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[Unity3d] Unity3d Paladin Simulation game development of the Fairy Spirit reach Authority Island

Hello, I am Qin Pei. Please pay attention to my blog. My blog address is the previous article. We have implemented a self-defined role Controller "[Unity3d]unity3d game development of imitation Paladin character control effect" and the effect of the role of Death "[Unity3d]unity3d game development of imitation Paladin character death effect realization". Today we continue to do s

ZOJ 3810 A Volcanic Island (2014 Mudanjiang Division network game b)

1. Title Description: Click to open the link2. Problem-Solving ideas: The topic is a four-color theorem template problem, but there are several cases to advance special sentence: n==1 direct output, 13. Code:#define _crt_secure_no_warnings#include Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced. ZOJ 3810 A Volcanic Island (2014 Mudanjiang Division network

Google + game exit tide, Gem square, bubble island say goodbye one after another

Recall that when Google + was launched last year, it was a smooth sailing event. It attracted tens of millions of people to join the event in a period of time. In addition, there were also many bright star games, but Google + did not really trigger the fire of the community, on the contrary, Pinterest has become a rising star in another community. Because Google + has few active users, some game developers decide to withdraw from the social platform

Win7 playing big Game card dead or black screen

Q: Never noticed, until a few days ago, "need for Speed 16" and "Battlefield 3" after the discovery can not play, after entering the game card in the game before the start of the reading screen will not move, or the game directly crash point to stay back, to have no reaction after the black screen (sometimes can press shortcut key Ctrl+alt+del switch out, Sometim

Unity, the resulting Mac version of the game when cutting the scene when the card-dead solution

Unity version is 5.1.1, running in the editor is not a problem, the build version of the Windows version of the operation is not a problem, but the build out of the Mac version in the individual scene switch will be stuck, by viewing the log (view build Log Method reference:/HTTP, see the last reported error is:Receiving unhandled NULL exceptionIf you change to development build, you will not get

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