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Generating Better machine Code with SSA, Keith Randall

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Keith Randall (GitHub) is a principal software engineer for Google and works on the Go compiler. Last year he gave a talk on high-frequency trading with Go. Previously,

Java Virtual machine JVM performance Optimization (ii): Compiler _java

This article will be the second article in the JVM Performance Tuning series (first: Portal), and the Java compiler will be the focus of this article. In this paper, the author (Eva Andreasson) first introduces different kinds of compilers, and

Keil Optimization Level setting

Optimization level description (for reference only):The Code optimization bar is used to set the C51 level of optimization. There are 9 levels of optimization (as written in the book), and the high level of optimization includes all the previous

Keil Optimization Level setting

Keil Optimization Level settingOptimization level description (for reference only):The Code optimization bar is used to set the C51 level of optimization. There are 9 levels of optimization (as written in the book), and the high level of

Static Single Assignment (SSA, static single-assignment)

Original article address: Workshop. SSA is an efficient data stream analysis technology. Currently, almost all modern compilers, such as GCC, open64, and llvm, support the SSA technology, not just the compiler, jikes rvm, hotspot JVM ,. net mono,

Compiler Back-end register allocation algorithm SSA (Static Single Assignment Method)

1. What is SSA? SSA is the static single assignment, static single-assignment, which is an intermediate representation. It is called single assignment because each name is assigned only once in SSA. For example, the control flow diagram of a program

Reactivecocoa Code Practice-RAC Network Request refactoring _android

Related reading: Reactivecocoa Code Practice-UI Component's RAC signal operation Reactivecocoa code Practice-More thinking Objective RAC has the following advantages over previous development models: providing a unified messaging mechanism,

Shuttle ESB (iv)-Announcement subscription Model example Introduction (1)

Earlier, I've focused on three articles to talk about shuttle ESB's Getting started example and macro concepts.The Shuttle ESB has two modes of sending messages together: request/Correspondence mode and Pub/sub mode.About the distinction between the

Shuttle ESB (iv)--Announcing the subscription model example (1)

Before, my focus was on three articles shuttle ESB entry and macro concept paradigm.Shuttle ESB Pattern: request/Correspondence mode vs. Pub/sub mode.For the distinction between these two modes, see the following article:Shuttle ESB

Code generation techniques in Impala

Cloudera Impala is an open source MPP (massive parallel processing) database built for the Hadoop ecosystem, designed primarily for analytic query payloads rather than OLTP. Impala has the latest technology to maximize the use of modern hardware and

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