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Install openerp server 6.1.1 install PostgreSQL to configure the epel software source decoder zip not available

1. Install PostgreSQL, refer 《Install PostgreSQL.  2. Modify pg_cmd.conf to ensure that MD5 authentication is used. For details, see pg_cmd.conf record example:   # Type Database User CIDR-ADDRESS methodlocal all identhost all MD5 #

Base64 encoder/decoder [Java version]-post

Http:// Topic = 5 Author: Home cat Base64 encoding is a common character encoding, which is used in many places. JDK provides very convenient base64encoder and base64decoder, which can be used to conveniently complete base64

Java examples of using MD5 and BASE64

0X00 Introduction The most recent use of BASE64 encoding and MD5 encryption in your code makes it easy to find your notes here.When the Postfix mail server was configured, it was found that the message body received was encoded using BASE64, so it

Java implementations of several cryptographic algorithms include MD5, RSA, SHA256

SHA Encryption:Package com;Import;Import;/*** Getsha (String str) method available externally* @author Randyjia**/public class SHA {public static string Encrypt (String strsrc,

C-language compressed files and examples of verifying file integrity with MD5 algorithm tutorial _c language

Simple decompression of 7z files using the Lzma SDKsometimes we only need to extract the LZMA algorithm compressed 7z files, sometimes need to extract on the embedded devices, using P7zip although supporting a variety of formats, but not easy to

Java implementation DES encryption and decryption, MD5 encryption

Most of the time to the secret to be persistent encryption, at this time the encryption using MD5. When symmetric encryption is used, the Des method is used.1;2;3

iOS open source encrypted album agony implementation (i)

Brief introductionAlthough there are some good encryption album app on the market, but not the built-in ads, it is to limit the number of uploads. This paper introduces the production process of an encrypted album, which will include multiple

Cain & Abel password recovery and cracking tools

Cain & Abel is a password restoration tool on Windows. It uses multiple methods to restore multiple passwords, including network sniffing, Dictionary, brute force, and password analysis to crack and decrypt passwords, record VoIP sessions, and

Apache Commons CODEC and Message digest algorithm (hash algorithm)

First of all we need to understand what CODEC means. It is Coder + Decoder = Codec, which is the encoder decoder. That is, the encoder is also the decoder.Website address: Commons Codec (TM)

Decrypting Cisco type 5 password hashes

Update #2: This article has been updated over at UPDATE: See bottom of post for a way to run MD5 cracking on Linux Well, I managed to find this information out by

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