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Dell XPS Touch Edition evaluation

Admittedly, the current large number of consumer digital product design patterns are copied from Apple, whether the process of copying the gradual integration of their own brand characteristics, is the key to success or failure of the product. In one machine desktop computer market, the Apple imac is famous for its fashionable and thin exquisite industrial design, but there are some deficiencies, such as not supporting touch screen. By contrast, Windo

Dell XPS 18 Evaluation

usually 1.8GHZ in frequency. However, with Intel's exclusive turbo Boost Technology, the XPS 18 processor can be overclocking to 2.7GHZ with the thermal conditions allowed. PCMark 7 is a software that we often use for computer testing, simulating real tasks such as opening applications, starting computers, and doing simple graphics tasks to test computer performance. In the PCMark 7 test, the XPS

Dell XPS 11 Assessment

Dell released this summer's new variant of the Super Polar product XPS 11, from the name of the new notebook product is a small size, 11.6 inches thin and small shape is its inherent advantages. But that's not all of the XPS 11. The biggest feature of the XPS 11 is the 360-degree flip design, which is similar to Lenovo

Dell XPS 11 Simple test

A few weeks ago, Dell released the new XPS 11 ultra-polar, which not only carries the latest Intel Haswell processor, but also has a 360-degree flip screen design similar to Lenovo Yoga, which is automatically disabled when the screen flips to the back of the fuselage. At the same time, this 11.6-inch screen resolution of up to 2560*1440 pixels, is undoubtedly the most noteworthy Haswell platform deformatio

Dell XPS 13 Developer version Experience

Dell has launched a developer version of the XPS 13 notebook in its official website, with a hardware configuration that is consistent with the Windows version, using the Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB memory and 256GB SSD, and running the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system. In addition, the 1080P screen has some new features, the gamut from the original 45% to 72%, to provide a richer detail performance. The

Who is the strongest mobile game player ASUS g1p VS DELL XPS M1710

The top-rated, domestically available dream-gaming laptop (hereinafter referred to as "the book") is the Asus G-series and Dell XPS series. These two series are designed for games and are the most coveted equipment for all gamers, because they can present you with the most exciting and exciting gameplay experience. Among them, Asus G1P and

Dell's new XPS 12 notebook comprehensive Evaluation

   Dell's new XPS 12 notebook comprehensive evaluation! With Dell's new XPS 122 All-in-one laptop, the next small series brings us to the XPS 12 review, so let's look at what's changed in the generation of XPS 12. Hardware configuration The author

[Tips] To create a dedicated Windows 7 ISO image that belongs to Dell XPS 13 (9350)

MacBook Air, the Dell XPS 13 and Thinkpad X1 Carbon are a great example of design excellence in lightweight notebooks and are sought after by many users. But for Windows Camp notebooks, there's been a bad rumor lately: the Intel 7 Series CPUs only support Windows 10 systems and do not support Windows 7 and Windows 8. In order to confirm the authenticity of this message, I specifically investigated the drive

New Dell XPS 15 experience

Dell has a comprehensive configuration update for its own, with the XPS 15, the high-end ultra-high profile, also upgraded, with some new changes. First of all, its 15.6-inch touch screen resolution from 1080P to 3200*1800, to achieve a clear display effect. Second, the XPS 15 processor was upgraded to 2.2GHz fourth Da

What about Dell XPS 12-9250

Dell XPS 12-9250-R2508TB is a portable commercial book, the use of magnetic two-in-one plug-in design, from the notebook to the tablet, a second heart switch, using high-definition FHD display, flat mode support 10-point touch, both lightweight and efficient, equipped with Intel M5 processor, strong performance, Meet a variety of needs.

Win10 system laptop how to turn off the touch screen, win10 Touch Screen

Win10 system laptop how to turn off the touch screen, win10 Touch Screen After upgrading win10, I found that the touchpad is often accidentally touched. How can I disable the touch screen in win10 system notebook? Let's share it with you. On the desktop, click "operating platform" (for example) in the lower right co

How does the Dell Touch board turn off

Method One: Open the notebook computer, enter the system (following under the Win 7 system verified), you can directly use the keyboard shortcut keys on the laptop to prohibit. Because of the different series, some press F12 to the right of the key to prohibit, some fn+f3, some Fn+f6 key, some new machine may have a separate key, see figure. Method Two: Double-click the screen in the lower right corner of the touchpad icon (if not please install To

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