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Create and install a cab file on Windows Mobile

Mobile, and must be transferred to your Pocket PC or smartphone before they can be installed. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to install applications distributed as. CAB files on your windows mobile device. Note:For the purposes of this tutorial, We'll install pocket Google on a Dell Axim x50v Pocket PC; however the same process works for touchscreen Windows Mobile smartphones. the f

Step-by-step configuration of Dell OME monitoring Dell Server hardware Alarms

This article consists of the following four sections:Download Dell OMEInstalling the Dell OMEConfiguring the Dell OMEConfiguring IDRAC Download Dell OMETake Dell PowerEdge R730xd as an example1. Sign in to Dell's official website

How to run the cab installer through AP and sample code

1. Part 1: Sample Code This part is transferred from: Recently, many people have been asked about this item, which may be used for dynamic software upgrades. Here we will record it. There are two methods. One is to run the corresponding cab file directly through shellexecuteex. One is to call CreateProcess and use wceload to call this cab. You can

Create a signed cab file for the MFC and ATL controls

Create a signed cab file for the MFC and ATL controls If you plan to sell the MFC control and ATL control over the Internet, you should package it into a signed small (Cabinet-cab) file. Sign the file to ensure that the source code is safe when the user downloads your control. A cab file contains a compressed version of your control and its installation informati

Nagios monitors dell server hardware and nagios monitors dell

Nagios monitors dell server hardware and nagios monitors dell We have mentioned earlier that omsa is used to monitor dell servers, but it must be accessed through web. This time we use nagios + check_openmanage to monitor the hardware of dell servers. First, let's look at the figure below: We can see that there are tw

Deployment in Visual Studio-cab file project

ArticleDirectory Walkthrough: Create a cab file Cab File Project-deployment in Visual Studio Cab File Project Http:// You can create a. cab file to package ActiveX controls that can be downloaded from a Web server to a web browser. Unlike other de

DELL Backup Recovery System gadgets Dell DataSafe Local Backup

1. How to Use Dell DataSafe Local Backup to create system recovery mediaDell DataSafe Local Backup is a secure, simple, and highly reliable Local Backup and recovery solution that helps Dell Computer users avoid software faults and hard disk damages.The latest factory Dell Computer, such as Dell Alienware M11x, has bee

Installing Dell Ome and Dell Omsa

The first time I installed Dell Ome and Dell Omsa, I struggled for a long time because I didn't understand, so I felt very troublesome.After some torture, the installation was finally successful.So record the installation process, hoping to help the needy friends.One. To install the Dell OMSA steps:1. Install NET-SNMP//Install the NET-SNMP before installing

Cab file introduction and Production Method

From: 1. What is a cab file? Cab is a type of compressed file on a computer. It is a Microsoft product. It can be decompressed with WinRAR and some cab compressed files can be seen in the DOS boot disk. In fact, the cab compression program is already included in windows, but now

OCX Package CAB with JS call detailed tutorial

Recently in a WEB project, you need to call OCX to connect the card reader. Originally do not want to use OCX technology, because the ActiveX technology is produced by Microsoft, so that the entire system can only use IE browser (other browsers can be in the form of plug-ins to support OCX calls). But trying a lot of ways to invoke client DLL discovery is not going to make sense. Finally helpless under, only then intends to study the OCX technology. Online all say that the ActiveX technology is

Analysis of ActiveX Control CAB Compression

Analysis of ActiveX Control CAB Compression Ren FengHua Abstract This article briefly introduces how to compress a CAB and use WinCAB to compress an ActiveX control into a CAB file. Key words ActiveX control; CAB compression; WinCAB; INF file 1. Introduction ActiveX control technology is developed on the basis of OLE.

Use makecab.exe to create a cab file

Makecab.exe is a tool that is included in Windows 2000 or later. To use makecab.exe to create a. cab file, perform the following steps: Create a targeted file for makecab.exe and save the file with the. DDF extension. The following sample targeting file (named sample. DDF) creates a. cab file for a simple Web Part Library Project:; *** Sample source code makecab directive file example;. Option explicit; ge

OCX Package CAB with JS call specific tutorial

Recently working on a WEB project. You need to call OCX to connect the card Reader. Didn't want to use OCX technology. Because the ActiveX technology is produced by microsoft. This causes the entire system to use only IE browser (other browsers can support OCX calls via plugins). But trying a very many method calls client DLL discovery is not going to make Sense. Finally helpless under, only then intends to study the OCX technology. The internet says that ActiveX technology is very troublesome

How to set up the BIOS for Dell Dell portable computers to boot from U disk

BIOS setup for Dell Dell computer from USB disk or CD Boot step: One: Fast start U disk or CD-ROM method: 1, turn on Dell Dell Computer, when entering the logo screen, immediately press the F12 key above the keyboard, you can go to the shortcut launch menu. 2, enter the shortcut to start the menu, the ch

Summary of ActiveX controls for web-based cab file Packaging

I,ProgramDescription:Program environment: Windows XP SP2, ie 6, Tomcat 5.5, VC ++ 6.0 Program process: the control is made into an ocx file for the client to call local hardware, which is useful to several third-party. DLL files. Windowsself-carried iexpress.exe is packaged into a cab file, and controls are called on the JSP page of the server side. The cab file is downloaded and automatically registered.

Biography of Dell Carnegie card -- [us] Dell Carnegie card

Biography of Dell Carnegie card, [US] Dell Carnegie card The following is my book excerpt: * At this time, Carnegie card is writing a book. This book is called Lincoln rumor. When he conceived the book, on the one hand, he was in the worship of Lincoln, on the other hand, because he hated everything in his family. He found that Lincoln's family life is so similar to his family life. Although he wrote Linco

Design Smart Clients Based on cab and scsf (2) Translation

Smart Client software factory Although cab provides us with a powerful platform, learning cab is definitely a challenge. To use cab, developers need to perform many steps manually. For example, they need to derive the Controller class, View class, model class from the basic class of workitem or implement case management. Scsf is an extension tool of vs2005 Profes

How to make PPC Green software with wince CAB

Installing the program on the Pocket PC, usually installed on a limited storage space or a specified location on a memory card, is inconvenient, and the installer leaves a lot of installation records in the system directory and registry and consumes the device's storage space. These problems can be solved by using the green version of the software, but software vendors usually do not provide a green version of the software directly to the user, which requires us to do it ourselves. There are tw

How to install a linux7.2x86 64-bit operating system to Dell (Dell) servers

Tags: Dell Dell Server Installation System Linux7.2 Linuxfirst, the preparation tool1. A notebook computer2. One cable3.linux7.2 64-bit image file in one copySecond, the idea1. Login to the Admin interface to open the virtual control2. Import and mount the image file3. Create a new Raidcipanzheng disk array4. Set installation options, select the installation environment and the software that needs to be ins

What file is the cab?

As a very common compressed file format, we see a lot of cab files in our lives, so do you really understand the CAB file?   What file is the cab? The CAB is a compressed format for Windows and can be opened with WinRAR. But some are encrypted. With the general compression procedures are not open.   Extr

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