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VC ++ modal dialog box and non-modal dialog box, vc Modal Dialog Box

VC ++ modal dialog box and non-modal dialog box, vc Modal Dialog Box There are two types of dialog boxes in MFC: Modal Dialog Box and non-modal dialog box. The modal dialog box means that when it is displayed, the program will pause the execution

Dialog box about mode and non-Mode

The dialog box can be created using domodal or creat. Domodal creates a modal dialog box, while the non-Modal Dialog Box created by creat summarizes their differences. For a modal dialog box, before the dialog box is closed, you cannot work in other

Non-Modal Dialog Box

Unlike the modal dialog box, the non-modal dialog box does not monopolize user input. After you open the non-modal dialog box, you can still interact with other interfaces. The design of the non-modal dialog box is similar to that of the modal

Differences between the MFC Modal Dialog Box and the non-Modal Dialog Box

The main difference between a non-modal dialog box and a modal dialog box is that a non-modal dialog box does not monopolize user input. After a non-modal dialog box is opened, the user can still interact with other interfaces. However, the modal

Differences between a mode dialog box and a non-mode dialog box

The Mode dialog box cannot process the parent window without processing it, but the mode dialog box can process the parent window without processing the dialog box first. example: Right-click my computer on the desktop, select properties, and the

List box and combo box

The list box is a pre-defined subwindow named "ListBox" in the window class. The box contains a list of bar strings that can be displayed in scrolling mode. Only one entry can be selected in the standard list box. The selected entries are

Android user interface-Dialog Box

Create dialog box creating dialogs A dialog box is usually a small window before the current activity. The following activities lose focus and the dialog box accepts all user interactions. A dialog box is usually used as a notification or running

To set whether WIN8 displays the delete confirmation dialog box

When you delete a file or folder in a Windows 8 system, we find that the system does not give a previously familiar dialog box to ask for confirmation of deletion because the WIN8 system defaults to not displaying "are you sure you want to move this

VB toolbar, dialog box (i)

You can use toolbars to further enhance the application's menu interface. The toolbar contains a toolbar button that provides quick access to the most commonly used commands in your application. For example, a toolbar in Visual basic contains

CSS box floating, CSS box floating

CSS box floating, CSS box floating In a standard stream, a block-level element automatically stretches horizontally until the boundary of the element that contains it. in the vertical direction, the element and the sibling element are arranged in

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