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User Experience Design Research: a combination of various research methods

User Experience Research can now answer quite a wide range of questions. By listing a variety of available research methods in a 3-D coordinate system and a typical product development phase, you can learn when to use which method. There is a fairly wide range of research methods in user research, which is a good thin

How to use universal research thinking to do user research?

Before the beginning of the story, the first mention of two of the industry to use the research people will often be asked questions, why should ① do with research? What can ② do for the business? In order to answer these two questions, I have been engaged in the analysis of the industry for many years of strategic planning law, business analysis, user research m

User Research analysis: A five-step approach to user research

Article Description: Five steps for user research. Imagine, this is what you know about me: College graduate, male, 35-45 years old, I have a Mac book pro, and an iphone 5. I use Google's Chrome browser to surf the internet. I use Weibo and blogs openly, and you can find that I like chocolate and puppies. I'm married. Driving a Toyota Corolla. I have brown hair and the same brown eyes. My credit card list shows the hotels I have booked mos

User research: Mobile phone QQ music player lost user research

Article Description: Mobile phone QQ music player lost user research. The loss of a large number of users to our products bring great challenges, the user why the loss? Where did you go after the loss? How to retain existing users? How to "Recall" lost users? This article takes "mobile phone QQ music player loses the user research" as an example, talks about own understanding, for everybody ref

Young girl's big dream of scientific research--The story of Microsoft Research Asia Female Intern

Learning computer is a cool thing! In the world's first-class research institutions Microsoft Research Asia, vigorous female interns of various great talent, not only withstand the loneliness of scientific research, but also on stage big scholar art. At the advent of the girls ' day, we listen to the happy story of the three female interns in Microsoft

Application and Research of AOP Technology and Application Research of AOP technology

Application and Research of AOP Technology and Application Research of AOP technology Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) is a new software development technology for Object-Oriented Programming (Object. oriented Programming (oop) is proposed when dealing with non-core requirements across multiple modules. The Application and Research Series of AOP technology first

Computer Vision and image processing advanced research institutions, Image Processing Research Institutions

Computer Vision and image processing advanced research institutions, Image Processing Research Institutions Author: xiabodan Source: It is generally necessary to go abroad to find information. Turning over the wall is the first process and a permanent task. It will save a lot of time for future research and data search. There are s

Research and research. Comparison of Java and. NET HashSet

test: 2 execution times: 20000000[04-12 16:31:08:237], start test: 3[04-12 16:31:19:306], end test: 3 execution times: 20000000[04-12 16:31:19:309], start test: 4[04-12 16:31:23:810], end test: 4 execution times: 20000000It takes about 9 seconds to insert Java 20 million times,1 Static voidMain (string[] args)2 {3 for(intj =0; J 5; J + +)4 {5hashsetint> ids =Newhashsetint>();6Console.WriteLine (DateTime.Now.NowString () +"To start the test:"+j);7

Research on JavaScript arguments object--Research on jquery source code

difference between a function declaration and a function expression.function f (a) {return a + 10;}function f (a) {return a-10;}Without considering the difference between a function declaration and a function expression, it is equivalent to the followingvar f = function (a) {return a + 10;}var f = function (a) {return a-10;}4. There is a very useful attribute in the arguments object: callee. Arguments.callee Returns the current function reference where this arguments object resides . It is reco

User research: Ethnographic research cases and their pros and cons

Article Description: UE Research Method-ethnography (ethnography). Ethnography, ethnography, has the connotation of the human portrait, originally for social human scholars to participate in the observation method, to the specific culture and society collection production data, records, evaluation, and social or anthropological theory, to explain such observations of a research method. The

[PHP] question System Research, php question System Research _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

[PHP] question System Research, php question system research. [PHP] exam system research, php exam system research exam subjects: add exam subjects, enter the subject name, and select the subject question type (check box single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, subject questions, Q A [PHP] question System

In-depth research on the standard and related research

In-depth research into the standard and related research, in recent years, the standard has experienced unprecedented prosperity in technology R D and innovation, and the standard has developed rapidly, technologies such as 802.11 and 802.16 have become the focus of the wireless communication industry. IEEE 802.16 standard and related research work The standard,

Research direction, hotspots and understanding of big data research in data mining

where the hot research is.The field of data mining mainly includes the following aspects: Basic theory Research (rule and pattern Mining, classification, clustering, topic learning, temporal spatial data mining, machine learning methods, supervision, unsupervised, semi-supervised, etc.), social network analysis and large-scale graph mining (graph pattern Mining, community discovery, Network clustering coef

[Ongoing scientific research] breakthrough in the "0 state" Landscape of scientific research is dedicated to the website of the Graduate School of the Chinese Emy of sciences)

I keep walking, and the stream of life is full and exciting. Because I already have something in my bones, because there is always a sound in my heart. I know, I can -- I can do it on the road of scientific research, and the scenery is good here! Wallman once said: "Youth is not a sign of a certain period of life. It refers to the psychological status of people ...... People don't get old because of the passage of time. When the fire of an ideal dis

Why do you know that many people are against entrepreneurship? (If the soldiers on the battlefield first take a gun to practice shooting, research and research tactics, war loss ratio must be better to see a little)

first to shoot target practice marksmanship, research and research tactics, war loss ratio must be better to see a little, if it really to the guopoguwang of the stalls, there is no way back, pro, what also do not say, copy the guy on it, there are board brick board brick machine gun There is no tooth bite, it is dead or alive to see this wave. The problem is that most people are not here, zaguomaitie. If

Java exception in-depth research and analysis, Java in-depth research and analysis

Java exception in-depth research and analysis, Java in-depth research and analysis The content of this article belongs to the scope of basic knowledge research. Do not think that the exceptional knowledge can be mastered after reading this article. Remember: I am not familiar with source code reading, so it is difficult for you to know when to customize exception

[In-depth research on Java] 2. JVM class loading mechanism, in-depth research on jvm

[In-depth research on Java] 2. JVM class loading mechanism, in-depth research on jvm 1. First, let's take a look at the Code Execution Process: Ii. significance of research on class loading mechanism It can be seen that class loading is the first step in Java program execution. Studying class loading helps you understand the JVM Execution Process and guides dev

Problems in webie's current research and future research trends

need to be further improved. (3) At present, the English system has reached or is close to practical level in terms of identifying named entities and object relations. However, there are still many problems to be explored in terms of real information extraction. We can see that most of these problems involve the core difficulties in natural language processing. (4) Defining templates that contain important information extracted from texts is a very difficult and complex problem. Texts of specif

Research 1 Summary and Research 2 plan

After four years of college experience, postgraduate entrance exams, and research in year 11, new confusions are emerging. In Year 11, I had gained a lot from my research. In addition to my class, the mentor gave me several ways to explore, including (1) databases and data warehouses, Taking Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as the main line. (2) distributed storage and computing, with the hadoop ecosystem as the m

Oracle purchase price research (2): oracle purchase price research

Oracle purchase price research (2): oracle purchase price researchRead Oracle purchase price researchFocus of this Article The previous article wrote online materials and theoretical research. This article mainly describes the actual enterprise description.My project My project has been using oracle for more than 15 years. I heard that mysql may be transferred recently, so record it quickly.I am not in char

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