debian check if package installed

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Comparison and extension of the Debian and Gentoo package management mechanisms

Comparison and extension of the package management mechanisms of Debian and Gentoo-Linux Release Technology-Debian information. For details, refer to the following section. If you want to install a set of Linux, and do not want to follow the version

Build local Debian package cache with apt-p2p

Build local Debian package cache with apt-p2p I have several computers running Debian GNU/Linux testing in my home, which are in a small LAN. Because Debian testing is a rolling update, I will update all of them every few days. However, as a result,

A way to check if a package is installed on Linux in the Debian system _linux

If you are managing a Debian or Ubuntu server, you may often use dpkg or apt-get commands. These two commands are used to install, uninstall, and update packages. In this article, let's look at how to check if a package is installed under a Deb

THEDEBIANWAY: Dpkg of Debian Maintenance Tool

THEDEBIANWAY: Debian maintenance tool Dpkg-Linux Release Technology-Debian information, the following is a detailed description. This article describes the Debian GNU/Linux Dpkg tool in detail, and hopes that Linux users will have a deep

Various configurations after the Debian system is installed

Recently, the system is often reinstalled, and the computer that just installed the Debian system needs a variety of configurations, so I want to write a script to be secretly lazy, solve the problem that the system needs to be reconfigured every

Debian and Ubuntu source list sharing

Re: Overview of t0000506: the main file in the source list is/etc/apt/sources. list, and the/etc/apt/sources. list. d/* file. The final result is Union. The source list file is in the unit of action. each

Debian usage notes

Debian notes-Linux Release Technology-Debian information. For more information, see the following. Author: Ji Qing Source: The Linux operating system with better Gui has three major releases:

Debian package management system

The Debian package management system has only the .tar.gz package file at the beginning. you must compile each software that he wants to run on GNU/Linux. Users generally think that it is necessary for the system to provide a way to manage these

How to enable beta/unstable software libraries in Debian

How to enable beta/unstable software libraries in DebianWhy do I need to enable beta/unstable versions? The beta/unstable version of Debian provides developers with an environment and software newer than the current stable version. Have you noticed

Incomplete command list of Debian software package management tools

The command list of the Debian software package management tool is incomplete. For more information, see Debian. All the package information in the Debian system is under/var/lib/dpkg. the/var/lib/dpkg/info directory stores the Information and

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