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Current limiter in Python distributed environment

The project uses the current limit, limited by some of the implementation of the way things, the hand tore a simple service-end current limiter.The difference between end-of-stream and client-side throttling is simply:1) service-side limit flowLimit

Java dependency injection standard (JSR-330) Introduction

Java dependency injection standard (JSR-330) Introduction Reprinted by the author: By: 88250, Vanessa Time: January 1, November 19, 2009 Java dependency injection standard (JSR-330, dependency injection for Java) 1.0 specification was released in

Guava Official document-ratelimiter class

reprinted from concurrent Programming network –ifeve.comRatelimiter Conceptually, the rate limiter assigns licenses at a configurable rate. If necessary, each acquire () blocks the current thread until the license is available. Once the license is

C++11 new Features Type deductionIn earlier versions, the keyword Auto was primarily used to declare local variables with an automatic storage period. That is, a local variable, except for the static type, the other variable (defined as data type + variable

Example of a throttling in a python distributed environment

Example of a throttling in a python distributed environment Throttling is used in the project. Due to some implementation methods, a simple server Throttling is opened. The difference between server-side throttling and client-side Throttling is: 1)

The use of namespace

A single global variable namespace is used in C + +. In this single space, if there are two variables or functions whose names are exactly the same, there will be a conflict. Of course, you can also use different names, but sometimes we don't know

Linux Driver Development: wm8960 codec Code Analysis __linux

About the ALSA architecture has been gnawing for a long time, but also card for a long time. It's hard to say how much the fur really knows, no matter what, let's chew wm8960 codec's driver code first: Necessary Correlation function Description://///

The use of guava Ratelimiter in Web applications

Google's Guava is an artifact added to the JDK, and deserves to be studied well.Access restrictions for general web systems can be implemented using the container itself, such as Tomcat, which can be configured with a limit of connection number on

How are classes and objects defined in C + +?

in the C + + language , the type of the object is called a class, and the class represents the generality and characteristics of a batch of objects. A class is an abstraction of an object, and an object is a concrete instance of a class. like the

Linux kernel synchronization-atomic operation

First, the source byOur program logic often encounters such sequences of operations:1. Read the value of a variable in memory into the register2. Modify the value of the variable (that is, modify the value in the register)3. Write the values in the

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