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Notes | Wunda Coursera Deep Learning Study notes

Programmers who have turned to AI have followed this number ☝☝☝ Author: Lisa Song Microsoft Headquarters Cloud Intelligence Advanced data scientist, now lives in Seattle. With years of experience in machine learning and deep learning, we are familiar with the requirements analysis, architecture design, algorithmic development and integrated deployment of machi

Look at the data. What scientists are using: ten deep learning projects on GitHub _deeplearning

The author Matthew May is a computer postgraduate in parallel machine learning algorithms, and Matthew is also a data mining learner, a data enthusiast, and a dedicated machine-learning scientist. Open source tools play an increasingly important role in data science workflows. GitHub Ten deep

Recommended 10 open-source deep learning frameworks on GitHub

Recommended 10 open-source deep learning frameworks on GitHubRecently, Google Open source TensorFlow (GitHub), the move in the field of deep learning impact, because Google in the field of artificial intelligence research achievements, has a strong talent pool, and Google's

Coursera open course notes: "Advice for applying machine learning", 10 class of machine learning at Stanford University )"

. -Get more training samples -Try to use a set with fewer features -Try to obtain other features -Try to add multiple combinations of features -Try to reduce λ -Add Lambda Machine Learning (algorithm) diagnosis (Diagnostic) is a testing method that enables you to have a deep understanding of a Learning Algorithm and know what can be run and what cannot be run, it

Machine Learning Coursera Learning Summary

Coursera Andrew Ng Machine learning is really too hot, recently had time to spend 20 days (3 hours a day or so) finally finished learning all the courses, summarized as follows:(1) Suitable for getting started, speaking the comparative basis, Andrew speaks great;(2) The exercise is relatively easy, but to carefully consider each English word, or easy to make mist

"MATLAB" machine learning (Coursera Courses Outline & Schedule)

The course covers technology:Gradient descent, linear regression, supervised/unsupervised learning, classification/logistic regression, regularization, neural network, gradient test/numerical calculation, model selection/diagnosis, learning curve, evaluation metric, SVM, K-means clustering, PCA, Map Reduce Data Parallelism, etc...The course covers applications:Message classification, tumor diagnosis, handw

Operating system Learning notes----process/threading Model----Coursera Course notes

Operating system Learning notes----process/threading Model----Coursera Course note process/threading model 0. Overview 0.1 Process ModelMulti-Channel program designConcept of process, Process control blockProcess status and transitions, process queuesProcess Control----process creation, revocation, blocking, wake-up 、...0.2 threading ModelWhy threading is introducedThe composition of the threadImplementatio

Machine Learning deep learning natural Language processing learning

and the contrast divergence algorithm, and is also an active catalyst for deep learning. There are videos and materials .L Oxford Deep LearningNando de Freitas has a full set of videos in the deep learning course offered in Oxford.L Wulide, Professor, Fudan University. Youk

What are the learning methods or getting started books for python deep learning (Image Recognition?

machine learning and related fields. Before learning the deep learning theory, we recommend that you learn the shallow Model and Its Theory. Of course, there are no excellent Chinese books. However, machine learning and statistical lear

The most popular 30 open source machine learning program in the 2017 GitHub

(GitHub 695 stars) Link: Https:// No.2 Deep-photo-styletransfer: Code and data for Deep photo Style Transfer, Cornell University Fujun Luan (GitHub 9747 stars) Link: No.3 Face recognit

Deep learning Reading List

This article is from: Http:// is a growing list of some of the materials I found on the web for deep Learni ng Beginners. Free Online Books Deep learning by Yoshua Bengio, Ian Goodfellow and Aaron Courville Neural Networks and deep learn

Machine Learning 001 Depth Learning course neural Networks and deep learning first week summary

Deep Learning SpecializationWunda recently launched a series of courses on deep learning in Coursera with, which is more practical compared to the previous machine learning course. The operating language also has M

Deep Learning Series (V): A simple deep learning toolkit

This section mainly introduces a deep learning MATLAB version of the Toolbox, Deeplearntoolbox The code in the Toolbox is simple and feels more suitable for learning algorithms. There are common network structures, including deep networks (NN), sparse self-coding networks (SAE), CAE, depth belief networks (DBN) (based

Start learning deep learning and recurrent neural networks some starting points for deeper learning and Rnns

Bengio, LeCun, Jordan, Hinton, Schmidhuber, Ng, de Freitas and OpenAI had done Reddit AMA's. These is nice places-to-start to get a zeitgeist of the field.Hinton and Ng lectures at Coursera, UFLDL, cs224d and cs231n at Stanford, the deep learning course at udacity, and the sum Mer School at IPAM has excellent tutorials, video lectures and programming exercises th

First lesson in deep learning

to convert it into a practical problem. We are now people to see, to locate the problem, the amount of labor is very large, what machine learning method? 2. What are the algorithm recommendations besides the correlation analysis algorithm? 3. After we have to do long text, relevance analysis algorithm is appropriate? Do you have any algorithm suggestions? A : understand, that can actually be converted into a text classification problem, your input is

How to get started deep learning?

Ng's machine learning courses on Coursera are the best choice for getting started. In addition, Yaser Abu-mostafa's machine learning program is more focused on theory, but also suitable for beginners. Learning deep learning does

Applied Deep Learning Resources

connected), million parameters, rectified Linear Units (relus) , Local Response Normalization, dropoutVggOriginal paper: "Very deep convolutional Networks for large-scale Image recognition" [arxiv]Properties:19 weight layers, 144m parameters, 3x3 convolution filters, L2 regularised, dropout, No Local Response Normali ZationGooglenetOriginal paper: "going deeper with convolutions" [arxiv]Lates upgrade to the model achieves even better scores with mode

About the decision of open source machine learning yearning Chinese translation to GitHub

despair. His style of being alone has influenced my view of the whole Tibetan minority, and there is no place to respect it. I thought, "I don't think I slept again tonight." ”I just climb out of bed straight start open source work, document open-source to GitHub a lot of ways, direct use of GitHub Markdown is too humble, the file organization is not beautiful, a website alone and some too. At the end, tak

Deep learning from the beginning

Deep learning has been fire for a long time, some people have been here for many years, and some people have just begun, such as myself. How to get into this field quickly in a short period of time to master deep learning the latest technology is a question worth thinking about. In the present situation, it is the best

What are the learning methods of Python deep learning (image recognition) or introductory books?

Chinese books. But "machine learning", "statistical learning method" is still worth a look. Foreign language Recommendation "Pattern Recognition and machine learning" and "Machine learning:a Probabilistic Perspective", the latter containing the chapters of the Deep Neural network。 3.

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