dell xps m1710 hard drive

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Who is the strongest mobile game player ASUS g1p VS DELL XPS M1710

3D games in high resolution operation is very helpful. M1710, as the highest-end "laptop" in the Dell XPS series, does not choose the top GeForce go 7950GTX, but goes with a slightly less than go 7900GTX performance. Video memory capacity also reached 512MB, the core/memory frequency of 500mhz/1.2ghz,3dmark05 is divided into 8522, which shows that the

Dell T620 large hard Drive installation win2008r2

The company bought a new hard drive for Dell T620, 8 2TB SAS hard drives, which were put in the machine after arrival.1, do raid boot according to the prompt press Ctrl+r into the RAID configuration, who knows, can not do650) this.width=650; "Src="

Add Ubuntu system and SSD hard drive to Dell Mini10

Dell is still making different improvements to its most popular netbook Mini10, in addition to the 6-core battery option launched a few weeks ago. In 7th day of this month, the Mini 10 version of the customized Ubuntu system and SSD hard drive was launched, starting at $399. The Ubuntu Mini10 system also provides additional h

Enable the ahci hard drive mode for the XP system (solve the Dell blue screen problem 0x0000007b)

Enable the ahci hard drive mode for the XP system (solve the Dell blue screen problem 0x0000007b) After the XP system is installed in IDE or ATA mode,Enable ahci ModeThe blue screen will be turned on (Blue ScreenCode0x0000007b), Load the ahci driver in XP to enable the ahci option in BIOS to achieve the best performance of the

One example of Dell PowerEdge 2850 server RAID5 hard Drive drop resolution

, originally this may be related to the hard disk, that driver 0 is not the hard disk in the BIOS ID number? Is there a problem? The server uses a RAID5 array that has broken a hard drive and can continue to serve. (The server's hardware is compared to the old Powerage 850 's machine) The next morning came to the offi

Centos 7 mounts a raid 10 hard drive to the Dell R730 Server

Centos 7 mounts a raid 10 hard drive to the Dell R730 Server The company purchased a new Dell R730 server with two SAS hard disks and four SATA hard disks respectively. SAS hard disks c

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