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What is the CSS BEM naming convention? Summary of BEM Naming conventions (detailed)

BEM is a shorthand for block (block), element, and modifier (modifier), which is a very useful naming convention. To make your front-end code easier to understand and tight, let's take a look at what the BEM naming convention is all about. 1 What

I'm using the code-C + + programming specification-naming convention

The naming convention I use is Google's specification, and the following is excerpted from the Google CPP style guide.The most important consistency rule is named management, and the naming style directly determines that named entities are: types,

Naming Properties and Data Types, "translation" of the naming convention of Apple's official website

Apple official original: Naming Properties and Data TypesPreface: Practise English and study purely. Please understand and correct the translation errors and non-fluent areas. O (∩_∩) oNaming of properties and data typesThis section describes the

CSS Naming Convention document

Before any project or system development, you need to customize a development convention and rules, which is conducive to unified overall style of the project, code maintenance and expansion. As Web project development is decentralized, independent,

In the strategizing process, the new cainiao first recognized the code programming specification. II. Naming Convention

Good naming rules can contribute to the Cooperative Development of teams, and play a crucial role in both project development and product maintenance. It should be said that naming conventions are a convention and a bridge of good communication

Naming rules for VC Programming-[Hungarian naming method]

 Windows and VC Programming naming rules the Hungarian naming method is a naming convention for programming. The basic principle is: variable name = property + Type + object description. The name of each object must have a clear meaning. The full

Java programming style and naming convention "go" programming styles and naming conventionsThe purpose of defining the specification is to unify the code style of the project so that the program is readable.Name of package (all

Java Development Naming Convention (reprint)

Java Development Naming conventionsPrecautions before use:1, due to the Java object-oriented programming characteristics, in naming should try to select the noun2. Hump nomenclature (Camel-case): When a variable name or function name is a unique

MySQL case sensitivity and naming convention _ MySQL

MySQL case sensitivity and naming rules MySQL case sensitivity and naming rules Note: For most of the content in this article, refer to relevant articles from the Internet 1. in MySQL, a database corresponds to a folder, and tables in the

Several common software naming rules

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