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Dijkstra ----------

      Hnldyhy (303882171) 11:00:25// The subscript of the Dijkstra adjacent matrix starts from 1. # Include # Define n 201# Define INF 1000000000 Int G [N] [N], BZ [N], DIST [N], S, T, N; Void Dijkstra (int s){Int I, j, Min, K, X;For (I = 1; I

Codeforces Round #311 (Div. 2) A, B, C, D, E

Codeforces Round #311 (Div. 2) A, B, C, D, E A. Ilya and Diplomas Train of Thought: I have a question. I just need to enumerate it and discuss the situation as soon as possible.   Code:   #include #include #include #include

Codeforces Round #315 (Div. 2)

Topic Transmission: Codeforces Round #315 (Div. 2)A. MusicTest instructions is more difficult to understand, but just push the formula.Note that s+ (q-1) * t = q * t;Just need t equals S, that is, each time you increase s second, you need to listen

Number theory-linear sieve method and integrable function

First, for example, to discuss the Sieve method for the prime number within 1000000 Eratosthenes Sieve Method (Eratosthenes sieve method)Complexity of Time: O (N*LOGLOGN)Space complexity: O (N)Code:#include #include #include #include #include

POJ 3625 Building Roads minimum spanning tree (prime or kruskal+ and set) (algorithm induction)

Time limit:1000ms Memory limit:65536kb 64bit IO format:%i64d &%i64uDescriptionFarmer John had just acquired several new farms! He wants to connect the farms with roads so, he can travel from any farm to any other farm via a sequence of roads; Roads

BestCoder Round #25 A, B

BestCoder Round #25 A, B It was a good match, and it was completely overwhelmed by my own IQ... Yes .. A. determine whether A directed graph contains loops. The data is small, simple, and crude. The Brute Force algorithm can be used. The brute-force

POJ 1785 treap or RMQ

[Cpp]# Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Define eps 1e-5# Define maxn55555# Define MAXM 5555# Define INF 100000007Using namespace std;Struct node{Int w, fa, lch, rch;Char s [111];Bool operator {

Codeforces Round #131 (Div. 2) complete question

The first time I entered DIV1, I was decisively abused and couldn't help. Solve DIV2 first after the competitionA. System of EquationsAsk a * a + B = m a + B * B = n, the solution a, B, and how many groups are there, because a and B are not negative,

The shortest circuit template DIJKSTRA+FLOYD+SPFA

Dijkstra and Floyd should pay attention to the heavy side. Dijkstra #define INF 0X3FFFFFFF #define M- int dist[m], map[m][m], N; BOOL Mark[m]; void init () { int i, J; for (i = 1; I Floyd #define INF 0X3FFFFFFF //note, too assembly

[SDOI2016Round1] [solution Report]

[SDOI2016Round1] [solution Report] Day1 T1: Question: Please Σ n? 1i = 0 Sigma m? 1j = 0max (ixorj )? K, 0) Because each operator is independent, the contribution of one operator can be calculated. F [I] [a] [B] [c]

Hdu 2829 Lawrence (DP _ quadrilateral optimization and slope optimization)

Given a sequence with a length of n, the sequence can be divided into m segments at most, each of which has a right value. The weight is the sum of the two numbers in the sequence multiplied by two. M Solution: Classic DP optimization questions,

Bestcoder Round #53

Now the blog update is less, as I am still aliveRikka with GraphTopic Transfer: Hdu-5422-rikka with GraphAC Code:#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include

POJ-3281 Dining (isap ek Dinic)

POJ-3281 Dining (isap ek Dinic) There are nheaded cattle, F kinds of food, D kinds of drinks, each type of food and drink only oneNow, I will show you the foods and drinks that each ox loves. I will ask you how many cows can get their favorite foods

Total Solution of merge order (including complexity proof)

Merge Sort 1. Introduction to merge Sort:Merge ordering is a sort algorithm based on multiple recursion, is a kind of effective sorting algorithm based on merging operation, which is a typical use case of partition method, because it adopts the

Use of N Max. Number INF

Input n N Max. Min.   Input 5 1 5 2 3 6 Output 1 6       #include#includeusing namespace std;int main(){ int n, i, a[1000]; while(cin>>n) { for(i=0; i>a[i]; sort(a,a+n);coutView code # Include # Include Using namespace

Network Flow Algorithm sorting

Ek (edmondskarp) algorithm: this algorithm is improved by the Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm. The Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm is constantly used to search for an augmented path, and then judge the minimum traffic of a single path, next, we add a stream to

Simple hash on hrbust1164, 1287 _____ hrbust

Simple hash on hrbust1164, 1287 _____ hrbustHrbust1164, 1287 _____ simple hash of hrbust1164Description on hrbust A computer randomly generates N random integers (N ≤ 910305) between 0 and 910305 (including 0 and 100000000). Only one repeated number

DFS series POJ (self-described)

C-sum It up POJ1564Test instructionsGive you a n, and then give you a bunch of numbers the numbers in every list appear in nonincreasing order, and there could be repetitions., so you find some numbers in this logarithm, if they're and sum= =n, the

Combo Game Simple problem

Uva-11859-division GameTopic Delivery: Division GameAC Code:#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #

Graph theory (ii): Four shortest path algorithms for graphs

This paper summarizes the realization of several shortest path algorithms of graphs: depth or Breadth First search algorithm, Freud algorithm, Dijkstra algorithm, Bellman-ford algorithm1), depth or breadth First search algorithm (solve single source

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