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One of the innovations in HTML 5: Semantic Tags section element tags.

Excerpt: "The Innovation of HTML 5--Semantic label (i)"One of the innovations in HTML 5: Semantic Tags section element tags.Before HTML 5 came out, we used div to represent page chapters, but none of this was div meaningful. (Even if we use the CSS

Front-End Interface (1) --- basic HTML definition and common tags, front-end --- html

Front-End Interface (1) --- basic HTML definition and common tags, front-end --- html I haven't updated my blog for a long time. From today on, I want to continue on the way to learning. Let's just talk about it. Let's do it first: Directory 1. HTML

Front Desk Interface (1)---HTML basic definition and common tags

has been a long time no update blog, starting today to continue to walk on the road of learning, words do not say, first to dry:Directory1. HTML Definitions2. H Tag3. IMG Tag4. P Label5. A Label6. unordered list7. Sequence list8. Form Form9. Text

Explanation of HTML tags (1)

I. HTML Tag :! Doctype Description: Specifies the document type definition (DTD) that HTML documents follow ). Label: A description: The starting or destination position of the hyperlink. Label: acronym Description: indicates the abbreviation. Tags:

Also, html tags are used as the original meaning, and html tags are used as the meaning.

[Go] Return html tags for their original meaning, and html tags for their meaning To tell the truth, the word "div + css" does not know how many people are harmed. Maybe the author's intention is correct, but the followers have misinterpreted its

Common html tags and html tags

Common html tags and html tags List common html tags and their usage! Tag Name Definition and usage Introduction Tag type Html/html5   Declaration must be the first line of the HTML document, located before the tag.

Explanation of html tags: Object and EMBED tags _ html5 tutorial skills-

To play a Flash video in a browser, HTML documents must contain and tags and set parameters. The OBJECT tag has four settings (HEIGHT, WIDTH, CLASSID, and CODEBASE ), all of them are their attributes. If you are interested, you can understand this

The use of HTML meta tags and some common tags in head

Meta is the response header message used to simulate an HTTP protocol in an HTML document.Meta is mainly for the sub-HTTP header information (HTTP-EQUIV) and page description information (NAME) header information including the document type,

HTML Basic Tags

1.01-html the head part of the basic tag. htmlDocument type declaration: Allow the browser to interpret and execute the code according to the HTML5 standard.Document type declarations are essential, and must be placed at the top of the document.If

Common HTML tags and html tags

Common HTML tags and html tags First, you need to know some features of html tags: 1. Similar to "", it is composed of angle brackets, such as , ...... 2. generally, it appears in pairs. The start label is similar to " element content ". The left

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