delegate syntax

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C # Delegate

The definition of a delegate is similar to that of a method, but a delegate is added before the return value type. For example, public delegate void prientdelegate (string content) is actually a delegate that can encapsulate a method into a

. NET delegate parsing

We are familiar with the concept of delegation, but in the use of a lot of people are still unable to control it, we can imagine, in peacetime coding, you are directly according to business logic directly create classes, New an object to operate or

. NET delegate

650) this.width=650; "id=" Bloglogo "src=" Http:// "alt=" Back to Home "/>What is a delegate? First knowledge entrustedin many applications (c,c++), it is necessary for an object to use some kind of

Delegate (1): Delegate and method, delegate Method

Delegate (1): Delegate and method, delegate Method 1. Use delegate to take methods as method parameters Let's take a look at a small example: Namespace delegate Example 2 {/******* delegate Example 1 * Note: This program mainly uses the

Delegate, Lambda expression, event series 01, Delegate, basic delegate usage, delegate Method and Target attribute, lambdatarget

Delegate, Lambda expression, event series 01, Delegate, basic delegate usage, delegate Method and Target attribute, lambdatarget A delegate is a class. namespace ConsoleApplication1{ internal delegate void MyDelegate(int val); class Program

C # Introduction to delegate

Author: Stanley B. Lippman from Fangzhou blog [Translation: this is an old one Article . But there is no doubt that Lippman's explanation of delegate is brilliant.] If you want to compare C # with other "C family" languages, C # has an unusual

9. Delegate, event, Lambda, and delegate event lambda

9. Delegate, event, Lambda, and delegate event lambda There must be a problem with delegation.The first question is what is delegated? Look at the description in. net: On the. net platform, the delegate type is used to define and callback in the

------Delegate for C # basics

First, the basic introduction of the delegation A task delegate can be an object that holds one or more methods. Of course, you're not going to execute an object under normal circumstances, but the delegate is different from the object. A

Understanding delegate Types

Afraid of everyone to see the mess do not know what to say, the first sentence described under: As the title, in C # delegate is a type, such as class also need to declare, define, assign, and with class at the same levelbefore introducing the

Delegate resolution in C,

Delegate resolution in C, When talking about the basic features of C #, "delegation" is a feature that has to be understood and analyzed in depth. When talking about "delegation", most beginners will think of "passing methods as method parameters".

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