can be automatically generated through the internal column a

Arm bare metal Development (iii) SDRAM Programming

The following bare metal program is based on gt2440 and the compiler is a arm-linux-gcc-4.4.3. Program Structure: The program consists of SDRAM. S and Main. C consists of two files, SDRAM. s file to complete some initialization work, such as clock initialization, memory controller initialization, copy the second-stage code to SDRAM, and so on; Main. C is responsi

SDRAM Learning Notes (i)

First, the SDRAM initialization process:1, send _PR (precharge) command.2, meet the TRP time requirements of at least 20ns.3. Send _ar (Auto Refresh) command.4, Meet TRFC (Trpc aka TRCC) time requirements of at least 63ns.5. Send _ar (Auto Refresh) command.6, Meet TRFC (Trpc aka TRCC) time requirements of at least 63ns.7, send _LMR (lode moderegister) command and related configuration information.8, meet the TMRD time requirements of at least 1 clocks

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