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Cross-site scripting vulnerability in the 'node _ id' parameter of multiple Dell SonicWALL Products

Cross-site scripting vulnerability in the 'node _ id' parameter of multiple Dell SonicWALL Products Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:SonicWALL GMS/Analyzer/UMADescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 68829CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-5024SonicWALL provides Internet Security Solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and distributed ente

Security services and products

1. What is the current situation?In traditional information security vendors, the proportion of security services and security products has been seriously out of stock. Generally, the sales volume is 80% of the total security products, security services account for 20%, and some even have fewer. Therefore, in front of

Part 3: Transaction dynamics-transaction hormones (ii)-1. products or services

1. There must be products and services for a product claim, but you cannot put your products and services there to complete.1. You need to create value for the product.2. You need to tell the customer about the background of the product that he does not know.3. You need to tell the customer how to enjoy your

Design theory: The management of products includes the management of services

Has never had a product manager's experience, has done a network Marketing organization research and Development Department of leader, planning product service system, accidentally turned out the old work documents, feel should be helpful to product management. Product manager, though called "manager", but how much decision-making power, because of the company management structure varies; products and services

News services of 47 products not yet profitable by Google are on the list

January 9 News, according to foreign media reports, Google is an extremely successful enterprise, which undoubtedly, especially the search business, in the global dominant position. But Google's products are not limited to search, nor does it mean that every product is successful, at least the following 47 products have not yet brought any profit to the company: 1. Google Blog search: Google Blog searche

mysql--available MySQL products and professional services

sales costs (the cost of selling goods). These software developers (ISVs) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers choose MySQL for the following reasons: With low cost, MySQL can reduce the cost of selling 90% of goods over the entire application lifecycle compared to Microsoft SQL Server. A low-cost database can improve the competitiveness of products and is suitable for price-sensitive customers.Cross-platform flexibility supports over

Reporting Service Services SharePoint Integrated mode installation configuration (4, installing SQL SERVER SP1 Products)

to check if the Reporting Server management address can be openedAction: Run-' cmd '-' services.msc '-check reportserver service ' start 'Browse the report URL, such as http://WIN-JBEN1N7DDCF/reports/pages/folder.aspx, showing the page as follows, indicating that the reporting server local Reporting service is working correctly:Note the address http:/WIN-JBEN1N7DDCF/reports/pages/folder.aspx is a local deployment installation mode for SSRS, from SSRS 2012, SQL Server Report The service can be f

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