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Apt-get/dpkg for beginners in Debian [reprint]

  Debian and Debian-based systems, such as Ubuntu, use the package format deb. The following table lists the commonly used Dpkg commands for operating the deb package. CommandFunction Dpkg-I package. debInstallation Package Dpkg-r packageDelete

How to switch to superuser in Ubuntu)

Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux operating system. By default, there is no superuser (Root), but some system operations must be performed only with the permissions of a Super User, for example, manually release the memory. In other Linux operating

Create shared folders in Windows and Linux (Debian and Ubuntu)

Remember to set up a shared directory in Windows under the virtual machine. Recently, we found that the shared directory E:/dirdir is set in Windows. After debian is started on, there is nothing in/mnt/hgfs/mnt, even the/mnt is empty, and there is

Make sudo available for your Debian users

Let your Debian users be able to read the sudo-Linux Release Technology-Debian information. I just installed Debian 5. I am not very familiar with this kind of self-built rich system after I get used to Ubuntu. By default, normal users cannot

sudo cannot be used in Debian.

Original link: To solve this issue install sudo in Debian,follow the given below steps Step 1:first you has to become super User (root) - Step 2:now install sudo with the

Linux Debian 9 Configuration postgressql Database

#读者注意: This article can choose not to read the explanation, directly execute the code in 0 of each paragraph(0): Some concepts (can skip direct use (i) 0 of the code)1. Client: Psql. PostgreSQL command-line client program that enters the PostgreSQL

The Odoo Development Guide featured Share-1th-Start using Odoo development (1)

IntroductionBefore we enter Odoo, we need to build our development environment and learn about its basic management tasks.In this chapter, we will learn how to set up a working environment, where we will build our Odoo application. We'll learn how

PostgreSQL database (Getting Started)

There are a variety of Installation manuals for each platform to be installed. You can search for details in google. Here is the Installation Method On debian, ubuntu class: aptitudeinstallpostgresql # This is the database aptitudeinstallpgadmin3 #

New Shoutan Linux

Directory:What is Linux? the difference between Linux and UNIXLinux vs Windows comparisonWhat is a Linux release? Linux Application AreasSelection of Linux versionsHow to learn Linux? Linux System ConfigurationThe difference between installation by

Changing user IDs and group IDs & how saved set-user-id works (8.11)

In the UNIX system, privileges, such as being able to change the system's notion of the current date, and access control, such as being able to read or write a particle file, are based on user and group IDs. when our programs need additional

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