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Three years of professional technical support for DELL PowerEdge R710

As a dual top configuration server, the Dell PowerEdge R710 adopts a 2U rack-mounted design style with excellent ventilation and heat dissipation, and features unique data security protection, it is specially designed for key nodes of large and medium-sized enterprises to meet the server requirements of enterprises. Product features: 2U rack Server Excellent ventilation and heat dissipation performance

How to configure and install centos on the DELL R710 Server

How to configure and install centos on the DELL R710 Server At the time of writing this article, I just installed a DELLR710 system. Install the system on the server for the first time. The article will not describe the installation process in detail, there are many online. It only describes the problems I encountered. In fact, the server is almost bigger, and the hardware self-check takes a long time. Ther

Example of a Dell R710 server disk Recovery database (record)

The site environment has two units of 06 annual output of the Dell R710 Server, RHEL5.4 operating system, an application server, an Oracle database server, hardware configuration, operating system, independent array card.A computer room power outage, air conditioning does not work, the engine room server UPS power supply, because the temperature is too high shut down the machine, the database server shutdow

DELL R710 Server does RAID5 disk array graphics tutorial

sure you want to initialize, press ENTER at OK to continue.Note: Initialization clears all information from the hard disk, array, and cannot be restored12, the confirmation can see the progress of the initialization, the left red box as a percentage, the right red box indicates the current operation. Waiting for initialization to proceed to 100%, the virtual disk configuration is complete.13, if you have just configured the virtual disk without using the full capacity of the array, the remainin

20170713l08-00 old boy Linux OPS training-dell R710 Server RAID configuration Demo

Explain various raidRAID0:It's usually done with two plates.Write a file on two plates, respectively.This improves read and write speed.But it is not redundant and cannot be recovered by backup after data lossRAID1:It's done with two plates.That's what they call a mirror.Backup for each otherOnce a piece of data is lost, it can be recovered by another pieceRAID5:At least three plates requiredRAID5 is a compromise between RAID0 and RAID1.So it's 10/2=5.20170713l08-00 old boy Linux OPS training-

20170714l08-00 old boy Linux Operational training-dell R710 new server multi-drive RAID5 capacity greater than 2TB how to partition explanation

If the total capacity of the hard disk is greater than 2T, the system cannot be installed in MBR format.Use GPT formatYou can't use Fdisk to partition it at this time.To use parted to partitionMore than 2t hard disk partition, the old boy video used to 5 pieces of 600G hard diskThere are several ways to install the systemI only remember two of them.Method One: Take 2 pieces of RAID 1 for the remaining 3 pieces to do RAID5Method Two: All made RAID5, then the logical partition installation system2

Dell flatbed How to install WIN10 system-PE boot issue

normally (UEFI is corresponding to the hard disk new GPT format, legacy is corresponding to the hard disk old MBR way, WIN10 system new corresponding to the new must be able to start, the old corresponding to the old may not be able to start, the new corresponding old must not start)?After the correct boot method has been set (Ghost has reached the C drive, and then the removable hard drive is unplugged, the C drive is also set to the active partition, the restart will automatically start the i

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