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Using Java API creation (create), view (describe), list (list), delete Kafka theme (Topic)--Reprint

", "My_topic_name", "--replication-factor", "3", "--config", "X=y" }; Topiccommand.main (options); 2. View all Topics"Command mode": bin/ localhost:2181"JAVA API Mode": string[] options = new string[]{ "--list", "--zookeeper", "localhost:2181" }; Topiccommand.main (options); 3. View the specified topic:"Command mode": bin/

Create with Java API, view (describe), enumerate (list), delete Kafka theme (Topic)

", "--config", "X=y" }; Topiccommand.main (options); 2. View all Topics"Command mode": bin/ localhost:2181"JAVA API Mode":[Java]View Plaincopy string[] options = new string[]{ "--list", "--zookeeper", "localhost:2181" }; Topiccommand.main (options); 3. View the specified topic:"Command mode": bin/

Kafka Delete and create topic

Kafka how to manipulate topic: 1. View topic list: bin/ Node1:port,node2:port,node3:port/kafkachroot--list 2. Delete topic: 1) bin/

Kafka Delete Topic

Manual: Delete Kafka storage directory ( file log.dirs configuration, default = "/tmp/kafka-logs") Related topic directory Delete the associated topic node in the Zookeeper "/brokers/topics/" directory

Kafka topic offset requirements

Kafka topic offset requirements Brief: during development, we often consider it necessary to modify the offset of a consumer instance for a certain topic of kafka. How to modify it? Why is it feasible? In fact, it is very easy. Sometimes we only need to think about it in another way. If I implement

[Flume] [Kafka] Flume and Kakfa example (KAKFA as Flume sink output to Kafka topic)

Flume and Kakfa example (KAKFA as Flume sink output to Kafka topic)To prepare the work:$sudo mkdir-p/flume/web_spooldir$sudo chmod a+w-r/flumeTo edit a flume configuration file:$ cat/home/tester/flafka/spooldir_kafka.conf# Name The components in this agentAgent1.sources = WeblogsrcAgent1.sinks = Kafka-sinkAgent1.channels = Memchannel# Configure The sourceAgent1.s

Kafka producer production data to Kafka exception: Got error produce response with correlation ID-on topic-partition ... Error:network_exception

Kafka producer production data to Kafka exception: Got error produce response with correlation ID-on topic-partition ... Error:network_exception1. Description of the problem2017-09-13 15:11:30.656 o.a.k.c.p.i.Sender [WARN] Got error produce response with correlation id 25 on topic-partition test2-rtb-camp-pc-hz-5, retr

Kafka note Two topic operation, file parameter configuration _kafka

partition:1 leader:0 replicas:0 isr:0 I only have one broker,id for 0. ID of the broker where the leader:0,partition Leader Replicas:0,partition copy of the Brokerlist Isr:0, representing the ID of the available broker Query topic details [Root@shb01 bin]# shb01:2181 Modified, can only increase the number of partition can not be reduced [Root@shb01 bin]#

Topic operation of Kafka

replicas:0 isr:0 The number of partition corresponding to the Partitioncount:topic Replicationfactor:topic corresponds to the copy factor, White is the number of replicas Partition:partition number, increment starting from 0 Leader: The current partition works Replicas: The current replica data sits in the, is a list of the top-most of its functions ISR: List of available in the current KAKFA cluster Modify Topic Can

Kafka deployment and instance commands are completely removed topic

1 runs as leader, and now we kill it: PS | grep server-1.properties7564 ttys002 0:15.91/system/library/frameworks/javavm.framework/ Versions/1.6/home/bin/java ... kill-9 7564The other node is selected for Leader,node 1 no longer appears in the In-sync replica list: bin/ localhost:218192--topic my-replicated-topic Topic:my-r

Kafka Shell basic commands (including topic additions and deletions)

Tags: send zookeeper rod command customer Max AC ATI BlogThe content of this section: Create Kafka Topic View all Topic lists View specified topic information Console to topic Production data Data from the console consumption

Kafka Study (iv)-topic & Partition

message in a time complexity of O (1), which is independent of the file size, deleting the file here is not related to Kafka performance, and the choice of how to delete the policy is only relevant to the disk and the specific requirements. In addition, Kafka will retain some metadata information for each consumer group – the position of messages currently consu

Kafka Java API Operation Topic

Kafka officially provided two scripts to manage the topic, including additions and deletions to topic. Where is responsible for the creation and deletion of topic, script is responsible for

Kafka How to read the offset topic content (__consumer_offsets)

Kafka How to read the offset topic content (__consumer_offsets) As we all know, since zookeeper is not suitable for frequent write operations in large quantities, the new version Kafka has recommended that consumer's displacement information be kept in topic within Kafka, _

Kafka Topic Partition Replica Assignment Implementation principle and resource isolation scheme

This article is divided into three parts: Kafka Topic Creation Method Kafka Topic Partitions Assignment Implementation principle Kafka Resource Isolation Scheme 1. Kafka

Kafka Practice: Should you put different types of messages in the same topic?

One of the most important features of the Kafka theme is the ability to let consumers specify the subset of messages they want to consume. In extreme cases, it may not be a good idea to put all your data in the same topic, because consumers cannot choose the events they are interested in-they need to consume all the messages. Another extreme situation, having millions of different themes is not a good idea,

NET solves the problem of multi-topic Kafka multi-threaded sending

Generally in the Kafka consumer can set up a number of themes, that in the same program needs to send Kafka different topics of the message, such as exceptions need to send to the exception topic, normal to send to the normal topic, this time you need to instantiate a number of topics, and then send each.Use the Rdkafk

Flume Write Kafka topic overlay problem fix

Structure:Nginx-flume->kafka->flume->kafka (because involved in the cross-room problem, between the two Kafka added a flume, egg pain. )Phenomenon:In the second layer, write Kafka topic and read Kafka

Resetting the offset of the Kafka topic consumer

If you are using Kafka to distribute messages, there may be exceptions or other errors in the process of data processing that can result in loss or inconsistency. This time you may want to Kafka the data through the new process, we know that Kafka by default will be saved on disk to 7 days of data, you just need to Kafka

Kafka Getting Started 2:java creating and deleting topic

;ImportKafka.admin.RackAwareMode;Importkafka.utils.ZkUtils; Public classKafkautil { Public Static voidcreatekafatopic (String zkstr,kafkatopicbean topic) {zkutils zkutils=zkutils. Apply (ZKSTR,30000, 30000, jaasutils.iszksecurityenabled ()); Adminutils.createtopic (Zkutils, Topic.gettopicname (), Topic.getpartition (), Topic.getreplication (), NewProperties (),Newrackawaremode.enforced$ ()); Zkutils.close (); } Public Static voiddeletekaf

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