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Spannablestring Decorative Strings

voidm () {//Create a Spannablestring objectSpannablestring MSP =NewSpannablestring ("Font test font size half twice times foreground background color normal bold italic bold italic underline strikethrough x1x2 phone mail website sms MMS map x Axis

05 using CSS to set font and text styles

Use CSS To set the font and text style:1. define font type font-familyUsage:Font-family:name;Font-family:ncursive|fantasy|monospace|serif|sans-serifName indicates the font name, and you can specify multiple fonts, separated by spaces. Ranked in

CSS style attribute classification

When CSS is used in XHTML, the element names defined in CSS are case sensitive. To avoid this error, we recommend that all definition names be in lower case. The value of class and ID is case sensitive in HTML and XHTML. 1. style attributes are

How to use CSS to set text styles in HTML __html

one. Length Unit 1. Relative type A PX (PIEXL) pixels, which represent different lengths depending on the resolution of the display device, are relative types. For example, a picture with a width of 100px is larger than the 1024x768 resolution in 800

Website Structure Design Planning book

Yesterday, a mm looking for me, let me help her to see her website. Take a look, Khan. Really is a novice, all the things are put together, there is no classification, imagine themselves before, and add this sister or our fellow, no way, modify

Chapter 4 CSS text style [bottom]-original of water

Chapter 4 CSS text style [bottom]-original learning points of water: 1. Text Summary 2. Text Style 3. Text Control Lecturer: Li Yanhui This chapter mainly discusses CSS text styles in HTML5. By setting text styles, we can change the font size,

CSS Text Properties

CSS Letter-spacing Property value: Normal | Initial value: Normal Apply to: all elements Inheritance: Yes Percent value: not applicable The "Letter-spacing" property defines the extra spacing between each character, which must be in length and the

Web Design Experience < Eight >20 design mistakes that are often made by novice designers

Many students asked to set up elder brother, why others font is so casual put on the spicy is good-looking, in fact, typesetting can have Brainiac, not casually put on the good-looking. This is like the color of the same, there are ever-changing

Examples of CSS Tag switching code are more elegant _ experience exchange

Examples of CSS Tag switching code are more beautiful. Our design is more and more pursuing a simple style, and we hope to display more content in a limited space. At the same time, we found some problems. The simple arrangement of content always

What about html and CSS? 2-css

In the previous article, I pulled the HTML stuff and now I want to read CSS, 1. completely separated HTML and CSS Avoid using the style attribute on the label at any time; move the content in the label to an external CSS file; 2. Select

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