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Dell LATITUDE E5410 laptop Ubuntu wireless network card BCM43224 Driver Installation (original)

Dell LATITUDE E5410 laptop Ubuntu wireless network card BCM43224 Driver InstallationAuthor Yu Chao email: When using Ubuntu, you may encounter a Ubuntu wireless NIC driver problem. Here we will introduce the solution to the

Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme trial

Ventilation notebook, the most impressive may be the "Mr and Mrs Smith" in the Panasonic products, basically other brands are rarely involved in such products. Now, Dell has also decided to enter the field, launching the latitude rugged Extreme professional ventilation notebook (also with a 14-inch model) to support U.S. military specifications mil-std-810g, mil-std-461f and ansi/ isa.12.12.01, the protecti

Yuan Meng: Dell continues to sell Ubuntu computers

We know that two years ago, Dell began selling Ubuntu computers. Today, the situation has changed. Windows 7 is about to be released. Will Dell sell Ubuntu computers? This is an interesting question. Rumors are often useful in malls. People like to hear gossip. Recently, it is rumored that

Dell started selling Ubuntu PC

On June 19, May 1, a spokesman for Dell and canonical announced that Dell began selling Ubuntu PC computers (pre-installed with Ubuntu 7.04), while canonical provided support services for them. Nick Selby, senior analyst at the 451 group, said that Dell's new Ubuntu PC will

Pre-installed ubuntu models from Dell are not available in the US only

According to foreign media reports, Dell recently said that a Linux system pre-installed PC is not available in other countries outside the United States. Dell announced last Tuesday that it will pre-install Ubuntu Linux operating systems on some desktops and laptops and that the products will be available by the end of this month. However,

How to install Ubuntu 9.04 for Dell on ronmini9

To install Ubuntu9.04 for Dell, first download ubuntu-9.04-dell-reinstall.isofrom Dell's linux base camp: The size is about 1.8 GB. From the date point of view, Dell put Ubuntu9.04 on December 31, 9.04. At that time, the Canonical official release was just a few days later. In this case, the coop

Dell pre-installed Linux releases Ubuntu into mainstream consumption computers

Dell recently said it will sell consumer desktops and laptops running UbuntuLinux in "the next few weeks". As a result, mainstream consumers will have the opportunity to use open-source operating systems. However, Dell refused to discuss machine configuration issues, so it is not yet known whether it will sell Ubuntu desktops and laptops at a price lower than Win

For Ubuntu "mini-books", Dell is indispensable

Recently, Dell spokesman AnneCamden confirmed that Ubuntu is optional in Dell's new ronmini10 mini-book. What does this mean? Today, the basic structure of personal computers has not changed much compared with the ibm pc 30 years ago. The main board, CPU, video card, and memory stick ,...... however, the price is much lower, and the performance of components is also improved. The day before yesterday, I saw

Dell will pre-install Ubuntu for more laptop models

Dell and Alibaba tulinux are getting closer and closer. Yesterday, Dell announced that they will begin to pre-install the Alibaba tulinux System on more products next month. the two new product lines are XPSM1530n and Studio15n, and all pre-installed machines will have the latest Ubuntu version 8.04 (AKAHardyHeron ). currently,

Dell pre-installed Ubuntu open source Linux will usher in a major leap

According to foreign media reports, Ubuntu founder MarkShuttleworth told the outside world that from today on, Dell customers in the United States will be able to order the first pre-installed Linux-based operating system Ubuntu computer. Shuttleworth said that Dell originally created a website dedicated to receiving f

Dell Desktop Installation Ubuntu 16.04 considerations (Alienware R6)

Before the Asus notebook successfully installed the dual system win + Ubuntu Kylin 16.04, thought it was easy to install on the Dell, the results found that the Dell computer has a lot of pits. Dell Alienware, GPU 1080Ti, SSD, HDD,UEFI+GPT partition Follow the installation steps for the problem: First, FAQ: Install

Add Ubuntu system and SSD hard drive to Dell Mini10

Dell is still making different improvements to its most popular netbook Mini10, in addition to the 6-core battery option launched a few weeks ago. In 7th day of this month, the Mini 10 version of the customized Ubuntu system and SSD hard drive was launched, starting at $399. The Ubuntu Mini10 system also provides additional hard drive options, including 32 GB and

Dell says Ubuntu is Microsoft's

Dell has launched the ronmini10 series netbooks, including ronmini10v for Linux and Windows, with a price difference of $50. Windows has a GB hard drive and Windows xphome operating system, for Linux, the 8 gb ssd and Ubuntu8.04 operating systems are available, and the remaining configurations are the same. However, Dell believes that Ubuntu8.04 is a member of Microsoft's Windows family.

Dell started to use Ubuntu to defend against Windows 8?

Microsoft launched its own Windows 8 x86 tablet SurfacePro, which will sooner or later steal the business of other PC manufacturers. Many hardware manufacturers have begun to plot countermeasures. Dell's countermeasure is to embrace Linux. Dell has just launched Ubuntu XPS13, pre-loaded Ubuntu12.04PrecisePangolin, for $1,449, $50 cheaper than Windows. XPS is mainly intended for the consumer market, but rece

Dell Inspiorn 14VR 1616b Ubuntu Wireless card problem

://'s how:My notebook model for Lenovo E430, bought when the machine preinstalled Win8, toss a long time before the installation of Ubuntu. Installed after the discovery can not wireless internet access, after the inspection found that no wireless network card drivers.In Ubuntu, usually the wired network card is eth0, the wireless card is wlan0, and so on, and so

Dell eye-catching open-source Ubuntu

Dell decided to pre-install Ubuntu7.04 on some of its consumer desktops and laptops, marking the opportunity for mainstream consumers to use open-source operating systems, the time has come to show the new Linux members. Among millions of open-source projects, Ubuntu is a rare one, and many other similar open-source projects are lost after success. For many companies that are expanding the scope of use of o

Dell will provide pre-installed Ubuntu computers outside of the United States

Linux community news: In June 27, Dell said in June May that the Ubuntu Linux operating system will be pre-installed on some desktops and laptops, it also said that a Linux system pre-installed PC is not available in other countries outside the United States. Linux community news: In June 27, Dell said in June May that the U

Install the Ubuntu wireless NIC driver in a Dell laptop

After a long time learning about the Ubuntu wireless network card, you may encounter a problem with the Ubuntu wireless network card. Here we will introduce the solution to the Ubuntu Wireless Network Card problem for the whole night, finally, I configured the Ubuntu wireless Nic In the

Dell does not have a good Ubuntu system to install vista.

technology GhostXP. You cannot read the cdrom. Then, use fdisk to delete junk partitions, including system-restored partitions (10 Gb) and dell utility (more than 6 MB; Copy it to the hard disk. If you want to mount GhostXP to the hard disk and install it from the hard disk, you can view it in ntfs4dos, but you cannot copy it; Reinstall, reinstall vista, partition, and mount GhostXP into the hard disk. Do not go to the dostoolbox. Replace it with

Ubantu Configuring the Android Development environment (Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS x64 dell 3420)

: Select this option③packages>reload can7. Download the latest version of Ide,android Studio: unzip after decompressionChown-r User Android-studio Change permissionsCD android-studio/bin/./ RunReference blog:Http://

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