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51 Single chip microcomputer delay program

  The delay program is widely used in SCM programming, but some readers do not know how to program the time delay programs in the study, and do not know the machine The difference between the period and the instruction period, do not know the

About 51 precision delay and Keil simulation delay time

Transferred from: precise delay is required, such as the 18B20 temperature sensor is very strict in timing requirements and must be accurate to the microsecond levelFirst, with the NOP

Method for Improving the precision of Variable Optical Fiber Delay Line

1 Introduction Nowadays, delay lines have been widely used in signal processing, radar, electronic countermeasure, and other fields. For example, the Unit delay device required for signal processing is a kind of memory, and the dynamic target

DOS environment variable delay extension enabledelayedexpansion detailed _dos/bat

One, what is deferred environment variable extension? Delay variable Full name "Delay environment variable extension", to understand this thing, we have to understand what is called variable expansion!When we explain our command, CMD will first

Notes Accurate delay under Linux, #include <linux/delay.h> call error

When writing application-level programs, sometimes you need to delay, what should I do?In the kernel code, we often see such a header file using # include , and thought of calling this directly is OK! But at the time of compiling, we found thatThe

jQuery-1.9.1 Source Analysis Series (vi) Delay object Continuation--auxiliary function Jquery.when

$.when's description  Description: Provides a way to execute a callback function for one or more objects that returns a delay (Deferred) object for those objects.Description (combined with examples and source code):If you do not pass any arguments ,

Do you have procrastination? Proper delay relieves excessive anxiety.

Experts believe that delay is not because of laziness, but because of anxiety, fear of difficulties, or too much pursuit of perfection.    "I know that there are so many things in front of me: open files, messy wardrobes, just a phone call, an

Problems needing attention in C language delay of single-chip microcomputer

There are no empty statements in the standard C language. But in the MCU programming of C language, it is often necessary to use a few empty instructions to produce short delay effect. This is easy to achieve in assembly language, write a few nop on

Introduction to jquery data (), jquery Stop (), jquery delay () function (detailed) _jquery

First, we'll introduce the jquery data () function The data () function in jquery is used to append data to a selected element, or to obtain data from a selected element. Data that is accessed through the data () function is temporary, and once the

Delay EFFECT usage

Delaytime:The duration of the response is milliseconds (milli-second, 1‰ seconds. Feedback:It is just a few voices (for example, more and more voices), and the larger the set, the more sounds. Effectlevel:When the original sound pops up, the greater

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