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Three years of professional technical support for DELL PowerEdge R710

As a dual top configuration server, the Dell PowerEdge R710 adopts a 2U rack-mounted design style with excellent ventilation and heat dissipation, and features unique data security protection, it is specially designed for key nodes of large and medium-sized enterprises to meet the server requirements of enterprises. Product features: 2U rack Server Excellent ventilation and heat dissipation performance

How to configure and install centos on the DELL R710 Server

How to configure and install centos on the DELL R710 Server At the time of writing this article, I just installed a DELLR710 system. Install the system on the server for the first time. The article will not describe the installation process in detail, there are many online. It only describes the problems I encountered. In fact, the server is almost bigger, and the hardware self-check takes a long time. Ther

DELL R710 Server does RAID5 disk array graphics tutorial

array card itself, the BIOS of the array card. (typically used to reinstall a system or without an operating system, create a container (Adaptec array card)/logical drive (Ami/lsi array card).Use the Configuration tool software provided by the third party to achieve the management of the

Example of a Dell R710 server disk Recovery database (record)

array card.4.1 Because the external hard disk array card will prompt no array configuration, display no configuration Present! The array configuration is on the disk, and the array configuration is imported.4.2 The Operation menu on the array card controller 0 Foreign config, import determines that the display configuration is imported.5, exit and restart the se

Install wireless network card driver for win7 in DELL lingyue n4030 notebook, n4030win7

Install wireless network card driver for win7 in DELL lingyue n4030 notebook, n4030win7 I installed win7 32-bit Professional Edition. After installation, I found that the wireless network card could not be found. DELL linger n403

The dw1501 wireless-N wireless network card in the DELL laptop may have serious defects.

This affects at least the e6410 series computers, or any other model that uses this Nic on Dell. My e6410 is already the second time when the wireless network card cannot work normally. The last time the driver was reinstalled, it was useless to reinstall the driver, I have to check the model of this Nic, and check whether the driver I have installed is correc

Dell LATITUDE E5410 laptop Ubuntu wireless network card BCM43224 Driver Installation (original)

Dell LATITUDE E5410 laptop Ubuntu wireless network card BCM43224 Driver InstallationAuthor Yu Chao email: When using Ubuntu, you may encounter a Ubuntu wireless NIC driver problem. Here we will introduce the solution to the Ubuntu wireless Nic problem, I finally configured the Ubuntu wireless Nic on my Dell

Install Broadcom 802.11b/G wireless network card Ubuntu 9.10 in Dell laptop

The Local Wireless NIC driver cannot be installed, which is inconvenient. After reading a lot of information, Dell and Broadcom do not provide drivers for Linux. The existing drive is b43, refer to However, the instructions are not in English, and the installation method above finally encountered a problem. Khan ~~~~~~~~ It's just not done ............. That's all. I carefully checked my Nic chip

Installation instructions for using the DELL iDRAC6 remote control card

, there are initialized IP address, username, password, estimated each model of the Dell server initialization information is inconsistent, Can communicate with Dell technical support specifically. Default Dell IDRAC6 Remote control card: (R810 model of the remote control card

Dell Inspiorn 14VR 1616b Ubuntu Wireless card problem

Two solutions found:1 find the NIC driver download:With the commandFollowing From: Gpdtfpzcork9s2536gcxz2mlwiqkg_or2ouc0nd9tntaTerminal:sudo ifconfig-aSee what devices (such as: ETHX is generally wired equipment, wlan0 for wireless devices, Bo Tong (Dell is likely to use the wireless network card

Ubuntu install Dell Wireless Card 2

The following transfers are from: 12.04 bcm43xx Wireless card installation record(2012-07-01 01:52:41)reproduced Tags:linuxubuntubcm43xxdriver Category: PC My notebook model for the HP Envy 4 1006TX wireless network card for bcm4313 in fact, the Ubuntu 12.04 Core is the d

Dell n4030 Laptop Installation win7 Wireless Card driver installation

I installed the Win7 32-bit Professional version, installed after the discovery of wireless network card is not found. Dell Ling n4030 himself with a wireless card. The source of the problem is that the wireless card driver is not installed or does not have a matching wirele

Project network redundant, Vmware virtualization, Dell VRTX P2v-part 1 (General network)

Project requirements:installation Dellvrtx hardware, and connect to the customer's production network while establishing virtual machines to achieve customer RODC and P2V requirements. Stage One, installation Dellvrtx Hardware, and complete the following requirements:1. Dell Enclosure and Blades-Mountingof Enclosure to Rack-Ensureeach Blade Server has the components installedA) 2x CPUb) 64GB RAMc) 2 x 300GB

Project network redundant, Vmware virtualization, Dell VRTX P2v-part 3 (VRTX installation)

ResourcesDual Fault tolerantshared perc 8 Card configuration-in This configuration, there is twoshared PERC 8 cards con Figured in an active-passive cluster. Both Controllerscan access the same storage subsystem. However, only the active controllerprovides the data access. If one of the Shared PERC 8 cards fails, the othershared PERC 8 card takes control in a seamless transition. The default cachepolicy fo

Ubuntu14.04 system cannot connect to Wi-Fi network and install BCM43142 card driver solution

the network card driver need to understand the network card type, with the LSPCI command view, My network card is:Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n (rev. 01)This network

Beginner's note: how to select and upgrade a built-in wireless network card

without a built-in wireless network card. This is also easy to use and will be introduced later ). In addition, when selecting a built-in wireless network card, it is best not to use a built-in card for a laptop with a built-in slot but no built-in antenna, because the posi

Reasons and solutions for the loss of network card of Linux virtual machine under Hyper-V

Reasons and solutions for the loss of network card of Linux virtual machine under Hyper-V virtualization The company has implemented virtualization, all using Microsoft Windows R2 Enterprise with Hyper-V makes the cluster run Hyper-V virtual machine. This is a good thing, save resources, centralized management, power saving, deployment ultra-fast, the key is to live migration. We use the

Linux system View motherboard model, CPU, memory, memory number, network card information

Description Because of all the original, we may need to look at the Linux Server board model, CPU model, memory size, the number of memory lines. Because the server uses a RAID card, the usual view of the hard drive information can not be used, to be added back later! View Motherboard model The code is as follows Copy Code # Dmidecode |grep-a 8 "System Information"System InformationManufacturer:dellProduct Name:cs24-tyVe

How to Master Windows Server 2012 network card Aggregation (NIC teaming)

The introduction of Windows Server 2012 is called "Cloud operating System", presumably this operating system in the virtualization domain, at the network and storage level, in the access and security level will have a strong function. Today to introduce the network card aggregation capability is to make full use of summary to improve the overall server

Install dell1395 wireless network card in linux

In linux, dell1395 wireless network card installation-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. Author: wenque No way. Don't write it down. It's time to wait for another half-day. I am a dell 1525 wireless network

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