dell 15 6 xps 15 9550 multi touch notebook

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New Dell XPS 15 experience

Dell has a comprehensive configuration update for its own, with the XPS 15, the high-end ultra-high profile, also upgraded, with some new changes. First of all, its 15.6-inch touch screen resolution from 1080P to 3200*1800, to achieve a clear display effect. Second, the XPS

Dell XPS Touch Edition evaluation

, for touch operation. In addition, the speaker design at the bottom of the screen is still strong enough to bring a loud volume to fill a medium sized room. However, the back of the fuselage is still used plastic material, making the overall texture is significantly inferior to the imac. Interface: New Thunderbolt The Dell XPS 27

Dell's new XPS 12 notebook comprehensive Evaluation

   Dell's new XPS 12 notebook comprehensive evaluation! With Dell's new XPS 122 All-in-one laptop, the next small series brings us to the XPS 12 review, so let's look at what's changed in the generation of XPS 12. Hardware configuration The author

Does the Dell XPS notebook model have a narrow "no border"?

Previously circulated mobile phones to create a "borderless" mobile phone, "borderless" in the mobile phone industry burst red, now Dell notebook computer out of the "borderless" notebook. At this year's Computex 2015 Taipei International Computer Show, Microsoft demonstrated the Dell

Dell Vostro 15 Experience evaluation

portability is relatively good. Manipulating the handle Vostro Achievement 15 5000 light Dream notebook using a classic chocolate keyboard, the key cap surface has a comfortable skin-like coating, touch relatively comfortable and not sticky fingerprints. Feel, after experience I think this keyboard key course moderate, press pressure are soft, rebo

15/6/10 Sanguosha multi-player thread swap

e) { TODO auto-generated Catch block E.printstacktrace (); }*/ total--; System.out.println (Thread.CurrentThread (). GetName ());//system.out.println (total); } } public int Get_next_player () { Return (gt.loop+1)%gt.player_num; } } The above is the player thread class, the runtime problem: Can not loop, the wrong order.6/10 FIX: Sequential error: try{ if (lastloop!=numgt.loop==num) { System.out.println ("+num+

Samsung 15-inch Win 8 touch screen This evaluation

Book 6 is equipped with a 15-inch touchscreen, and its resolution is 1920x1080 pixels. At this resolution, the text appears very clear, the image and video also appear lifelike and very moving, I believe that the performance and clarity of the display screen is absolutely the most users of the important condition of the notebook. The

Top and FREE commands in Linux (6/15)

integrated within the CPU, L2 cache is usually soldered to the motherboard, and is now integrated into the CPU, with a common capacity of 256KB or 512KB L2 Cache.Buffer: An area where data is transferred between devices that are not synchronized or that have different priority levels. Through buffers, you can reduce the number of waits between processes, so that when you read data from a slow device, the operating process of a fast device is uninterrupted.Buffer and cache in free: (They are all

15 Advanced Java multi-threaded face questions and answers _java

threadlocal, Blocking Queue, counting semaphore and concurrenthashmap are more prevalent. 15 Java Multi-threaded face questions and answers 1 Now there are T1, T2, T3 three threads, how do you ensure that T2 after T1 execution, T3 after the implementation of T2 execution? This threading problem is usually asked in the first round or during the phone interview to see if you are familiar with the join met

15 Top multi-threaded questions and Answers

asks you to write an immutable object, or asks you why the string is immutable.15) What are the common problems you encounter in a multithreaded environment? How did you deal with it?Memory-interface, race conditions, deadlocks, live locks, and starvation are often encountered in multithreaded and concurrent programs. The problem is endless, and if you get it wrong, it will be hard to find and debug. This is most of the interview-based, not the actua

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