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MongoDB Learning Notes ~ Uncle Share Bulk Add-bulk Update-Bulk Delete

(); foreach(varIIteminchItem) {querydocument querydocument=NewQuerydocument ("_id",NewObjectId (typeof(TEntity). GetProperty (EntityKey). GetValue (IItem). ToString ())); List. ADD (NewDeleteonemodel(querydocument)); } _table. Bulkwriteasync (list). Wait (); } In the implementation of the program, we used the Writemodel generic object, which will store the objects to be inserted, updated and deleted, and for the insert, only one parameter is its entity collection, and the

PHP Bulk Delete Cookie Simple implementation method, PHP bulk Delete cookie_php Tutorial

PHP Bulk Delete Cookie Simple implementation method, PHP bulk Delete cookie This paper introduces a simple implementation method of PHP bulk deletion cookie. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows: Copy the Code code as follows:

PHP Bulk Delete Hyperlink implementation method, PHP bulk Delete hyperlink _php tutorial

PHP Bulk Delete Hyperlink implementation method, PHP bulk Delete hyperlinks The most common notation for removing hyperlinks from HTML text content is as follows:Copy the code as follows: $str =preg_replace ("/]*href=[^>]*>|1. Delete hyperlinks in HTML text contentCopy the

PHP Bulk Delete Database under the specified prefix table with Prefix_ as an example, bulk delete prefix_php tutorial

PHP Bulk Delete Database under the specified prefix table with Prefix_ as an example, bulk delete prefix How to use PHP to bulk delete all tables prefixed with prefix_ in the database. example, uniformly remove the table prefixed

Micro-letter How to bulk delete message micro-letter Bulk Delete Message method sharing

Users of micro-credit software to detailed analysis to share the micro-letter Bulk Delete message method. Method Sharing: 1, open the chat interface, long press a message. 2, select "More" in the pop-up option. 3, then the long press the message was checked, and other messages also appeared check box. 4, check the need to delete

Apple 5s contact person How to bulk delete? 5s Bulk Delete Contact method

1. We search a "QQ Address Book" In the App Store and install it on your phone. 2. We installed the QQ Address Book and then open it will prompt "whether to let QQ Address Book address" we allow otherwise will not manage contact. Allow us to click "QQ Address Book" below the "contact" as shown in the picture. 3. Then in the Enter interface we click on the lower right corner of the "More Options" button to enter. 4. Then you will see a "Bulk d

jdbc-BULK INSERT, bulk delete, batch update

performance improvement, but rather slower than not using batch, of course, this may be related to the implementation of the specific JDBC driver. The attachment is my test code that can be used to run on my own computer. The main thing to do when performing bulk inserts is to automatically commit the cancellation, so that it doesn't matter whether the batch syntax is in JDBC or not. Java code Conn.setautocommit (false) Second, the JDBC batch upd

MyBatis BULK INSERT, bulk delete

MyBatisBULK INSERTInt Addbatch (@Param ("list") listINSERT into CUSTINFO (Serialid,CUSTID,INVNM,Updatetimestamp)(SELECT#{item.serialid, Jdbctype=varchar},#{item.custid, Jdbctype=varchar},#{item.invnm, Jdbctype=varchar},To_timestamp (#{item.updatetimestamp}, ' Syyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss.ff ')From DUAL )Bulk Deleteint Delcustinfobatch (@Param ("list") listDELETE from CUSTINFOWHERE Serialid in#{item.serialid,jdbctype=varchar}To do a

Saltstack Bulk Add Bulk Delete users

Bulk Add Users[email protected] init]# cat Useradds.sls{% Set users = [' name1,name2 ']%}{% for user in users%}{{User}}:User.present:-Shell:/bin/bash-Home:/home/{{User}}-Password: ' $1$sbvwg7.v$r/nwds7g0yynb1cvsfupa/'-Groups:-{{User}}-Require:-Group: {{User}}Group.present:-Name: {{User}}{% ENDFOR%}Password is the password after the hashGet hash password for ciphertext after OpenSSL passwd-1[email protected] init]# OpenSSL passwd-1Password:Verifying–pa

SQL Bulk Delete and BULK insert

Bulk Delete:DELETE from MyTable WHERE ID in (;BULK INSERT:INSERT into MyTable (id,name) VALUES (1, ' 123 ');INSERT into MyTable (id,name) VALUES (2, ' 456 ');INSERT into MyTable (id,name) VALUES (3, ' 789 ');The second method uses union ALL to insert the operation:INSERT into MyTable (id,name)SELECT 4, ' 000 'UNION AllSELECT 5, ' 001 'UNION AllSELECT 6, ' 002 ';It's said to be faster than the first!The thir

Python Bulk Compilation Bulk Delete

The project's PY file variant into the PYc file, the advantage is that the source can be protected from disclosure.If a project folder has 1000 py files, how can this be handled quickly?Two-Step walk:①py--->PYCPython-m Compileall/path② Delete py#!/usr/bin/python#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-Import OSdef del_files (path):For root, dirs, files in Os.walk (path):For name in Files:If Name.endswith (". Py"):Os.remove (Os.path.join (root,name))Print ("

PHP implementation of bulk Delete horse files and bulk replacement page content Complete Example _php tips

This article describes the PHP implementation of bulk Delete horse files and bulk replacement page content method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: More interested in PHP related content readers can view the site topics: "PHP Replacement Operation Tips Summary", "PHP graphics and pictures Operating skills summary", "PHP Array"

Millet How to bulk delete contact person? Millet Bulk Delete Contact tutorial

1 in the Millet Mobile desktop We click "Settings" to enter after the "Contact" button click to enter (as shown below) 2 in the Contact interface, we click "Contact finishing" to enter and then click "Bulk Delete Contact" Open entry effect is as follows: (as shown below) 3) Now we select the contact to delete, then click "

How to delete group members of QQ Group (bulk delete member)?

Single Member Delete Only in admin or group owners can delete, we go into "group settings" = "Group members page =" Select the person you want to set the deletion = "click" Delete member "button =" OK. " Bulk Delete Successful How to: Group master or group administrat

Linux Bulk Delete file and empty file Delete command

Linux Delete file or directory command RM (remove) Feature Description: Deletes a file or directory. Syntax: RM [-dfirv][--help][--version][file or directory ...]Supplemental Note: Perform RM directives to delete files or directories, and if you want to delete the directory you must add the parameter "-r", otherwise the preset will only

SQL Bulk Delete user tables (delete all foreign key constraints before deleting all tables)

--Delete user tables in bulk--1. Deleting a FOREIGN KEY constraintDECLARE C1 Cursor FORSelect ' ALTER TABLE [' + object_name (parent_obj) + '] drop constraint [' +name+ ']; ‘From sysobjectswhere xtype = ' F 'Open C1DECLARE @c1 varchar (8000)FETCH NEXT from C1 to @c1while (@ @fetch_status =0)BeginEXEC (@c1)FETCH NEXT from C1 to @c1EndClose C1DEALLOCATE C1--2. Deleting a tableDECLARE C2 Cursor FORSelect ' Dro

PHP Bulk Operations Delete, support single Delete

PHP Execution Section:1PHP2 include(' checkadmin.php ');3 Header(' content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 ');4 if($_post[' Btnsave ']){5 6 if(Empty($_post[' ID '])){7 Echo" ";8 Exit;9}Else{Ten /*If you want to get all the values, use the following code*/ One A $id=implode(",",$_post[' ID ']); - $str= "DELETE from ' product ' where ID in ($id)"; - mysql_query($str); the Ech

Linux Bulk Delete Files by time (delete n days ago file)

It is necessary to delete the files under this directory according to time,/home/lifeccp/dicom/studies, and clean up the invalid data 20 days ago.You can use the following command to complete:Find /home/lifeccp/dicom/studies-mtime +"* *"rm -rf {} \;This is deleted based on time.The following is a brief explanation of the shell command:Find/home/lifeccp/dicom/studies-mtime +21-name "* *"-exec RM-RF {} \; /home/lifeccp/dicom/studies: Prepare an

SQL Server uses the T-SQL command to bulk delete a specified table in a database (cursor looping delete) _mssql

When we need to bulk delete the tables in the database, whether a single delete some of the table is annoying, tired, simply write a script to use. This script uses cursor looping to delete, and for a smaller number, cursors are not adversely affected. Copy Code code as follows: DECLARE @tablename VARCHAR (

MySQL Delete bulk Delete table

Tags: order exec UNC des def varchar SQL REM AutoBEGINdeclare done int default false;DECLARE TABLE_NAME_STR VARCHAR (64);declare table_rows_mum int;DECLARE sqltext VARCHAR (2000); # Splicing SQL stringDECLARE auto_sql_str VARCHAR (2000);Declare _cur cursor FOR select table_name,table_rows from Information_schema. ' TABLES ' where table_schema = ' tzgame ' and TA Ble_rows = 0 ORDER BY table_rows Desc; #主订单查询Declare continue HANDLER for don't found set done = true;OPEN _cur;FETCH _cur into Table_n

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