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Deep learning Deep Learning with MATLAB (Lazy person Version) _ Depth Learning

In the words of Russian MYC although is engaged in computer vision, but in school never contact neural network, let alone deep learning. When he was looking for a job, Deep learning was just beginning to get into people's eyes. But now if you are lucky enough to be interviewed by Myc, he will ask you this question

Deep Learning MATLAB Toolbox code detailed

Recently studied a few days of deep learning of the MATLAB Toolbox code, found that the author gives the source of the comments is very poor, in order to facilitate everyone to read, the code has been commented, share with you.Before reading the MATLAB Toolbox code, we recommend that you read a few CNN two classic mate

Deep learning matlab to C + + on iOS test for CNN Hand type recognition

you see it? The identified result is 1, which means the thumb.Actually see here, I am a little excited. Especially cool is not, the iOS running on the CNN direct recognition gesture, although the picture here is black and white relatively simple.SummaryThis article summarizes how to convert CNN's MATLAB code to C + + code and then run it directly on iOS. Hope to be inspired by fellow people! Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original artic

Machine Learning-Overview of common matlab programming commands (NG-ml-class octave/MATLAB tutorial)

Machine Learning-Overview of common matlab programming commands -- Summary from ng-ml-class octave/MATLAB tutorial CourseraA. basic operations and moving data around1 in command line mode, you can use Shift + press enter to append the next line to output 2 length command to apply to the matrix, and return a higher one-

Deep Learning uses MATLAB to create a GUI for visual digital recognition

';'*. * '}, 'Load image'); If isequal (filename, 0) | isequal (pathname, 0) errordlg ('unselected file', 'error'); return; else file = [pathname, filename]; global S % sets a global variable S and saves the initial image path so that subsequent restoration operations S = file; X = imread (File ); set (handles. axes1, 'handlevisibility ', 'on'); axes (handles. axes1); imshow (x); handles. IMG = x; guidata (hobject, handles); End In fact, the above code is very fixed, so you just need to copy

Deep Learning Series-Preface: A good tutorial for deep learning

/~kevinduh/a/deep2014/ Then deeplearning 's official website, Inside good good things found themselves: About learning deep learning tools, there seems to be a lot of (MATLAB version, C + + version, Python version and so on Deep

Deep Learning 11 _ Depth Learning UFLDL Tutorial: Data preprocessing (Stanford Deep Learning Tutorial)

of epsilon items! If the epsilon value is too low, the data after the whitening will appear to be noisy; Conversely, if the epsilon value is too high, the albino data will be too blurry compared to the original data.Epsilon method of selection:A. Draw the eigenvalues of the data graphically; b. Select a characteristic value that is larger than most of the noise in the data to reflect the epsilon .2. How to adjust the epsilon specifically? I don't know, if I had a exercise, I'd be fine.2. When p

Coursera Machine Learning second week quiz answer Octave/matlab Tutorial

Https:// Octave Tutorial 5 questions 1.Suppose I first execute the following Octave commands: A = [1 2; 3 4; 5 6]; B = [1 2 3; 4 5 6]; Which of the following is then valid Octave commands? Check all, apply and assume

"Reprint" UFLDL Tutorial (the main ideas of unsupervised Feature learning and deep learning)

UFLDL tutorialfrom ufldl Jump to:navigation, search Description: This tutorial would teach you the main ideas of unsupervised Feature learning and deep learning. By working through it, you'll also get to implement several feature learning/

Deep Learning III: PCA in 2d_exercise (Stanford University UFLDL in depth learning tutorial)

)Ans =01Note: The first data above the main diagonal is taken as the starting data, and is sorted in diagonal order as a column vector form4, V = diag (x) returns the element on the main diagonal of matrix X, similar to Diag (X,K), Case 5 of K=0:V=[1 0 0;0 3 0;0 0 3];Diag (v)Ans =133or instead:V=[1 0 3;2 3 1;4 5 3];Diag (v)Ans =133Note: The data of the main diagonal is taken out as a column vector form5,diag (diag (X))Take the diagonal element of the X-matrix and construct a diagonal matrix with

Caffe Deep Learning Framework Tutorial

This article source: main purpose of this article is to save a link and suggest reading the original.Caffe (convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature embedding) is a clear and efficient deep learning framework whose author is a PhD graduate from UC Berkeley and currently works for Google.Caffe is a pure C++/cuda architecture that supports command line, Python, and

Torch Deep Learning Tutorial (i)

The goal of this blog is to introduce the introduction of torch Bloggers use the Itorch interface to write, the following images to show the code.If you can't remember the name of the method can be in the Itorch Point "tab" key will have intelligent input, similar to MATLAB Simple Introduction to String,numbers,tables The action of the string is a single quotation mark, and then the print () function in the second row is a bit like the

The study and application of into gold deep learning tensorflow framework in smelting number video tutorial

). The course content is basically code-based programming, there will be a small amount of deep learning theoretical content. The course starts with some of the most basic knowledge from TensorFlow's most basic diagrams (graphs), sessions (session), tensor (tensor), variables (Variable), and gradually talks about the basics of TensorFlow, And the use of CNN and LSTM in TensorFlow. After the course, we will

opencv+ Deep Learning pre-training model for simple image recognition | Tutorial

Reprint: Https:// Li Lin compiled from PyimagesearchAuthor Adrian rosebrockQuantum bit Report | Public number Qbitai OpenCV is a 2000 release of the open-source computer vision Library, with object recognition, image segmentation, face recognition, motion recognition and other functions, can be run on Linux, Windows, Android, Mac OS and other operating systems, with lightweight, efficient known, and provides multiple language interfaces. OPENCV's latest

Torch7 Deep Learning Tutorial (iii)

Use of functionsThis is the definition of the function, the declaration of the keyword + defined function name + the name of the formal parameter, the blogger returns two values, the function of the specific functions in the back againThis is the initialization of a 5x2 matrix, and the initial value is 1. Here's a way to initialize the matrix.This is to declare a 2x5 matrix before calling the fill () method whose values are all initialized to 4.Input a A A, a matrix into the addtensors function,

Deeplearning Tutorial (6) Introduction to the easy-to-use deep learning framework Keras

the loss function (target function) SGD = SGD (l2=0.0,lr=0.05, decay=1e-6, momentum=0.9, nesterov=true) Model.compile ( LosS= ' categorical_crossentropy ', optimizer=sgd,class_mode= "categorical") #调用fit方法, is a training process. The number of epochs trained is set to 10,batch_size of 100. #数据经过随机打乱shuffle =true. Verbose=1, the information that is output during the training process, 0, 1, 23 ways can, does not matter. Show_accuracy=true, each epoch of the training output accuracy. #validation_s

UFLDL Tutorial Notes and Practice answers IV (establishing a classification with deep learning)

) Percent STEP 6:testnumcases = Size (data, 2);d epth = Numel (stack); z = cell (depth+1, 1); % Pitchfork name Mitsu + 闅 Refer bookmark ba kinh crypto za = cell (depth+1, 1); % Fork name Mitsu + 闅 Refer bookmark ba kinh crypto upsome} = credential i = 暟 % a{1 $ data;for 1:depth optin 畻 闅 refer bookmark z ba kinh crypto tel 屾 縺} = animals * Tapes} + z{i+1 (STACK{I}.W, 1, numcases); A{i+1} = sigmoid (z{i+1}); end[~, pred] = max (Softmaxtheta * a{depth+1});in the end I

2018AI Artificial Intelligence basic Combat Python machine deep learning algorithm video tutorial

understand computer knowledge, psychology and philosophy. Artificial intelligence consists of a very wide range of sciences, consisting of a variety of fields, such as machine learning, computer vision, and so on, in general, one of the main goals of AI research is to make machines capable of doing complex work that normally requires human intelligence. But different times, different people's understanding of this "complex work" is different. In Dece

C + + Deep parsing Tutorial Learning notes (3) extension of functions

function and a macro Macro inline functions Processing mode Processed by the preprocessor, just for simple text substitution Handled by the compiler, the body of the function is embedded in the calling place. But inline requests can also be rejected by the compiler Type check Do not do type checking Features that have normal functions are checked for parameters and return types. Side effects Yes

A Matlab instance of deep Trust network DBN

Tags: deep learning neural network pattern Recognition example depth belief networkSome personal opinions about deep learning:Deep learning is usually a training depth (multilayer) neural Network for pattern recognition (e.g. speech, image recognition), and a deep network is

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