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tutorial on configuring LNMP under the Debian system, debianlnmp_php tutorial

A tutorial on configuring LNMP under the Debian system, DEBIANLNMP LNMP environment configuration is required to let our host support Nginx, MySQL, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, so configured to use this environment directly, and run the site on the above, I will configure the method. We'll take a look at the official statement LNMP One-click installation package is a Linux shell can be installed for Centos/radhat,

Debian Linux 7.1.0 Graphic Installation Tutorial

First, Debian 7.1.0 the latest installation CDSecond, installation system tutorial diagramThird, DEBIANLNMP more related use series articlesFirst, Debian 7.1.0 the latest installation CDDebian7.1.0 's installation image file has DVD disc ISO, CD-type ISO, and mini netinst-type ISO.Install basic system, here only need the most basic installation boot, the system i

Debian 8.2.0 (Jessie) Quick and pure installation tutorial

Debian 8.2.0 (Jessie) Quick and pure installation tutorial In this article, I will try to describe how to quickly install pure Debian 8.2.0. I need to understand how to use the vi editor. If you are a newbie who has never used the vi editor, you don't have to worry about it. I will try to describe how to use it in detail. First download the network installation C

Debian 7.0.0 Installation Tutorial Illustration

: For the official production of the server, remember that the data disk must be partitioned separately, to prevent problems in the system to ensure the integrity of the data.For example, you can divide a/data to store data.Select "Yes"Select "No"Select "No"Select "No"Do not select any packages (the server will customize the installation software according to its own needs), click Continue.Choose YesContinue, automatic system restartEnter the account: Osyunwei Enter the password again, return, l

Graphic tutorial on deploying a VPN Server In Debian

Debian is another excellent Linux operating system. Setting up a VPN Server In Debian is very similar to setting up a VPN Server in CentOS. The process is the same but the commands are different. You 'd better take a look at the tutorial on setting up a VPN in CentOS. The procedure is as follows: 1. After PPP and TUN are enabled, upgrade the system and restart th

Debian 8.x/ubuntu 16.04.x Build Ghost Tutorial

Ghost is a blog system developed using node. JS, compared to the use of PHP developed WordPress more lightweight and friendly, so this site has been switched from WordPress to Ghost, this article introduced in the Debian 8.x and Ubuntu 16.04 under the building Ghost's TutorialAll operations in this article are done under root user, please switch on your ownFirst, update the systemupdate apt-get upgradeIf you use the

Debian or Ubantu system installation LXDE+VNC Desktop Environment Tutorial

Because in the Linux VPS installation wine to achieve hitleap hang machine earn points, Firefox surf the need to make money, search a lot of domestic web site tutorial materials, found that is too old, still stay in the CentOS 5 era, or simply installed not successful, so have to self-taught, Try the simplest way, the most concise code, to complete the installation of the LXDE+VNC desktop environment in a Linux VPS host.According to many of the foreig

One of LLSMP series tutorials: Debian installation LLSMP Environment tutorial

Start today with the old left-share LLSMP series tutorials. As LLSMP is Linux + litespeed + MySQL + PHP environment, most of them are installed in the Debian system, so we set up the VPS to install the Debian system before we can take the next steps. See the Internet a lot about LNMP and llsmp correlation, each has its own advantages, specifically I did not do the comparison, I will do comparison of the di

A tutorial on configuring Python+django+nginx+uwsgi+mysql under Debian _python

Recently tried to migrate the project to the Python environment, especially a clean Debian system, ready to reconfigure the environment, the Internet to find some running the Python Web Environment solution, finalized NGINX+UWSGI combination, Nginx used more, skilled Uwsgi is said to have a good performance and would like to try it. Most of the online tutorials are required to download the source package to the UWSGI official website, and then instal

Tutorial on using Backupninja to back up the Debian system

Backupninja is that in order to fully use all of its features, it requires that you install some other "helper" programs. Although Backupninja has a release version of the RPM installation package based on Red Hat (Red Hat), Backupninja is optimized for the dependencies of Debian and its derived release versions. Therefore, it is not recommended to try Backupninja on a system based on Red Hat. In this tutorial

Linux KVM Environment Installation Windows Tutorial-partition letter and Mount Debian installation

more complex and time-consuming, originally prepared to write in an article, but the process is more complex so divided into two steps, this one used to partition the letter and mount the Debian system environment. First, KVM installation Debian environment preparation work Because the Debian environment supports grub booting, we need to in

Debian 8 Jessie LAMP Server Tutorial with Apache 2, PHP 5 and MariaDB

Tags: Debian 8 jessie lamp Server tutorial with Apache 2 PHP 5 and MARIADBDebian 8 Jessie LAMP Server Tutorial with Apache 2, PHP 5 and MariaDB (instead of MySQL)2 Installing MariaDB as MySQL replacementApt-get-y Install Mariadb-server mariadb-client3 Installing Apache 2.4Apt-get-y Install Apache2Now direct your browser to, and you should see

tutorial on the use of iptables firewalls in Debian VPS systems

Iptables is a packet filtering management tool based on the NetFilter architecture, the most important role is to do firewall or transparent proxy. Iptables from IPChains, its function is more powerful. Iptables offers the following three features: packet filtering, NAT (network address translation), and generic Pre-route packet mangling. In the previous article I to iptables on the concept and principle of the introduction: iptables Introduction and command, but in practical applications, many

Debian announces about to upgrade to PHP7-php tutorial

Debian announced the upcoming upgrade to PHP7. Debian GNU/Linux developers announced their plans to upgrade PHP 5 to the new powerful PHP 7, and will also change other software packages jointly installed in the PHP package. A few days ago, Debian developer Ond was announced in the Debian project developer email list

Tutorial on configuring Python + Django + Nginx + uWSGI + MySQL in Debian

This article mainly introduces how to configure Python + Django + Nginx + uWSGI + MySQL in Debian. Debian and Nginx servers are both high-performance options, if you need a new Debian system, you can refer to the latest attempt to migrate the project to the Python environment, I found some environment solutions for running Python Web on the Internet, and finally

Ocserv (Openconnect server) in Debian to build a configuration tutorial

Why choose Ocserv, because Ocserv is a little bit simpler in configuration. Later there is time or a good collation of information on other configurations. Before installing the configuration, popularize the small knowledge firstOcserv IntroductionOfficial Introduction: VPN server for short Ocserv, is a gnu/linux server that implements the AnyConnect SSL VPN protocol, compatible with Openconnect VPN clients. The goal is to become a compact, s

Tutorial _ php instance for configuring LNMP In Debian system

This article mainly introduces how to configure LNMP In the Debian system. Compared with the common LAMP, Apache is replaced with a high-performance Nginx server, you can refer to the LNMP environment configuration to allow our host to support Nginx, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin. After this configuration, you can directly use this environment, and run the website on it. Next I will configure it. Let's take a look at the official instructions. The one-c

Installing the PDO module for PHP5.0.3 under Debian _php tutorial

PDO as the next PHP (as the current mainstream development language) database unified interface, the current version is 0.9, it seems soon to release, early adopters. After testing, PDO coupling is about 3 times times faster than ADODB, and the direct connection is very small. Test tool: AB Test conditions Apache (the most popular Web server platform for UNIX platforms)/2.0.54 (Debian gnu/linux) mod_fastcgi (now not many people are using)/2.4.2 PHP (a

Gitosis Server tutorial for installing git under the Debian system

I've been using Google code for some time, and I've probably learned how to use SVN (I don't really know, because I used the eclipse's SVN plugin and didn't manually use the SVN command). Want to at home Godson also get a version management software, so that you can control the written version of the software, but also to achieve the backup of these programs. I used to build a SVN server on my own computer, so I wanted to try to build a git server this time. Git is a distributed version control

Apt-spy automatically find and update the fastest Debian software source tutorial

April 14, 2016, Aliyun's Debian source hangs. The Aliyun host system that caused WENWU cannot update, and the Web service software cannot be installed. So I tried to modify the Sources.list file. The following is a summary of Wenwu, using the Apt-spy command, to automatically find and update the fastest source of Debian software. First: Install Apt-spy, command as follows: Apt-get Install Apt-spy Second:

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